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Delhi Election 2020 Review

It is now clear what people of Delhi want. They have chosen overwhelmingly for AAP and far distant second is BJP and Congress continue to stay at zero. This article is trying to emphasize the real value for people’s vote and who gains and who loses. Of Course in terms of numbers it is the real value and numbers it is AAP won is clear but what is behind the lines and how franchises have increased or decreased.

It is clear that this election is one of most curious polarized elections and it all started with CAA protests and now after the end of Delhi election everything now comes to the standstill and now whole of CAA protests for and against it has gone. This means that it is due to the presence of such protests that makes the running of this election extremely polarised. We can see how one BJP candidate has over 27000 leads and ultimately lost with 26000 votes and that is the area where the anti-CAA protest begins with.

It goes on to show how much polarised a vote this has been and how shrewdly AAP polarised voters but the cost of polarisation comes to the BJP where as it comes at a later time. The BJP at the later time tried hard to make it more polarised, but the minorities became united, and enmass votes on false accusations all about CAA but that works for them absolutely.

How come one can alter exact details of what is the sole aim of CIA and how come it impacted in making Delhi election more and more communal but the question is who communalises it and the real reading about it one can find it in detail. What the BJP should have done is to be stern in revoking these protests and not allow all of these to happen. The BJP should be stern in revoking such protests as all began from different universities and especially from JNU and JMI university.

All these should be stopped outright to have a good law order situation as perceived as it is with center and due to this these should not have been prolonged at the first instance. It has to be strongly condemned and before it takes serious note and most of the time the election of Delhi is over-crowded with these topics where it is full of discussions on the false subjects only.

BJP failed to highlight all of these and in the process it allows lingering of all of these and in the process all of these highlighted and failed at last and the main non works of Delhi government never ever highlighted at any point of time and only communal points comes up front and that has been started by APP and well supported by probably by Congress and Communists.

All comes to the center stage only to find out that minority votes unison could provide them with another possibility of vast majority despite highest increase of vote share by NDA and still the majority. Performance of Congress who once have over 50 percentages of votes now trailing at three percentages of vote and still feels that due to their contribution able to defeat BJP but in reality BJP has the highest percentages of votes but not that to the mark to become victorious.

In this election we have seen Congress does not participate in elections with all out as only minuscule number of speeches from star campaigners of Congress, and this goes on to show some sort of deliberate strategy by Congress to let its core voters move to AAP. But is it the right strategy to maintain this as in the long term it’s important to keep your core voters not to shift these voters to other party so that in the long term, the recognition of your party can be gone forever.

Now, slowly, it has been clear that, Congress is slowly shrinking and perhaps it is now moving towards the stage of absolute zero and slowly its existential presence comes under stricter questions. I cannot understand how such a big and older party such as Congress is surrendering in order to stop BJP from gaining power. Whereas BJP despite having no power for the 25 years trying hard to increase vote bank and it is continuously increasing it and now it reached at the stage of 40 percentages whereas Congress i shrinking further.

AAP has won with offers for freebies as well as consolidating entire minority votes and that ultimately makes the way for win but how come these freebies stays for five years with the economy is at the downward trends due to the presence of low time in economy all over the world. That means ultimately we do see that economy is further moving towards downward trend and slowly due to all of the presence of such trends that will provide ultimate further increase towards absolute economy downward trend.

AAP is said to be won in the process of development but in reality the presence of communal agenda up front and slowly BJP comes into it but cannot manage it. The BJP slowly moves into the nets of AAP and then perhaps have the upset in defeating BJP. BJP needs to control its many spokespersons of speaking irrelevant languages that makes the votebank of BJP to move further from it but still all can be maintained and controlled so that a perfect election can be achieved with due course of time.

The way AAP won this election with such issues we do see and find that such polarization done by AAP and its related parties we do find that it becomes a success.

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