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How Google Drive Enterprise Secures Your Files Online?

As an influential blogger, I want to introduce you to a new app that will change the way people keep their personal records and any other confidential information secure. I know you are aware how vulnerable many mobile devices are to be hacked. Many of these devices can be hacked quite easily, because a large percentage of people never even add anti-virus software on their device.

This is why Google Drive created.

Google Drive makes your mobile device security and gives you peace of mind knowing that your files are always safe. Virtually every version of iOS has been quickly modified to allow installation of apps and hacks not authorized by Apple or the mobile carrier. It is accomplished by exploiting security vulnerabilities in iOS. You wouldn’t be able to detect or remove iOS malware easily because Apple doesn’t permit full-featured, real-time scanning anti-virus software in the iOS App store.

Protect your precious data!

A hacker can be pulling data from your device, right now without knowing it. You might think that your free mobile password application protects you; but deep down you know better. Many apps are a snap to hack and offer you a false sense of security and endless offers to upgrade to a ‘premium’ protection subscription service. Don’t be a victim, don’t just lock your files, deadbolt them! Google Drive review of mine: Introducing Google Drive that protect all your selected files, all at once with the highest level of security possible.

Your one time investment will protect all of your present and future mobile devices for life. No ads, no monthly subscriptions. No upsells and no gimmicks. The Google Drive with patent pending technology is the only true 3 factor authentication software app available today for securing any of your confidential files, electronic records or data on your mobile phones or tablets. This is not your simple password scheme that can be easily hacked. The Google Drive uses military grade encryption and industry standard storage wiping to secure any type of file including electronic records, documents, voice, images and videos.

Odia Jhoti chita ଝୋଟି ଚିତା
Odia Jhoti chita ଝୋଟି ଚିତା

You can unlock your files with a unique software key generated specifically for you. Yours files cannot be hacked or reproduced since your credentials and the key are not stored in any system. They are computed for you! Your files remain encrypted in a folder on your device and they are only temporarily opened at the exact moment you need them. You can share files on in/out, import media and export files in/out of Google Drive on your device. Its easy-to-use file browser helps you lock, unlock, sort, search and open files for use. Unlike other apps, it may be helpful, but there is no need to unlock your entire device or encrypt all of your storage.

Keep you ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE) information immediately available to all your sensitive files locked to protect your personal identity.All of your Google Drive files are stored in your device for immediate access. You don’t even need a network connection after authentication. Plus, you are able to recover your key, add or deactivate devices and wipe a lost or stolen device. Updates are free. A ‘Getting Started’ file is placed on your device for more information or simply visits Google Drive. Typical Google Drive files include: In Case of Emergency (ICE), medical records, financial records, educational records, identity records, personal documents, sound recordings, images and pictures and videos.

Major Features Include:

One time investment per user forever, no extra fee for multiple devices, patent pending software key, true 3 factor authentication, military grade file encryption, industry standard temp file wiping, store/encrypt any type of file, files remain on your device, built-in file browser/Sort and Search, key recovery method, device deactivation method, wipe Google Drive data remotely, meets federal cryptographic standards, ePHI and HIPPA compliant and anticipating algorithms. This is detailed application, not a trial, not a beta and no hooks for a Pro version!

You will get free maintenance updates for life. After your one time investment, you can download this app to all your present and future mobile device on your account. Lifelong mobile security I surely worth a little more than what you might pay for a cup of coffee. Your download will truly help PerSys Tek continue to add new features, protects your data, and secure the world’s devices! For more information, go to Google Drive and begin lifelong protection for 100% of your present and future mobile devices today.

A great resource to have: Remember to lock files after each file addition or update. Keep login information secure, and this becomes a wonderful tool to keep confidential information you need with you all the time. Google Drive is an app that, for a small fee, gives someone lifetime protection of their vital information. Using state of the art technology never before used in a security app, a person’s records can only be accessed by that person from their mobile device. Information can include images, text, documents, and any other items a person deems most important to them and their families.

In addition to safety and security and lifetime protection that come with Google Drive, they can change or add anything else they feel is vital and needs to be “deadbolted”.

Also, in an emergency where the person is not able to speak with EMTs or doctors, they can access the person’s In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts and any other necessary medical information (allergies, chronic conditions, etc.) without needing to log into Google Drive.


Google Drive is an affordable app for your smart phone or tablet that gives you access to all your information, while keeping it most secure. Utilizing technology never before used in any other app. It makes sure whatever you put in your “vault” is virtually impenetrable. Google Drive enables you to add, remove, lock and unlock files while never looking up your device from completing other tasks. Google Drive is a necessary tool in this day and age! Everyone needs to have all their most important information available, while keeping it safe from potential hackers. License allows you to add Google Drive to all of your current and future devices making immediate access to your needed records simpler and safer than ever! Following the success of the Google Drive Android application is the release of this app for all iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad.

This application employs military grade encryption to “deadbolt” whatever files you select and prevents a potential security-breach. Google Drive eliminates threats by using military grade encryption and it is the only three level authorization app available today. I own a smart phone and there are tons of very important stuff I keep on my phone including passwords, personal information, and bank information. Trust me, I am someone who loves the FREE stuff but I’d be willing to pay for Google Drive. I consider having a secure app aside from your Anti-Virus is necessary. Google Drive is the answer to all miseries. I would truly appreciate if you could try out the app for yourself, take a look at all the benefits, and give me a comment. Google Drive has the potential to keep many people vital information virtually hack proof and I would like for you to tell your fans all about it first.

Best free Anti-Malware for Android

As an android user, time to time there is genuine after thought of installing anti-malware inside mobile operating system. As in most cases, we have seen, the software installs it has been similar to Windows and due to ever increasing performance and acceptability among all many, there are many viruses as we know it is directly proportional to the popularity of operating system. You need a must have anti malware for your mobile OS, so that, in case any vulnerability in terms of securing your system, it will work as a complete defender. When using it on a mobile device, I would like to prefer an anti malware, which has relatively low impact on the phone, friendly to RAM and should have a strong protection in terms of stopping of malwares.

One such free anti-malware for your mobile phone is TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security, which works seamlessly with your mobile device. After installation it will ask to create a TrustGo account, it is not compulsory but it is very well recommended, as it will back up your contact, sms and call logs into its online account, and you do not have to worry about your contact list when you change your device. There are three dots at the upper right hand side, known as action bar menu point and tap those points, from there you can restrict and control all security scanners easily. For system manager, you have the option to restrict mobile data usage limit, though it is not mandatory, as Android Jelly Bean setting, in built control of data maintenance is already there.

Enable secure web browsing on the dash board by sliding the button and it will stop some adds that are being shown on the games after the game finished, its secure web browsing is stopping all ads except from Google, and if you want to stop Google, there is one setting inside Android Jelly bean there, is one setting inside Google, where you can disable advertisement suggestions from Google. The data backup function is for contacts, calls and messages, all there are backed up within seconds to a secure trusted cloud server, the user can access these while surfing on a browser by logging into website with the same user name and password and with it the user can install the contact into some other Android device in order to have a seamless integration of contacts.

Though if you have Samsung smart phone along with Android, then while creating contact, you will be asked to open a Samsung account which will make it always on cloud service and when you want to transfer yours contact to some other Samsung android mobile, then you simply have to configure that phone with your Samsung account and automatically, all the contacts transferred to your new phone.

So far two conveniences with TrustGo mobile are already installed with Android Jelly Bean, but here you can control the mobile operation and all the personal configuration can be configured easily. This app can identify, eliminate and protect your device from unspecified security vulnerabilities that can impact on your system. The system manager, cloud protection and device manager helps you track your system when it is lost or stolen. From a distance, you can identify the location of your mobile device.

The principal user interface of application has two tabs one is for: security and app manager. It will scan your device of all the apps installed and then if it finds anything, it will as for clean up, it is a completely seamless integration and the anti-malware works in the background and consistently protecting your device from alien threats. From system manager, you can monitor your device, measure data connection and can limit it and RAM clean up for faster system.

Here, RAM tidy up is available in Android Jelly Bean, so it is not a new function. The second tab on the dashboard is application manager, it has two sub segment namely: My apps, and Hot apps, and in My apps, you will have the listings of all the application installed on your system, in Hot apps, there are links to third party applications suggested by TrustGo. Perhaps it is the revenue generation mode of this free anti malware application. From My apps, you can uninstall anything if you feel that some apps are interfering with your privacy or sending anonymous usage stats outside.

The device protection feature can block anonymous user, or if your mobile is stolen the to disable or uninstall it easily, as it will ask the user for a password, of yours TrustGo mobile in order to have a clean uninstall from it. The lock, alarm and wipe command works flawlessly, but you can completely disable your device from web interface, but it appears after it finds the true location of phone, as we know it will take time to find the location of phone due to GPS and other forms of location methodology. If your device has the front camera, then it will take the snap shot of the thief and send it to an online account, and with this, the tracking of your phone, and catching of thieves, becomes easier.

Its security apps finder engine suggests and shows which apps are safe and this delightful white list apps lists the entire application protection becomes easier. It’s constantly updated cloud service is very fast to catch up all the threats that are lurking in and around the web. This anti-malware is light on resources and does not hug RAM, as while idle it will take approximately 4MB RAM while, on us it will take maximum 12 MB of RAM. It is brilliant for the users who have lesser RAM on their device and also if you have high end smart phone then also a lower RAM conducive anti-malware is always preferable.

TrustGo mobile security runs as a standalone program in the mobile operating system, in Android Jelly Bean it stays at the notification bar all the time, signifying that it is always running in the background. It is a totally free device protection. Its candid camera feature take screen shot of thieves who happen to steal your device, it takes a screen shot of the thief and sends it to your email and by utilizing this investigating officer can trace the person and your mobile. Earlier, location tracking of Android devices took time, but now with the introduction of Google’s own location tracking. Now it is easier and finer to track the location easy as it is now inbuilt within yours android device.

On the whole, anti malware inside smart phone and mobile operating system is a recent phenomena due to advent of modern smart phones, with the operations almost similar to that of computers, and for this there are every chances of malwares crippling into yours phone and making it sluggish in performance and increase waiting time. Google Play is the source of further application installation and Google has disabled by default of application installation from other sources like that of Samsung apps if you have a Samsung mobile.

Though one can reactivate this by going to: setting and the security but it is not always working due to security implemented from Google from Android, as we can see that Google has restricted applications in its application store and now it is controlling the installation and if any malware infected application there inside the Google Play store then it can ban the publisher and immediately clean all the vulnerabilities.

With due course of time Google is going towards the way of Microsoft of creating its own anti malwares like Windows Defender in Windows 8, though Google has not done that but it is controlling malwares through applications and I would suggest you should not root the device as Google will protect it all it can through its security manner and who else know better about internet than the giant of internet Google. You can download TrustGo anti-malware from Google Play store for free!

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Data Dictionary of Oracle Database

Importance of Oracle Database in this age of core-computing is the presence of both logical which is read only and the real databases which is empowered to save working and management of database to work in absolutely perfect manner. Data dictionary is the major part of Oracle database which aims to provide read only access to clients about the part of database and this means these can only be edited while logging into real server.

If you log into artificial server or the client side then some part can be edited but some other parts such as data dictionary provides the read only access which means cannot be edited at any point of times from outside or client side servers. It contains the perfect definitions of schema objects which are the main parts of oracle database.

It has definitions for tables, views, functions and all the other schema objects intended to use with oracle database. It defines what are the storage space in real server of schema objects and what are storage capacity inside logical server so as to provide one of major distinctions for security management to look deeper into work capacity of schema objects to perform in real time.

It provides the names of users who can edit and manage original oracle database as well as it provides the length of tables and the scope of tables to provide in real time management work. It showcase the integrity of oracle users such as those are the clients which can provide information on logical server but cannot edit the real server where the real database are stored inside. Thus it separates organisation workers from clients so that integrity of oracle real server stays alright and thus increases the security prameters of database.

So, this means all parts of data dictionary are stored inside system table space. This means these are stored inside real database not inside logical database and this means that clients and other customers do not have to rectify nd modify tables of data dictionary as it is situated inside system or real database.

This goes on to show data dictionary is not so important for clients and customers as they deal with only logical side of oracle database and there they do not have to worry about the presence of data dictionary. On the other hand when all of these integrity of functions when compared with logical database where inputs are from clients and customers then it is compared with real database with integration of data tables as and when defined and then everything is compare with origin of queries and then compare those queries with data dictionary from system drive and all of these becomes extremely critical while considering the security and management of data integrity.

It also examines the probability of functionalities of base tables, and it is rarely used and only used by Oracle database or real system database and these are well-protected with encryption and most of times in critical inspection of security these base tables are used otherwise there is hardly the use of these base table in normal circumstances.

There are serious caution while using data dictionary inside data tables. If someone altered the codes inside oracle data dictionary then authenticity of each and every part of data dictionary and oracle databases becomes defunct and for this one need not in normal circumstances change the performances of data dictionary of oracle database.

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Android Security

Android mobile operating system is there everywhere and in most of mobile devices except of course with that of Apple devices which has it very own mobile operating system. Android security is the most prominent mobile operating system which provides extreme level of security and it is updated from time to time. Google has it own Google Play Protect and it is desirable to download apps from Google Play Store so that each and every bit of operating system security through its cloud and sandboxing technologies.

All of the apps inside Google Play Store, are scanned through Google’s own security systems which connects with your computer through internet so as to provide better level of security for all apps that are inside Google’s play store. Google Play Store provides more of security, as one need to understand, that one needs to download apps from Play Store so that, ultimately, the provision for security as download from Play Store that makes application secure all over inside android operating system.

On the other hand, always provide a better level of security for android devices with good value for security s this would not provide route for shoulder surfing and this would be good for better management of android devices and yours data would be staying with greater level of security. Do not left your device on another table always keep it with yours pocket and be always be careful while downloading apps from other sources.

It is a great idea to update Google enabled services, as well as update is as and when Google provides the provision for it. It automatically secure android devices through its system apps and that makes the running of apps to work with better management of android devices. Google  with its each of android updates makes its ample clear that security is the most important parameters of life and with it secure android devices  as well as its most of other important parameters such as it encryption does provide good amount of data security as and when data is being stolen from devices becomes in the state of encryption and that makes data security more prominent.

Data security is of prime importance as due to android device and faster internet connectivity generation of more and more data comes into prominence and due to presence of camera, internet connectivity and faster internet and streaming and caching and offline and online cloud connectivity we do find generation of large amount data within ours computing system. Android always upload it offline and online in order to provide better management of connectivity all over and data stays through Google Photos and constantly uploaded and managed through the combination of offline and online connectivity.

Google Photos and Google Drive does provide high amount of back up and then Google Photos let users to delete all of these backup videos and audios after when these are backed up into cloud services.In this way all of these are equally synchronised into different devices with same Google account. Google with its some of the best apps such as its Contact app which synchronises contacts and provides suggestions, for deletion of duplicate contacts as well as it does provide suggestions for the unnamed contacts and so on and in this way we do find that what contacts that needs to be inside contact app and most of these contacts apps work with the cloud and it provides extremely level of remembering contacts for the long time.

Google does provide ample opportunities for users to work within specified limits to work with cloud enabled services of its so that everything should work with equanimity of application and does provide one of the most high level of work ethics of extreme level of security. Android security is the accumulation of combination of offline as well as online cloud enabled services, so that everything got synchronised to its perfection and well scanned with sandboxing system to provide complete protection of data security to enable the most managed and secure data systems.

Data Security Retrospective in 2010

Since the time immemorial security of data is most important factor, in securing important essentials. During the offline days, persons tend to keep their secrets in secret places. In the old times people tend to build secret room and keep their secrets inside it so that no other persons whom they know should know about the secret aea of theirs.

People consider their data or their prized possessions as their main important elements to keep these secrets in secrets place so that ultimately they tend to hold their prized possessions in the area they know should be there distant from the eyes of the other people in the locality.

We can consider these data that needs to be kept secret then why not data that is we process due to vast accumulation of data in one single place and inside internet areana why not keep it secret from the eyes of others. We should consider the online data we process from time to time, should be as valuable as that of ornaments we used to keep it safer places.

Then comes the arena of locker systems provided by banks and especially from nationalised banks such as that of State Bank of India which provides extremely secure locker system and that can help you to protect yours data, for extremely security. First and foremost it is important to secure yours transactions and in this article we especially talking about how to secure yours online transactions and secure yours accounts so that data will never ever caught in the hands of others and yours account will never ever be hacked or yours informations will not be impersonified at any point of time.

When you have android phone the first and foremost part of secure your account is that it is important to secure yours Google Account with additional level of security. The two factor authentication system, with Google Account will help you to have requisition of hardware such as phone log in or Google Authenticator data each time yours account is accessed and in this way with the addition of additional factor of authentication system you can secure yours Google Account or UPI id to be accessed by others and stops them before they gain upper hand in yours account management.

2010 in a Data Security Retrospective

In the latest additions of authentication system we do find that, hardware backed or the mobile of yours and the prompt on it will let you know who is accessing yours account and you can stop these in real time buy denying allow of that person to access your account in real time. It is important for yours mobile to have secure lock system and do avoid face locking and other forms of locking system so that it can have some sort of false positives and in order to remove such you can go for secure locking of phones screen locking system.

All total it is important to have computer literate so that ultimately you can know how your device is working and what are the possible security measures that you can take with your android or mobile device to make it more secure. It is important not to left behind on with screen lock off at any other place so that other persons would pick it up and then can hack your account and make impersonify with your account so in whatsoever ways you will keep secure all of yours hardware mobile devices, so that all of yours important data remain as secure as you feel security of yours entire transactions. In this age of fast computing, and internet security of data should be of prime focus as it is same as that of current system of securing everything and the security of data which needs to be protected all of the time.  

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