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Are you running out of your quota?

The mundane body is designed by God. All for the body are prefixed and predestined. The quota of sugar, oil, mutton and milk and for that matter of all edible commodities have already been decided by God and our quotas get reduced as we consume more and more with advancement in age. We seldom think Continue Reading »

1Protect your privacy with Mailinator : Part 1

Absolutely , Mailinator tag line is “let them eat spam”.Mailinator is the longest running since 2003 continuing till to date a standard disposable email service.It has limited mail experience but the fact is it is fast no registration required and it is a smart standard disposable email service. As we hate spam , unknowingly intensely Continue Reading »

Rubber Ducky – a small, fun resource monitor

                  Rubber Ducky – a small, fun resource monitor MimarSinan Rubber Ducky – a small, fun resource monitor is a small system performance monitor that reports on your RAM and swap file use, network traffic, plus hard drive and CPU activity levels.There are similar dozens of programmes but still it is somewhat Continue Reading »