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The Indian Railways reservation counter at Puri

Last updated on December 26th, 2019 at 09:41 am

Puri is situated at the eastern side of India and in its two sides, it is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. It is the religious capital of Odisha state of India. It is one of the ancient city of India. It is famous for Jagannath Temple and high tide sea of Bay of Bengal. Railway station at Puri is one of the ancient ones. For years there is an only a single line and after the new government came at 2014 the construction of the double line, as well as electrification of the entire route from Bhubaneswar to Puri, began and now it is completed.

The construction of more number of platforms in Puri is completed. The inclusion of ‘Clean India’ movement paved the way for proper cleaning of platforms and specialised men are employed to do this job daily especially after eight pm every day. Now, there is a complete overall new way to reach Puri station. Now, there is free of cost WiFi connection available inside Puri railway station.

Earlier occasions at the local ticket counter there would be hardly one person in the front office counter but otherwise, sometimes people had to wait for longer durations to wait for the front office ticket manager to reach and this provides some additional waiting time for them. Now, with the strict regulations, there are more persons in the front office as well as in one of the counter one can buy the ticket with the help of card system too which was not there on earlier occasions.

Now there are three automated counters where even without standing in the long line one can find ticket easily for passenger routes. This removes extra clutter on the front office lines and makes this information management equally and a possibly good amount to manage. In this way, even in crowd times the number of rows reduces and waiting time further reduces. This improves customer satisfaction and took it to another level.

There is also UTS android and apple application for the respective mobile operating system so that you can buy an e-ticket from it and do it before moving into the platform so that it will be a valid ticket. There are so many options now available and one can utilise these options to find out more convenient moments while purchasing tickets. If you want to do it from home then you can use UTS mobile app of Indian Railways.

If you go regularly in passenger route then you can use monthly season ticket (MST) so that you do not have to worry about ticketing again and again. Otherwise, you can take the help of the front office ticket counter as well as that of an automated ticketing system in order to pacify the ticket purchase. All of these are done in order to make the ticketing purchasing experiences more suitable for passengers and make the most convenient to purchase tickets as per their suitable time limits.

In this way, daily passengers and also travellers get adequate time to purchase a ticket and reach to the trains at suitable times. In this way, people get some additional time to reach to train and this reduces all the possibilities of accidents here and there as well as it increases the single most concentration-time of passengers to reach to trains peacefully. In this way, the managed timings of reaching out trains and using its conveniences provide additional time zones for us to deal with it and in this way, all of these services at the hand at Puri railways station does provide,

In this way, it provides the most convenient conveniences for passengers to reach to the station and use all of the utilities that can hope to improve the performances of people and save their precious times. In this way, entire journey experiences begin with good notes.