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Impact of Corona Virus in Hospitality Industries

The spread of Corona Virus is very disturbing.  It is now in the state of pandemic. It is now spreading world-wide. Now after one day close-up and then one week close up and now we are heading towards 21 days of absolute lock down. Puri is the coastal town of Odisha and it is famous for moving travellers. They reach here for sea beach and for world renowed temple.

Now, the hotel industries are in the state of absolute stealth. Government advises to shut down hotels and not to receive any guests. Entire small markets at the sea side of marine drive road are in the state of absolute shut down. No one is allowed to go nearer to sea beach and there is complete strictness there. Police is working in a friendly manner and they are advising people who are out to go back to their home until and unless you do not have absolutely important work to do.

District magistrate have time and again make the meeting with hotel owners and their general managers so that a complete shut down of these should be observed in absolute right and correct manner. Restaurant of hotels needs to be shut down. No new persons need to be welcome as guest and only minimal staff f for security reasons needs to be there. Police is also doing patrolling to look and check whether these measures are strictly followed or not.

In the grand road entire are is being barricaded from place to place and only person with a valid reason is allowed to enter and permit to go ahead. The entrances from where one need to reach to Puri has been blocked. No train and no vehicles are allowed. Government of India is only allowing the goods train to go ahead and all the other passengers’ trains and express trains are not allowed till the end of this month.  

India is moving towards complete shut down for coming 21 days. Only essential services are allowed and all the other offices will remain closed. Only essential food items and grocery items are allowed and in Puri one can go only for shopping till 6 pm and no one will be out in the open after that time. The behaviour of police of Puri is very nice and friendly towards people and whatever people say they remain calm and quite.

It is the peak time for hotel industries and especially for summit and meetings from different companies. At Puri we do find that entire vegetable market is now completely refined as well as we do find that more and more barricading within these markets are there so that there would not be passing of such diseases from one segment to that of the other. Most of permanent hoardings in and around vegetable markets has been uprooted and now entire areas is full of space and there is no difficulties in reaching out there and one can easily reach out by walk as it is the most convenient way to go to market with mask on.

Only emergency services are allowed. People without any essential work are not allowed and they should remain at home. Only locals are allowed to meander here and there in the city for essential work. It is important to stay alert and heed to the advice of keeping cautious in maintaining your health so that there would be no way, viruses will enter into you or you at home.

It is important to be cautious and be safe and only following the some small essential tips so that ultimately one could find that his health would be good and well managed with it. It is extremely important to stay away and keep yourself at distances from all of these gatherings and social get together. Wash yours hands properly with soaps and do not touch yours hand, face and nose with hands. If you are out then gargle with luke warm water in between duration of two hours. If you have signs of this disease then reach to nearby hospital and then check yourself. Corona viruses detected early can have the chance of controlling it at the earliest.

It is important to wear masks and then wash yours hands before removing it and keep it at a secured place. It is important to follow guidelines and do not heed to the controversies as they are not from original sources. It is important to wear masks, gloves and covered yours body when you are out from home as well as it is important to keep  a social distance from persons so that the corona viruses should not transmit from these persons to you.

Do not go outside especially senior citizens as well as children as they have the greater chances for infection and for this until and unless it is important do not go out in the open. Adhere to rules and regulations and stick with what law enforcing officials have been talking about so that these are going to be good for you since these are very well defined professional steps they have been implementing for the betterment of masses.

Do not heed to any misinformation and if there is then inform authorities so that they will be taking out absolutely correct steps to wiped out these menaces. We are in the stage two and it is important to stay secure and do not move into stage 3 as it can go for community spreading and that can be the situation of absolute pandemic and for this it is important to observe as Prime Minister of India is currently talking of.

Together by observing the call of Prime Minister of India to make India secure from Corona viruses so that ultimately India will be out of danger from this deadly virus. It is extremely important to support these initiatives so that we will not be at any point of time be trapped by this viruses as it can be deadly and it invisibly affect people and for this it is better safe than sorry and be prepared always to save yourself from these pandemic situations.

As the vigilant citizen, it is important to observe the guidelines and do not help in spreading false hoods such as retweets or reshares as false narratives should not be the trends and should not be at the stage of viral as this can be hazardous to the society as a whole. It is important to stay alert and stay healthy so that you and yours family will remain united and good enough to fight these epidemics. It is important to stay healthy so that during these testing times you will not be facing any emergency situations at any point of time.

Most of government and private offices are closed for the time beings for complete lock out measures need to be properly implemented. It is important to keep yourself at distance from all such social essentials so that ultimately you could not find it any such difficulties in the ahead time. It is important to stay ahead from times and stay secure and keep the social distance so that the level three of transmission does not come to the forefront and it is the community infection that is the most important part of understanding that we need to find intact and secure it completely.