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What is cooking between Google and Samsung?

Introduction:  It is a dream come true having an android phone with every modern facility and that too from Internet giant Google which is offering all these nice fascinating applications and a brilliant platform where even smart phone starting from five inches can have ample space to work nicely. It is a case in marvelous Continue Reading »

A peculiar recipe to try it out

Add one and a white sugar, yolks of two eggs; tablespoons cold water, Chop whites, and dry; teaspoonful of soda. M. E. butter, pepper and to a stiff size of small PIE. of Flour and sprinkle chopped fine. the pan and rest CAKE. milk, three cups flour, Put in a buttered quart a cake depends Continue Reading »

DAHI-CHUNGUDI TARAKARI (cheese-prawn curry)

  INGREDIENTS 1.    Medium Size Prawns – 250gms. 2.    Thick and dried up curd – 2 tablespoons 3.    salt – as per requirement 4.    Turmeric Powder – 1 tablespoon 5.    Mustard Oil – 50gms. 6.    Curry Leaves – 1 tablespoon 7.    Green Chilies – 3 fully chopped 8.    Cashew Nuts -  6 9.    Poppy Seeds Continue Reading »


  INGREDIENTS 1.    Paneer  – 100gms. 2.    Corn Flour – ½ cup 3.    Salt – as per requirement 4.    Water – 3 cups 5.    Cumin & Chili powder -   ½ tablespoon each 6.    Ghee made from cow milk – 100gms. 7.    Green Cashew Nuts (available aplenty at Puri for six months beginning from April) – Continue Reading »


  This is how chicken is prepared and customized for the people of the City of Puri (of Orissa State in India), the Land of Lord Jagannath. Preparation Time: Two Hours Cooking Time: One Hour INGREDIENTS Lamb  – 500gms cut into 2”-sized pieces. Cow Ghee – 2 tablespoons Turmeric Powder – 1 tablespoon Salt to Continue Reading »