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How I searched into Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

written by (MM) banker Almost a decade and a half back, I decided to go to the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai for general health check up of my family members who had no complications, but I thought that for a healthy life, good health and disease-free body is pre-requisite. I never asked anybody regarding the tit bits of the place and the hospital as it would have been contrary to my nature of exploring the unknown and exploiting the known. My company had the facility of letting me visit any place in India with my family members once in two years by air, a facility which never went unavailable during my service period.

This time, I planned for a Port Blair visit via Chennai for the dual purpose of seeing the former and treatment at the latter. I had earlier booked the Guest House of my company at Chennai for a week at very nominal and negligible cost with adequate comfort and familial atmosphere as all other occupants and inmates were my company executives. Of course, this facility will not be available to every one, but others visiting the Hospital find it very very profitable to stay under paying guest system in the vicinity of the Apollo Hospital itself at very reasonable rates with complete homely facility for cooking. Some dos Persons reaching the hospital should select such a train which reaches Chennai in the early morning so as not to waste a day and to minimize the overnight expenditure which awaits them once they reach there in the evening time.

Staying nearby the Hospital economizes your expenditure besides saving your valuable time. Get ready at 07.00 AM sharp and reach the hospital by 07.30 AM. Fill up Registration Form if you are a first-timer and submit the details at the counter along with the registration fees which will fetch you a life-time computerized card renewable periodically. The polite and knowledgeable employees at the counter will guide you to the doctor you like to be treated by. Take appointments with all doctors on the first day itself with at least a day gap for every treatment as sample-donation and report-collection and getting it vetted by the doctor will take a day in between. Book your return tickets in advance because last minute rush may strand you for a couple of days of unnecessary expenses and sojourn. Book the hotels or guest houses in advance. Well, I had digressed from my earlier description for a few minutes. The rest I did can be done by you and he.

Deep Fried Onion Samosa Chennai Street Food

While touring into Chennai for medical tourisms one can find vivid atmosphere, the extreme humidity but the presence of large amount of substitutes in terms of sub-urban trains, or Chennai Metro or through local trains from Chennai Central o either through Egmore we can find plenty of opportunities to avoid torrid sun shine.

There are alternative route straight from railway station by through in the form of bus ride either through sophisticated buses or through normal busses one can find the betterment of substitution of alternative routes and that makes the movement through these routes extremely easier.

I decided to go to T. Nagar which is full of many shopping malls and one can pick and choose everything what they are looking for. There are fruit market and flower market in and around that area and one needs to be extremely careful while going into shopping crazes.

In one of shopping mall at the fifth floor, the shopping restaurant and there the cost of food items are far lesser than you find inside, and outside T. Nagar’s other shopping area.  I ordered for one chicken puff and then daddy ordered for one tea. The cost of chicken puff is 20 rupees and the cost of tea is ten rupees.

As compared with outside, the cost of chicken puff is 25 rupees, here at the fifth floor of this shopping floor I get it for 20 rupees and then daddy asked for tea but there only we find that only sugared ta drink is there, and that means daddy will not eat and he asked for refund but the seller suggested to daddy to have onion samosa and it is there with one rupee, two rupee and five rupees samosas.

Here even with one rupee you can eat samosa and even two to five rupees one can find it too. Even in such high class hotel we can find that, ven in such air-conditioned hotel the cost of all eatings and edible items are fully compatible with the pockets of consumer.

In the middle of the article daddy reviewed the contents of samosa and I uploaded into Youtube there, and the taste of it simply brilliant. The stuff contains fried onion inside samosa. All of these fried onions are put inside and along with spices which are not of more spices as it makes it more tasty. Taste is good for all Indians. On one side it is crispy and deep fried, and the rate is only five rupees a pieceand at one rupee the samosa is available here.

One, two and five three types of samosas are available. No potatoes inside these samosa as we generally find in eastern India, especially in Odisha. This means diabetic people can have the munch of it too. People of all ages can take it because this has valiant taste for all ages and this looks nice. andI am enjoying it.