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Examination reforms in Odisha

Matriculation examination begins: Matriculation examination begins from this Monday. The significance of this examination in related to student’s career is immense and for this, this examination gains more attention from students. Six lacs students appearing for this year examination, out of them some are from regular streams and some are from ex-regular streams. This proves…

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Decisions on second glance: a case study

It was a busy day, having to prepare most of the summarized work and also annual inspection is due and it may come at any point of time without a glitch. He is a smart worker and also honest and for this though he was working at advance division as executive still there is no…

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The interference escapes

It has been long strident study in standard eight , as new subjects related to mathematics, not so simple but good to work it with , each of the relational materials and many a times all these subjects tends to fix the mind taking it to no where but still there are plenty of scope…

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Flaws in man-management

As a HR executive mote world different places ku jai meetings attend karibaku hue. Ehipari eka conference re mora speech diajiba ku thila. Sethipain mu with lots of excitement  sehi place ku jaithili. Excitement ethipain sehi town re mora eka favorite general store thila. Mu last three years re jetebele ethaku ase sehi general store…

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