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Precautions before attending walk in interview

Introduction: Every talented professional is wishing for a good and passable job with an excellent salary. He wants to have a brilliant job profile as well as a fantastic salary. He dreams how to work in the next stage of his career and wishes those dreams to be fulfilled. Parents spend a heavy sum for Continue Reading »

Time management tips for students

English: A stopwatch is a hand-held timepiece designed to measure the amount of time elapsed from a particular time when activated to when the piece is deactivated. http://weelookang.blogspot.com/2011/08/ejs-open-source-stop-watch-model.html%20(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Introduction: It is sometimes difficult to manage time. Time is dynamic and is always on the run. Many successful people in the world have Continue Reading »

Question cum booklet provisions

For this, both parents as well as students are in most tension during the onset of this examination. They’ll be inside question papers and the students had to write their answers within question papers. This trend has been newer for the matriculation students and for this, much before examination some sample questions sent to students Continue Reading »

Questions to ask before making a career change

Are you seriously considering about a career change? To change a career, related to a critical decision making and for this you have to be strong enough to make this decision at leisure time considering all aspects of your decision parameters. In this time when you want to change your career then it is absolute Continue Reading »

Careers and appointments

With the advent of open economy, now we anticipate what the trend is in career and economic scenario, due to series of equidistant economies working together. There is economic slow down in big countries like US, UK, Germany  and that reflects in truest manner to other developing and developed countries in direct or in indirect Continue Reading »

How to make a successful career change

In your life line at any stage of your career, if you want to pick some other option, then there was plenty of it, which you could vouch for. It was also true that, it was difficult to change the career, as your previous career had been going on smoothly and when you took the Continue Reading »