Kontactr is a one-click free contact form service.

Kontactr is a one-click free contact form service. Kontactr is a free one-click contact form service that allows you to create your own free contact form so that people can contact you without knowing your email address. You receive Spam only when Spammers get to know your email address. With your Kontactr, your email address…

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Revolution Lifestyle Blogger Template (Free !)

If you are looking for not only simple, clean, and customizable but also professional  blogger templates, you are in the right place.Today I will be talking about one of the good looking free of cost and touchy blogger template from Magznetwork and the details about how to download and install it , it is easier…

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Skribit-Cure Writer’s Block

 We all know how much writer’s block stinks. You have to plan for many hours to write one article.Here is the solution.  You want to produce original, quality content for your devoted readers but you’re all out of ideas. Skribit helps you get suggestions for blog posts from your readers and the Skribit community. Sign…

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Email Encryption Tool

  Spam email is one of the biggest issues facing the internet and the email encryption tool is designed to help reduce the effect of this and minimize the ability of 3rd party email "harvesting" robots from being able to read your email address when it is posted on your web site(s). This should minimize…

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Blog Instantly Using Only Email

  If you can use email, you can have your own website to share thoughts and media with friends, family and the world.Yes, Posterous is enthusiastically a free service. Later, it may be adding premium features there will always be a useful free version you can use.It focuses on THE best email experience, and do…

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