The story which deserved to be mentioned

It was on an early morning when there is cool and winter which are going to be there for some time. I like this part of the year as it gives an adequate moment to summarize the entire situation and its related environment where the wind is cool and wonderful. From the western hemisphere dense to very dense cool winds fluttering all across into the sky, and it does make it more and more simulated environment where every possible related environment is going to touch to its limit.

In the entire arena of hopelessness and possible contradiction all what it makes to the final thinking is all about a clear sky with a complete positive happenings where every possible ideas and also related thinking must go with each of its known facets where the possible happenings is going to turn over into entire arena with the most possibilities of happenings all around into the mind of memory where the significance of thoughts has never ever been concluded with simultaneous happenings.

When the portrait is been seen by me where the lively portrait of innumerable emotions which does creeping into the mind with heavy happenings of all around with a stronger sense of attachment in which the most possible happenings is going to turn over with each other unison but that does not seem to be happening.

The latter part of life is still reeling under the hood and reviving in each of folder like a workable idea of a complete synchronization of facing the movement of parable conformity. The probability of relationships is still missing all among us as the separation part of hidden hindrances which is still yet to be broken as no one knows how this could be the most dangerous part of life and how all these could be a sudden ice break.

Where the mind and the heart does not break into the passive life but the beating of heart is still going on and it is still continuing all over the world with a possible call from the heart beat and the question is being asked to her is still immersing to a unknown path of feelings where no one could ever able to want to evade such happenings.

It seems that both of them have been pretty confident of hearing the beatings and musings of heart where each and every beat is still beating with its possible movement of ideas and the world seems to be at the wrong side and the finding of the dreams is still there but what is hiding inside me they want to see both but what is making the entire situation and the dreams that is still continuing in its path to recovery.

In this way, the dreams go on but the possible flowing of wishes and dreams is still continuing in its motion of ultra slow where life seems to have left a long back. The sounds is still there and is still continues to be one such factor where the imminent part of life is still continuing to be in its path to victory but with each victory the signs and the sounds of defeat is still emerging from nowhere where the path to control heart cannot be undone but the path to wonderful motion is still being able to move back to the most attached happenings where no one could find the movement and the motion is there all over to create a generic situation where the heart beats can be listened from the distance all the way from the distance.

It is the call of hearts, but still no one will be able to understand the motion shift and positive attachment in which the movement of emotions cannot be tracked. The way life is going to a motion shift which can only be mentioned where the trying of mind in which the entire arena where the life is still reeling under the foot of her, but the connection to the life is still not able to solve the mystery.

It is life which has been there for all over into entire arena and in which the entire atmosphere is singing with the tune of attachment of both emotionally surcharged environment with the memories are the still between us and the thought of enchantment and all possible movement can only be there as with me is yours memories which is giving me the most possible energy where the heart is still beating with each spots of movement and the enchantment of yours memories is there in this solitary environment and yours memories are there for me all the time and in this way yours memories are there for all the time of me with you,

I will be there whenever and wherever, yours memories are there with me and this gives me the hope and aspiration where I can continue to be there with yours memories and with yours smile. Wherever, I look at anywhere, yours memories are there with me, with my memories are there, where yours portrait is slowly erasing from my memories and I want to search for the colors of life but what is worrying me that all the while I want to walk with solitary though am not alone with me yours memories are there for all the time and it gives me the enough time to remember and unite all the while the complete illusion of staying with you alone all the time.

Where have you gone, each songs I listened gives rise to feeling of yours presence, and the past roots are still covering my heart, and everywhere I see yours image and anywhere I can found each facets of life with my eyes, and my memories are there and for which I still reeling under solitary routes and the memories of mine is there and it is always there and with it I am still continuing to be there all the time with its most attached and inherent manner.

It seems that you are my dream and I am yours sleep and with unity of this we have become a night of life, and in which we are still there within the life of all of ours and it seems that memories of yours are still reeling under the sweet rivers but it does not keep all these functionalities where we all seem to be the motion ambitions where I know you are thinking about me and want me to come to yours house talk to your parents about you, and what should you speak more about it where the life seems to be going all over with most positive happenings where the most positive happenings is still there among us and this is going to be the perfect dream where we do not even want to solve anything as such.


In the mean time, the vehicle moves forwards and slowly getting into the national high way road and it is moving with a decent speed, with the holidays in this weekends, plenty of tourists are travelling to see the beauty of jungle and try to enjoy the scenic beauty of the environment. The climate is cooler with the advent of cool seasons. The cool bridge has been traversing through a window pane and it is slowly reaching to her and feeling the real beauty of the season. With traversing cooler winds piercing to the skins and suddenly she feels for wearing cooler garments. She slows the vehicle and gets into one side of the road and then close the window pane and wear the sweeter which was at the rear side of the seat. That sweeter has beautiful memories, which was presented to her by her brother, when he was on his first job assignment, he presented this to her, at that time she had just passed from class seventh and now this gift is like a valuable presentation to her and she wants to keep it for long so that it has to be inside of memories like a memento.

She starts the car, her eyes was full of tears like the burst of rains with continuous pouring, she tried hard to control her emotions but it cannot be as no one can stop the heavy pouring of rain similarly no one can stop her from crying, she is driving the car as well as crying at the same time, she does not want to wipe the tears as she wants it to be flow from her eyes, as with heavy rain the entire area is flooded with water, and even at many times the government cannot wipe this out as one has to wait for the rain to stop and then start the work. Since then after one year, her only brother died of plane crash and so sad that incident was that she had to tale six months to speak of and realize the present day world, but in that suitcase which her brother was carrying in that ill fated plane there is one beautiful doll, for her as she realized that it was the last gift from her brother. Now, after two years of losing his brother, she used to be stay alone sometimes and watching the gifts which her brother has given to her and she was feeling left alone as in the meantime, she is feeling alone as in this world the only person apart from her parents she is believed to be close is with his brother.

She feels that before his death, her brother is trying to convey something to her as he wanted her to be strong and care their parents, and from that she has recovered from that situation and she always sees the smiling face of her brother and want to get the maximum inspiration from her brother and whenever she feels desperate and searching his brother, she always goes alone and drive the road so that with the sounds of winds and the fluttering of birds could be the sign where his brother’s soul would be there and for this she is desperate to see his soul as she is confident that he is watching from somewhere at the place we the mortal person would never ever able to recognize and find it out from the wildest of imaginations. Imaginations are like the sea sand which has been boiled into to make it seem like water into the sands. All these imaginations are impossible, but still the Mirage and the possible memento that are embedded with such an authentic attachment could never ever be imagined on the widest possible front. Imaginations are not like the web browser which has ad blocker installed into it, as all these have been the actual management of persona of panoramic images that has been fused and stitched to give a stronger and possibly the more imaginative view of life. For this, she wants to stay in that imagination and strongly wants to see his brother’s soul and search it out from somewhere as she is sure he would be there crying from a distance and watching her and parents and with this she started crying again.

She has seen many ghost movies and realize there are some patterns when some close relative ghost will like to stay with their family but unable to reach to them due to their death as there is the mortal and immortal distance and what that distance needs to be managed and carried forward with equal ease of mind and heart. Life is like a bubble inside the sea, which has been always attacked through different streams of waves which has been running in and out from sea bed and for this it has to be always aware of unlimited different obstructions, on the other hand the immortal mind is like a wall where every obstacles needs to be stopped and in this manner each and every solutions there but the point here is that one cannot reach to this mortal earth to solve this. So, in order to solve the problem one has to be remaining alive here with proper goal and concentration and situations. It is not like the head and tail situation where the life remains intact but the process of luck changes with time and factors.

She stops crying and now concentrates on the natural situations and surroundings here with plenty of trees at the both sides of roads as she drives past the side way road from the main high way, due to advent of starting of weekend there are many vehicles that has been running as many persons with families has been plucking at the open barricading jungle to have the proper glimpse of animals living there. It is like when doing morning walks and roads were occupied by stray dogs and they will see you at the book as if they had constructed the road and they were asking you why you are walking on this road? This is a tricky, but the same situation and also the similar circumstances that has been leading it to make it not so meaningful objectives. Life is not like the proper way of performance improvement program where one has to time and again find the solution not by asking class teacher or a scholar but one has to found the real answer from her own sense of life as most of the times the life line and the time tracker has been customized and prepared for the life that has been there for the ages. Life is full of uncertainties and one has to prepare and behold it from the wildest of imagination as no one can predict the future. She drives the car and in the mean time the climate becomes much cooler due to the advent of forest and long trees. It is green out here for a relaxed environment and she is enjoying life here just like inside an air conditioned room feeling with a restful sleep.

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