Money being money

Money supply is just an economic term. It is consolidated form of money which has been in circulation within specified legislative area of the state and it should be used for exchange of goods and commodities as well as it is used to measure and point the value of commodities in given point of time. Continue Reading »

Chitika New Mobile Ads Mean More Revenue For You !

Chitka begin rolling out their new Mobile Ads program across your website(s) from 18 th August!  Now, in addition to your regular Chitika ad revenue, you will earn even more from these new ads targeted to visitors viewing your website on a mobile device.Chitika mobile ads are currently displayed on the iPhone and Android only.  Continue Reading »

Managing Advertisement Blocking

I got VIPRE® Antivirus Premium v.4.0 through this promotion on the first week of March,about it I have written detailed review ,see here ,also I have written and blogged about how I uninstalled VIPRE® Antivirus Premium v.4.0 in the two series ,part 1 and part 2.Today I will talk about “Managing Advertisement Blocking” with VIPRE® Continue Reading »

Advertisers can no longer get away with exaggerated & false claims

  All advertising contains some amount of false sense of superiority.  But , the fact of the matter is viewer does not have any testing parameters to find  the truth of the claim supposed to be . Access to fair information is consumer right. “Consumer is the King.” As TNN adds , “ Ever wondered Continue Reading »