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How to Harden Firefox Against Malware and Privacy Concerns

Web browser is a completely different entity , as it connects computer with virtual world so as to say in a way it is the communication medium for us to travel to virtual world and due to this very factor it is the most vital aspect of online syndrome , when we are surfing for Continue Reading »

2010 In a Data Security Retrospective

The most exploited methods in 2010 were: • Compromised legitimate websites • Infected websites disguised as legitimate • Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter • Popular software applications such as from Adobe and Microsoft Noteworthy pieces of malware: • Conficker – is a network worm that has the ability to update itself by downloads Continue Reading »

Best Free PDF Writer and Reader

PDF format is popularly known as print document format. This creates a virtual printer within operating system to print the document. For offline scanning of document, the PDF format is popular. The importance attached with these program is that you need to have PDF software installed to run these files. If someone sends you PDF file and your computer do not have such Continue Reading »