How stuff works?

It is a problem solving method that employs the information technology to derive the solutions from inaccurate parameters. It refines the each iterative search and try to go to the closest via some inaccurate elements. It is like banyan trees with its branches producing the closest approximate results the search mechanisms applies all the possible results and then finds the closest approximate one and go for the most likely result. Which one resembles the closest of the solution? The problem or may be solution in sight is there are lots of options for heuristics algorithms and how to find the correct one based on some of the presumptions.

How does heuristics work?

It can go upside down or the other side to search for accurate interrelations. It will see the connections and the profile functionality of the algorithms to find out the accurate search results. The modern search technology is known as the evolutionary algorithms, it is optimised techniques which goes through the entire search mechanisms and life cycle and then goes on for optimal search companion. So in brief the heuristic algorithm first search for the crowd image of the interpretations and then matches it to the organic part and the social part of the search companion, Once it gets likely matches then it will sort all the options from its branches and the branches will do this from their sub branches and then saves the methodology to be benefited when the next time some one searches for it.

How you can attempt to overclock yours system?

Over clocking is very dangerous and it is meant for the uber-geeks and the layman even the geeks should avoid it , but it is still nice to learn this process as this can be helpful for garnering better knowledge in the longer run. CPU overclocking is based on base clock frequency and CPU monitor. Processor stock setting is based on augmenting the processor frequency which will run it faster but on the negative side of it will generate higher heat and drastically jump in temperature which can damage yours system. DRAM frequency, timings and tweaking its voltages can be considered as the part of memory over clocking. If you want to go for over clock then first get the appropriate cooling solutions for yours PC components, without proper cooling RAM can be heated and this can cause system errors and delay time. Sometimes overheating leads to Blue Screen of Death but a stable system, with good overclocking can lead to better functionality of the processor and good response time for the applications thus it can lead to proper multi tasking.

What idea goes behind an F1 car?

When winning is the sole aim with high stake behind and to get it all at once with the superior sped and mechanisms then the idea behind the engine is always gives some smash buckling trends and let us get it started. The concept of aero dynamics is at its best with the dynamic moving mechanisms are being integrated to Formula one car system. The drag reduction system which is same as the aircraft left or the right wing is being flapped open and close for the speed, for the landing or for the taking off. The idea is to offer the resistance to the wind and the grip level stays with the driver when there is a close race and overtaking and the car does not fall out of the race. The driver seats inside the cockpit of the formula on car and its average temperature is fifty degree centigrade.

Formula one car shape is designed to fit of an aerodynamic shape and that is why it is capable of touching above two hundred kilometres per hour. The direction of the opposite side of the air flow remains non resistant due to the perfect aerodynamic settings of the formula one racing car. The kinetic energy release system which is developed by an Italy company is now implemented within the Formula one racing car system, It converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy and stored in a separate battery and it is adding more power to the engine separately as the other elements of displace of charging like that of braking, and other functionalities goes with the main system energy capacities. The material has been used with the carbon composite and for this even at the deadly accident the driver can go unhurt. It is for the safer structures and to continue with the safe mechanisms of Formula one racing cars.

After considering all these elements of the Formula one car it solely says to us that it is the engineering marvel and it can be said to be one of the wonders of technical excellence with it optimum optimisation and proper utilisation is of the available resources. The engines, gear box, tyres, brakes, suspension all combined to work at its best to run the Formula one car. The V6 engine can goes for 15000 revolutions per minutes with the gear box can change gear in mill is seconds, the tyres can change within five minutes and the super protective fuel tanks can save it from getting leaked due to made in Kevlar, even in case of crash it remains as it is.

The gear box has seven forward and one reverse gear mechanisms and that can be changed within one hundredth of a second with semi automatic synchronised gear box. The twelve litres of fuel tank can refilled within one minute and considering the time it is a super feature. The steering weighs about 1.7 kilo gram with more than one hundred of settings attached to it. With self configurable and auto configurable while driving the Formula one car. The tyres use nitrogen which can support three kilometres pr hour while driving at the Formula one car racing.

How solid state drives works?

With the large cache size for speedier access to hard drives but all those traditional effect on hard drives like that of the rotational speeds or perpendicular recording failed to produce path breaking changes to the hard drive changing mechanisms. The file system is the graphical user interface with daily routine tasks with high percentages of access to the hard drives more than one at a time. The Central processing unit interprets the request handle and then communicates the solid state drive with that of the Input and output controller.

The multi level shell uses the speedier flash technology in a 64 GB solid sate drive 8 GB is the flash memory module that will attached to it. The input and output is the controlled hat creates the section and that will create the part of the process and it goes with the data transfer request. The most prominent part is the disc controller, it is the safe guard of solid state drive, and it creates its longevity and reliability and the data can be accesses through it. Any solid sate drive needs to be connected to the motherboard to function and work for this it I has SATA II and SATA III ports with speed of three gigabytes per second and six gigabytes per seconds respectively. The controller controls the flow of data being sent to and from the flash storage chips. The non volatile flash memory chips are what make the storage possible.

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Time without end

The cactus thoughts ideas have included in its inherent cohesion and umpteenth imaginary vision of winning and not losing. To find the soft target and rectify it before the oppositions mounts you and grab opportunity is success mantra wining formula image require maximum concentration and image stabilization. The smile to success can always be attainable and zeal and compute its always can be a gain actionable intelligence to wisely manage and dwell upon.

The previous configurable mind set to compete with the existing market can never be a success to the road entry but actionable demo action making attain comparatively wonderful entertained. Part should be lucrative, eye catching and if it deals with foods and beverages must be unique and the design should be touching some imaginary decorations mouth eater. Design of it take a long tour of success and it can fetch many brownie point For example one product to perfume has decorated and one which seen or felt.

The and done so that it reach near the consumer will be air tight and pose for is product. Not the the beautiful gift like feather touch has made the product extreme boastful use it. So only for keeps on to becoming a great sense; but common is not common. It is better to first recognize the basic managerial problems that are state difficulty that should the content cognition, the organized belief group or individuals so that the common sense is always are roaming around organization be estimated by and the individuals easily.

You may be newer to the job or may be newer to the work environment but try deal with easy mind some extra moments reflect upon is going on mood of organization and be known as common sense. You will have to remember that when you become manager , you will have control but can analyzed as control not the all of you thinking yours area of authority gain back the knowledge of how exert control over do things the change according to yours wishes resize and concise yours work environment to suit you.

Time without end If the prominent corporate culture is different to what you are doing organization then out mend your ways can be hazardous yours management in long run. In bigger organization yours options will less as can experience the strict corporate the way it treated can be seen and investigated so it is better to examine yours thoughts and actions in bigger as in case of organization in a way you examine and establish ideas penetrate it into yours organization. Here you can observe the faster success or the vice versa and smart then you can see then in the closet and try to the way before it is too late for reversal.

This is like beginning of drastic far-reaching change in ways thinking and which some times to courage many will you , some one who the opposition. Your state of being preserving the wishes of people .Convince, realize, validate all to belief you and make the environment such that all will be offering help to you. You should establish the status in order to attain the importance or the urgency derived of action tell when it been activated. When applying the new suddenly to parameters, set a time limit, as it can be for eternity and it should not be without. The parameter of ours vision solely upon how you are envisioning the structure of the organization.

Set a group of representatives or delegates with person appointed or elected to represent others, allocate task to the persons, and then transfer the power to some one. If needed, go to some bigger corporations, try to learn from various existing organizations, even you can attain some management learning and specialized tuition to and from them. Always, try learn the of the mission, learn form various habitual aspects of yours great management thinking through some greater of mission statement.

Make the create the process the mission transmit yours and feelings, through this philosophy in wanting the outcome you desire. phases you will follow the conviction, vision can be unending , time less but it can be a divine information the mind.

Why smoking is injurious to health

According to an old adage a sound mind goes with the sound body. Now days we are living in a society where the complexities and the paradoxes are becoming upper hand in ours day to day livings. Everybody is under continuous pressure, continual environments to reach at then stage of perform or perish, and these are vitals which each every person is undergoing now days. With the increase of stress in ours day to day life may consciously or sub consciously affect ours health ion ours day to day livings and for this a steady life and continual of good habits is the order of the day.

Tobacco smoking is a universal phenomenon and environment potent ant. It gives rise to increase number of health-related issues. It is the main cause of premature death , permanent disability and preventable disease. BY using regular tobacco you can be prone to chronic bronchitis , heart attack, high blood pressure or permanent disabilities like that of paralysis. Over four hundred substances has identified as the tobacco related substances and some of the prominent ones are the real cause of cancer and other hazardous and life threatening diseases.

The composition of cigarette smoke comprises several factors such as combustion temperature, porosity of paper, additives and filters. Because of adding of intense heat inside the tobacco the inherent compositions of tobacco goes under thermal decomposition and producing more and more hazardous effects to the mind and the body. This the volatile substances disperse directly into the smoke. Even substances remain undisclosed causing greater risk to the smoker. The smoke contains 0.3 to 3.3 billion particles per milliliter and the Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide account for eighty five percentages of the smoker’s weight. The respiratory range of human is merely 0.3 to 0.5, and to see this vast difference one can only infer that such a difficult should be avoid.

The some of the cancer producing substances inside the cigarette are tar, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, naphthylamine, nitrosonornicotine, benzo pyrene, trace metals, indole, carbazole, catechol in terms of substance inside cigarette. The cancer promoters, irritant and ganglion stimulator and depressor particulate inside the cigarette smoking substances are nicotine, phenol, cresol, indole, carbazole and catechol. In the gas phase of cigarette the impairs oxygen transport and utilization, toxin irritant, cancer producing and chloride cancer producing substances are carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic, acetaldehyde ,acrolein, ammonia, formaldehyde , oxides of nitrogen , nitrosamines ,hydrazine , vinyl.

With the regular use of cigarettes the membranes of the mouth, nose and the trachea are easily prone to destr4uction because of the gas part of the cigarette goes inside it. Some made up inside the membranes and other dissolved inside the blood to make it more dangerous to the life of the persons whom are taking cigarettes. Other hazardous solvents dissolved inside the saliva and swallowed.

The disease caused by smoking, tobacco chewing and smoking are related to cardiovascular disease are of the followings.

  1. Thrombo angitis obliterans , gangrene of limbs
  2. Smoking also interferes the efficiency and the efficacies of the process of treatment of high blood pressure.
  3. Ischemic heart disease, simply the heart attack, or the sudden death with the choking of hearts.

Earn Money from Writing

With the abundance of internet connectivity and data usages availability , sometime even the full time professional think of utilizing the internet to its fullest optimum capacity. Let us try to earn money from internet is the main proposition of many but to find the real and workable sites is hard to get in and with due experience you can perfect it.

Some would say the mere Google search will stay you some vital websites but the conditions and the way the payment is getting into yours pocket and how much time you will have to devote here and how to earn handsomely some are great questions you will have to resolve first before joining any site.

Joining any site and being a good time write is always like starting a small scale business and how we manage them is solely depends upon the research and the value proposition on that site by investigating and searching studying the write ups of previous owners who solely manages to write some of the most vital aspect of these site.

There are some reason to join these sites and prominent among these are you get back-links to yours blog or website, earn handsome money to use wittingly, get social with good interaction to know more about some of newer sites which you can access later on and develop yours writing skill and ability.

The value of income on these sites can be traffic driven or through revenue sharing of Adsense, Chitka or so on.Triond: Here the source of income is dual one from the number of visitors to yours write up and the second through revenue sharing program through Adsense or Chitka. There are many pros and cons of this website but the positive is large community and enthusiast writer and if you search for articles you can find every news that are covered around the world through articles and some of the original written articles also has been given some importance here. Writing is fun here with good dash board and editing option but no HTML allowed here. You can add friend here and build yours follower arena , despite many criticisms for last several months by some Triond writers and also others ,

Triond is still alive and hope to go many more steps in the years ahead. One of the payment option is Paypal , subject to your countrys availability. You can earn money through reference build up. There is also an option of adding Google Adsense to your articles. Otherwise you can have the automatic Chitka option. By implementing the Google Adsense you can have fifty percentages of shared revenue and the trend shows, the blogs which have Adsense enabled get more traffic than the Chitka. As I have experienced, Google Adsense is bringing more views than Chitka . There are regular special months where you can increase your earnings up to 20% by writing more articles. Some times, flagging articles you can increase yours income.

By mere flagging the articles you will not be paid but it is to be approved by the Triond Administration after that you will be paid. I have been here at Triond for about six months and have some positive experiences from here. The plus factor is Triond community; here you will receive positive as well as negative feed backs from the community. Read more from Bukisa: I joined one a half a year back but not very active there. It is similar to Triond revenue sharing program and also it counts number of visitors to yours profile to pay you.

Still to date have not been a single payment from this platform but hope to get one soon.Flixya: This was a good platform a year back with built in integration of Google Adsense revenue sharing platform only. It has one defense for the user that the adsense ads will not show while you are logged in thus remove the possibility of any accidental clicking of ads by the user.

Here you can market yours own You Tube videos by putting the embedded links in the video section and also you can put blogs and pictures to get money. Sadly of late after Google panda update this site has been ban from using the Adsense and that removes its popularity. Flixya is still trying to get back adsense to get back to its earlier position. Flixya is quick and easy and it is a good site to share Triond articles and then post to various social networking sites t get more and more clicks. Flixya says Due to unforeseen circumstances,

Google has terminated Flixya from the Google Adsense API.Xomba: It is Google Adsense revenue site. Posts are called Xombytes. You can post anything starting from links, news, suggestions. Here you can easily share yours ideas, suggestions, discuss among the authors on any topic and get featured to earn more. By hooking up yours account to Facebook and Twitter, you get viral with this.

You can create content form here by a news or opinion “article” on any topic through blog, Write about and link to a cool article, video or photo through bookmark , Create a Top 5, Top 10, Top 15 or (gulp!) Top 20 list on any topic through Lists, post any recipe, becomes everyone’s critic by review. The significant gain is here you can write brief posts and share with yours community.

difference between absorption costing and marginal costing

Inventory consists of assets to organisation. In the normal business environment it is there to sold to market.In the second category the throughput methods inventory gets ready to sell In the third alternative for the production of materials raw materials to the production material stays inside inventory.

Marginal costing is the cost incurred for inventory. Inventory consists of above three processes. Thus it might consists of more than one production unit.

Absorption costing is the cost incurred to all production units. Variable costs vary with costs. It varies with the volume of a production unit or attached services. If at all any point of time there is no production volume or services then the question of variable costs diminishes.

Under marginal costing which relates to cost differences the variable cost is applicable there. While calculating marginal costing only variable costs in terms of productivity and services is applicable.

Fixed overhead costs are opposite to variable costs and they do not vary remains constant. Management beforehand decides about the total aggregation of variable costs. From it, the constitution of contribution margin such as product price is made of. It minuses the variable costs to inventory in marginal costing. It includes fixed overheads plus contribution margin.

In absorption costing fixed overhead costs are applicable. While calculating total profits of the product, if it is going through marginal costing then it appears higher as the minuses of variable costing is not performed. While calculating profits under absorption costing, the fixed overhead minuses available costs so profit appears lower in this case.

Under marginal costing overhead costs are charged as expenses, in the case of absorption costing they are charged under products. Marginal costing is for internal management purposes they are not significant to show in accounting frameworks.

Absorption costing is included in financial reporting as it includes direct labor and direct materials that show how much exact amount is spent for productivity. Marginal costing includes factory overheads that do not include a practical production process that includes direct labour and direct materials of different units.

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My son’s first walks

This post written by my daddy and this post is about me. The dream and its screenshots can be more realistic and more and more longing for the endurance eyes of the deep within of some spectacular scenic dreams. My son just been trying to walk and falling each time and been disappointed. As a kid he is trying his best to walk , imitating me and my wife but falling in the process and disappointing and then trying to observe my emotions whether I am watching his steps or not.

At first me and my better half observing his trying to stand with two small legs but time and again he is failing to stand as he is a small kid. Then as usual he would observe both of us and if realizes, we both are looking carefully to ours child then he would cry is shame. I have seen watching both of my child’s from the child hood and observer the child psychology that children used to imitate their parents and if they fail then they are disappointed and they cannot utter words as they are yet to be perfect inn speaking so they shows their disappointment by crying loudly.

So, we both decided to observe ours child trying to stand up but not to see direct but see through indirect vision. We are very excited about this and we are waiting for the whole moments to capture by the camera and the handy cam so that we will cherish these moments in ours whole life time. The real emotion moments for both of us and we are carefully watching ours son trying hard to stand up and walk with his two beautiful legs.

When I was at the office sometimes thinking a lot about this moment, could it happen when I am away from the home and I will not be able to be part of this celebrity’s moment of my son walking for the first time inside my house. So, I convey my better half to take snaps and also record the moments if I was away from the happenings. The real check mate is to see my son’s face when he would first walk without fall inside my home. This moment is always longing for both of us and it is so excited and envisions that I cannot capture and imagine how to write these moments in the blog.

That day was the Sunday, I was not at the office and staying at home and talking with my wife and watching the son who is trying endlessly to stand up. Now he is taking the help of the side walls to stand and walk. Wow may be we are nearing the moments. My son is standing up and within the help of the walls he is walking and move from the bed room to drawing room effortlessly but with the help of the side wall. Now my son is trying to walk without the wall, he falls from the wall and now is seating on the floor, and my better half running and making love with my son so that he will not be disappointed.

My son within drench eyes is looking at me and to my better half with a glance as if he just missed the Everest or just hit a beautiful shot but to be captured inside the boundary. We both are happy but not smiling as this would make ours son deeply disappointed so we decided to be calmed and watch what is happening.

On that Sunday evening the inevitable happens , we both are talking and watching the Three Idiots on the television and enjoying the movie and in front of the television ours son is trying hard to walk like us, some time he is standing with the help of ours legs and sometimes with the help of a chair , then suddenly he is starting to walk without the help any third party and he is walking just like walking on a hanging string , trying to balance on both the sides and with the help of both the hands he started walking here and there and then looking to both of us with a winning smile and that smile is worth cores of rupees for both of us and we captured the moments and recorded and even after almost 30 years we are seeing those recordings when we want to see ours sons smile. After the recording competed my son’s long standing has been abrupt though he tries again then he succeed. The he gave us a majestic look and confirm us that he want to stand with his legs only for both of us!

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