Is money bigger than education?

At this weekends daddy has a lot of time and in the evening we all family have a seat at the balcony at a very brilliant cool weather and with some sort of breakfast we chat together. The climate is brilliant and with it we together began to talk on one subject after the other and then at one point of time and on one subject I could not recall immediately, the source of the conversation starts with and it is being first taken by mummy and then daddy get into discussion about is money bigger than education?

It seems to be a tricky one but it is a good subject and mummy stresses always about that education has always greater significance than that of money but daddy supported mummy’s suggestion but also said that it is now a concept which is thing of the past and in modern times it is the money that matters and education comes into back burner. It seems a bit of tricky situation and the matter and the crux of discussion goes on. It is for sure if you have money then you can share some of those as many said ill got ill spent but many people are spending in terms of benefits to others and so that they think God will always be with them if they had done any sort of wrong way in getting the money back.

There are also many examples can be taken into consideration , as with the real estate boom in housing sector where we can find lots of significance elements where the person without any sort of education and formal knowledge are getting richer day in day out and even they cannot speak but they are travelling all around with the main cause of money and this is surprising and on the other hand , there are also some cases when the person with gifted education qualities but it trying very hard but not earning any sort of money in the farthest of imagination. They are not getting any money with their education and they have been at the stringent end to meet their ends and these are very surprising and also painful but all have been true.

All has been of great significance where the old adage is simply fading into oblivion that money is the greatest wealth now wealth can get you education and certificates and this is the most damaging and bad side of any sort of money earnings. What these should be done and how these are happenings. There are many countries where the politicians with no knowledge and there are instances that they cannot even write their names but they are now more richer than even a highly educated person can aspire to be and these are all some sort of the way the world is heading into and all these aspects has been significantly very sort of most distressful anticipated.

The more you think on this subject the more you get entangled into all these and it is always better to have a good perspective and always on attitude but all have to be reached and concluded with the same sort of tag line that starts and ends with money. It is the money matter and if you have money and education then it does stick to you and with this you can rise higher but not higher than the person with money and no education. This is surprising but it is true , if you can venture to glance upon the real estate boom in some of the Asian counties you will soon realize and found that most of the major success of these are with illiterate who have ventured into all these and have successfully and sufficiently gained from all these.

It is true and if you follow the world headlines you can know from it and all these has been surprising and it is the most underrated and not so elegant part but it is true. The din and the bustle of real estate and the power that is inherent within all these has been the similar dream stories where not so educated persons has been getting the money and they are the real winner and mostly they are the champions of all cause in the society as they are simply distributing the money . These thoughts are like that of leaving from all sources but all has been some sort of greater significance that has been carried into where the educated person is always being harassed though they are not getting their due with due course of time and situations.

All these thoughts can be negated but when I realized that the taxi driver is highly educated person and then daddy on the way to airport surprisingly asked him why you have chosen this method, the response was he want to get to the top from the down side of the ladder though it is very technical but the education is being wasted here with full swing and part. This is not the only line that has been in the prominence there are several lines and the attitudes that meets and in this way the whole concept of education is diluting and these all making the mockery of education and if I am correct with some period of time people will question education and they will drive out and move beyond from these concepts and this can have some sort of humongous catastrophic effect and all these has been bad and going worse.

Take one example , there was the florist family , as they are very poor and even they do not have sufficient money for two daily foods and they have been living very miserably , they think that at some point of time education is important and that is why , they have been placing hard but after twenty and thirty years they are now one of the richest family as they are now importing and exporting flowers and these are very cash rich and they have been doing all these simultaneously and these proves the point that education does not matter to them to earn money it is the sheer mind that is getting them reach and now they are entering into real estate market as they have been richer and stronger and they can now have more and more power to exercise so much so that they will earn more money.

So, where is the role of education in all these aspects then? Is education is diminishing day by day as with this sort of education and writing can you earn more and all these has been getting into some sort of very dangerous trend where the education is slowly fading into oblivion and we are getting into that age of the history where once it has been called as the dark age is that sort of panel of thoughts I being rehearsed now a days things to ponder upon.

Slowly in money making and earning education has been limited and the role of education is not making you rich and known to all societies is not happening instead persons far more poorer than you is getting the limelight and money , a very serious trend and slowly can the education is getting out of hand . All these had obstacles to education can it jump all these hurdles to get back its number one position the time will tell for sure.

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The Triond syndrome

Triond a syndicating blogging arena for small articles big articles. Most approval period is not time will bother plat form quite a neat one also it is very vast clean on first instance know details also its tabbed version just like blogger page can browse all needed then can vouch for Triond. It is easy first you have reach half a dollar mark get Triond believes genuine visitors and the inherent money attached to it is also counted according to it. It is also advisable not use your ad sense with Triond, instead go for Chitka option.

The Chitka option here is bit confusing, like other related earning sites where you will have to put your Chitka use id but here the Chitka is used as premium option and that too from Triond so you not be bothering about creating your and put the name with Triond is amount it is giving in its front page as well as in its subsequent pages. The stats of the earning may not be correct, though it is updated from time to time. You should be sure that what the stats you are seeing at the dash board are not of real time instead these are from behind one day or so. That is why, from time to time you should also realize that the stats you are seeing at the dashboard are of one day late so you should not be bothered about it in what so ever manner.

You will certain percentages of ad serving on your and will be served by Triond, if it is Ad sense then the earrings can be seen in your respective ad sense accounts. So, if you are not opting for ad sense accounts then which look its generations. There no calculative approach to get viewers as can be of high quantity but your earnings could not be the same so, be prepared for the worst at first and also after you reach the minimum pay out limit, you are going to put your pay pal email address if you opt it for and then your address and then time money into posting be of various connotations from the beginning of science, culture, women, and technology and so on.

The dash board to post is very simple and also it is advisable to use minimum load on it indexed often than not of read that its articles being indexed by Google but it is not right as the trend is happening though it may not be catching up in the front page of Google search but it is being indexed by Google apart from some sites that being banned do not worry about article views here as there are dedicated communities , though they are selfish in their they do and will have to be surprised to also to your articles.

This process does seems like bit nature others only comment they see that also seeing their article it still works and if in this with among other articles in that particular segment feature of articles. featured the of of the article syndication website of Triond then yours article visibility is now higher and more and more friends will be increased by going and clicking on your Triond personalization page and they will add your friend to you. This is an awesome concept as yours worlds whichever may if approved will be praised by many and some real comments and appreciation will be waiting for you.

You should add friends by visits respective Triond profile that you article your friend’s dashboard and thus giving you one visitor automatically and this concept enables others to make and so and then it shown friend dashboard and the of friends you make the number of visitors count will there and will visible on your profile and for visible your be friend and for this of can catch the article from their friend stream and then they can make comment for like all countable the visits and for dashboard all of views and from there you can post to different social networks so that these will get some of the views and it is also advisable to post individual article to different social networks and should search optimization.

Triond also best which and the articles on and then write the in yours word make it popular and also grab the required Google advisable on beauty to write not submit that after getting approved by Triond to any other similar sites and for this genuine efforts is needed. Many a times many authors at Triond try to post about twenty to thirty articles per day and it can be termed as spam and this problem occurs and if some one is making such that and it happens to be your friend then try tom remove friend so that your dash board will not be preoccupied with one person post and for this it better get and the so that you will inside of your dashboard.

In this way you can see all other posts from your friends in your dash board so that you can book mark and comment them for reciprocal. If you are Triond and try to make huge sum of money then it not for you. It is the culmination of a brilliant social network which has not yet been discovered or known and also is some sort of an with which can get some money to show what you have been doing here. It is genuine and it has class to survive and it is serving through all of its dedicated members get your work published and being appreciated by many and suggestions also it the end the month you will find there are visitors to your profile and are reading and also you get some payment for your efforts.

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Drive without a driver a short story

The upcoming to the hills seems fantastic with the four wheeler steering in my hand and the driving passionately and after some time the ghat road will begin the most treacherous one with lots of curves and the lanes and how to reach the next part must be of a great challenge. In this lonely road the only friend seems to be the mirror namely the rear view and the road and in between there are plenty of grasses and then greenery and the road is beyond doubt the most difficult road I have ever experienced.

The vehicle is in good mood as it has been on the service line for the last two days and everything is fine. While driving the car in a lonely way it is always some sort of not so comfortable when you are alone and that too in some short of nearer to horrific road settings. I glanced at the back and seen everything is perfect and then drive the road which is like that of serpentine and it is like moving the steering from one side to the other and changing constantly the gear box. It is hard work though.

After almost two to three kilometres been to this ghat road for the first time I saw one vehicle that is the passenger bus which is striding to cross it and before it , it blows the all alarming and surprising sounds and I alerted and stay at the side so that the bus can pass my vehicle smoothly. While passing I glanced at the bus driver and he signalled that tow other heavy vehicle at the back of it and due to ghat road style they are not visible. I glanced at the passenger side of the bus and see there is all girls’ bus and may be some sort of picnic or study tour they have been at.

They are all chanting and smiling and dancing and enjoying the moment and some of them also wave in signal of appreciation and I also retune back them and after that one long striding truck and then one more bus which is half empty passed the scene and then I start to drive. The vehicle is in good mood and also I believe am feeling lonely and it is better for me to start some songs so that I should be feeling at home and for this I try FM stations and have the feel and enchanting with joy that four FM stations still getting the signals here and for this I tune them to one of mine.

The music is the rocking one and most of it are my favourites but the problem is that some of the songs are in remix mode and I prefer not to listen them as I do not like the remix songs as I believe these tend to break the song and also in this way the sheer magic of song is minimized. The tuning of the songs is been broken and the music side is so loud that sometimes you cannot believe that you are listening to this class of song and the more and more to it just been getting eroded. I am returning to my home in this weekends as for the last three following days my college will be closed and for this I decided to stay at my home with my family.

I could take the alternate route but the fact of the matter is that I forget to make the advance booking so I decided to drive it to home and for this am also enjoying the climate which seems to be falling a bit as it is now cooler with each and every second it is running. I am lonely but as the brave girl and also I do not take any serious adventure but I believe mu vehicle will not run out of the stream and the road ahead seems to be fine , in the upper curving zone I have to change the gear box and then I heard one sound and believable of some of the passenger bus and it is and then it drove past to me and I saw no one in that bus and it may be returning or something and the driver just make some gesture to me which is some what I know it does to girls so I better not to heed that and make the driving.

We tend to believe that it is the men’s world but I do not think so but that driver think so and then I began to concentrate on my driving and listening to some cute songs and in this FM channel all the songs seems to be from original sound track and ma really enjoying all these. The climate is now lot more cooler being wearing one tee shirt I desperately need some of the warmer clothes , all are at the back side and I do not want to stop the car to bring that suit so still now I cannot want to stop the vehicle so I decide that whenever I will see some family in between then I could stop the vehicle and then wear the dress and for the time being I will have to run the car and it is now going in a good speed as I have reached almost in between the ghat road and this signifies the half of the distance I crossed as my home town.

The scenery and the long horizon is being enticing and I know from now one there will be the road to downwards and also I have to drive more cautiously because the speed will be on higher side and also I have to cross the more dense forest range the most dense area of this continent to reach the hill down and for this I have to drive more cautiously and wonderfully. I checked on the tank capacity and drive slowly but steadily and slowly due to overcast conditions and also related heavy inclement weather the road side has become more and more darker and also one truck passes and that has the head light on and that signifies how the road can be.

I decide to put the headlight s on and started driving and also there are the ways which are more clearly symbolizes that one should be expecting this and that in the straight road ahead and driving in this present torrent is not that much so easy as playing any sort of driving simulated games and now I slowly reaching to the most dense forest arena where even on the day time there seems to be all the darks and some where in between there are the branches of big tress just been running down towards the road as the car driving situation I have to watch all these for it so that I will not be making any sense of not driving good. I heard the sound of some vehicle and try to observe and understand what vehicle should be as the sound is not so thick as earlier so it should not be the vehicle of big type like that of bus or the truck.

It should be the vehicle of four wheelers and most probably the sport utility vehicles type and let us now observe and try to understand the trend and so for this I began to drive more and more care fully and try to stay at the side of the road so that the up coming vehicle have the chance to drive and pass me through easily. The road is dark and bumpy and that vehicle is coming towards my vehicle at a very high speed and am surprised to find that in such road conditions and in the ghat roads amidst this jungle one is driving so speedily and that too that vehicle is at the receiving end of the road this is of great surprise to me.

The path is narrower and bumpy and the problem here is that form the back side you cannot watch which vehicle is at the front end but still that vehicle is running as if it is at the haven and knows what is at the next. The road that vehicle is narrower and from the side and it is reaching to the road which must not be visible and that road is also at slope mode and suddenly that vehicle appears and that seems to be on the high speed, I just worriedly have a glance at that vehicle, and luckily and with good mind of anticipations I stayed there otherwise there could have been a great collision and the damage side must have been in greater contract with mine as my vehicle is at the receiving end and it is smaller compared to that the other vehicle.

The vehicle passes and it seems it goes beyond straight into my face as the speed is such that it feels that way and in fear I tend to close my eyes and then open and saw the vehicle passing and surprise to see the driver as there is no one in the hot seat. I then glanced and seen nothing and no one is driving the vehicle and the entire road and the architecture seems to suggest that how it come and how it is happening, I been surprised to see the trend and my hands just been freezing with fear that has been augmented with the sense of more and more fear that is been in create with that sort of surroundings and then I get back my confidence and drive the car.

While driving I am feeling as if am in no where and my heat is feeling the loose and the courage is slowly dissipating and I time and again looking at the back seat in fear and also looking at the passing cards and vehicles . It is feeling like letting lose all the wires and also the feeling of the sense of fear seems to be extricating with each and every bit of ideas and am still driving have to be more and more steady so that I can reach home.

I have to get my act together as I am feeling bit lose in courage as there is still some distance to go but with each and every moment I experience the awe and the fear that I had seen few seconds ago and that fear seems to surrounding me and stretching me beyond limits. Feeling of fear and in the tight situation needles to say should extract more and more glossy and bad feelings and being at road in the car driving alone and towards the home in the overcast conditions seems to be very difficult but I have to pass all these to reach home.

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Installing µTorrent and the web user interface

Media server is a device that stores and shares media. It may be home theatre personal computer running media centre PC or commercial web server that hosts media for a large website.

Torrent box is the coolest network design for home. You can just leave your old personal computer using Torrent, chipping away with downloads, whilst you are out working on your laptop. Once you had set up your box, you would not need a monitor, which means you can put it anywhere it will fit.

First format and reinstall your operating system. Does it on the same personal computer hard drive? You will need fairly a large hard drive as it can be done for storing purposes. It is always important to format the drive on which you will be downloading your torrent data to NTFS, and not the older FAT32 files system. The advantage with NTFS file system is that NTFS will allow you to download the files greater than four GB, constraint when using FAT32 devices.

Make it possible to create at least one shared location from your drive. Simply create a folder on your main download drive so that the download files can be easily accessible. It is important to make the shared location while using Torrent.

Download the latest version of µTorrent from its official web page and boot it up. Use Ctlr+P to bring up the Preferences dialog or you can even access it from the Options Menu. Within General tab check “Start µTorrent on System Startup”. As after installation we will not need the monitor and this means that with this setting on after installation and restart sans monitor the Torrent will automatically work without nay graphical user interface intervention. So, you can resume your torrents by simply turning on. “Enable Web UI” under Web UI and create a username and password.

Now restart your torrent box and make sure it is turned on, connected to the network and running µTorrent. You will be prompted for user name and password you have created earlier, then log in and you will reach at its web user interfaces. From here you can add, remove and manage your torrents. So, now you have µTorrent within your web browser.

You need a static IP or DynDNS to connect from outside of your home network. In this way, you enter to the domains of remote µTorrent and you can have full access to your µTorrent from outside and from anywhere. Click µTorrent remote button on Menu Bar, and you will reach at the “remote” session of µTorrent. Now you need only add a user name and password. Shortly, notice “Status: Accessible” under these boxes. Move your mouse and then fill the user name and password.

From the above descriptions we have found that torrent box is a very clean, efficient and modern way to put the old technologies in use. It costs nothing in set-up. If you have already had the media or files server then adding these torrent mechanisms to it can have added benefits. In this way you can stream line your applications and make it more modern by employing yours old personal computer settings. Remote access gives you the liberty of time and whenever you are outside then you can start the downloading and after reaching your home you cans start the work right away. It gives you the freedom to work from home and away.

Many of us have always imagined watching home while we are away. In this way one can keep an eye on home even if you are out side for urgent work. In this write up you will know, how to do it. By using your motion-detecting web cam in your house, you can keep an eye out for intruders, mischievous pets, or even pestering kleptomaniac roommates. Get a any standard web cam with USB or built-in and we will use software like Yawcam to utilize the web cam. Use your old smart phones of which ever models to this mix. Use some handy applications and most of them are free to utilize applications that let you turn your mobile work gear into extra pairs of eyes for as good as free.

Download Yawcam software; plug in your web cam and drive installed to it. Then Launch Yawcam . Go to Settings and ad your camera to it. If you have integrated web cam then select that device otherwise you can go to Change to and add USB camera out of line up. It will open a new preview window with your camera’s video feed. Then click on the window menu and select Motion detection. Here from settings you can fine tune your preferences. Click the enable button on the left-hand side of the window, now motion detection is running. From the motion detection window, click the Action tab and check “Send E-Mail”, then click the Settings menu button. Here you will send the information about simple mail transfer protocol settings. If you are a Gmail user then can give Google SMTP settings.

Then go to Yawcam’s Email Settings menu and can go for “Attach image”, then specify the email address you want Yawcam to send it to. There is the flood control setting and tweak it with otherwise your email can be flooded with completely web cam picture and make the duration of it wider connotations. There are some requirements to run Yaw cam software. You will have Java installed, DirectX 9 or later. It uses port 8888 for TCP and port 8081 for TCP and UDP traffic.

Media server is a device that stores and shares media. It may be home theatre personal computer running media centre PC or commercial web server that hosts media for a large website. These are different types of media, irrespective of their origin, are stored on media server’s hard drive. If historians were entrusting with the task of identifying the most influential and ubiquitous word that has prevalent in last couple of decades – it would be undoubtedly “”networking. Wit the host of Gizmos that are flooded in the consumer market, there is an ever increasing need for interconnectivity and networking. In this write-up I try my best to write about torrent set up and how to utilize the old personal computer and make it the torrent server with very basic configurations. By going through connectivity, we tend to reach to the world of future where, even if we are outside we can watch our home from it and this has been deeply described wile how to use with web cam for surveillance.

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A new way to improve communications

This article is for sure the correct way to manage the ideas and from your responses I have been getting the mind and the heart of ideas and many a times it is sad that even some sort of technocratic evaluations people are writing the comments. What it this is meant for, it is for sure the very nature of not underestimating the messages and the messages attached with it as it goes to prove that the correct way to act and manage the wealth of information can have the real bearing and the attractive capitalization that can have some sort of long term and passive effects that is making the whole process of understanding and making it work for sure.

The enigmatic presentation of ideas can come to a halt whenever there is the simple substance of periodic materiality and the following wonderful evolution of ideas synchronization but the matter of the fact that all these does not come with surprise, they are here to stay and go for it but the matter is that they depend upon the brain which is the most vital and dynamic aspect to manage and causing more towards the happening. The mind has many significances as well as plenty of not so even attainable managers in the threaded system which can have some sort of shocking incidental appropriation and these have to be care fully noted down while any sort of effectual communications.

The sheer enigma of thoughts which has been on the rise from the senses has seen some of the most vicious communications as and when it is being untreatable through some sort of basic volatility of the contents and the managements adhering within it that can have some sort of wonderful and judicious effect in the ultimate management of thoughts and ideas that has been carefully coded and then decoded in the entire system and the concerning architecture.

Think of the situation and of the environment where the minds can have some sort of equal connection and the attachments of ideas that are generated with it should go in some of the most passive and magnificent ways as and when it is flying with some sort of manageable acceptance and the specific hindrances cannot be fully distributed or managed. The fascinating ideas and the horrible thoughts can have some sort of separate manageable speculation but the inner cause and the effects that are being seen and articulate can have some sort of distorting effects that cannot be held responsible to the inner artefacts and the dismissing ideas.

The flow of thoughts and the hearing through some other dimension can have disturbing profession and with this the entire network could be dangerously not manageable and the system architecture is always being the held for intransient profession attendance. The hearing sound and the passive distance has always has some sort of opposing directions as and when the passive acoustic generated it always break through the real phenomena so as it goes from the real world and in which way these barriers can be broken and from which type of language should these barriers can be transcend so much so that the stop and the worry of the languages can always be systematically managed.

The well managed attributes and the connected parameters has some sort of equilibrium status but in reality it is not as it all goes to other side of the metrics . The flow chart like ideas cannot work here the ultimate work basics is like that of both the forces the passive occurrences and the real sound always goes in different directions but the fact of the matter is that we should be finding the best of the lot and how to find these and manage the ideas and how these tow separate direction parameters can met in one conjoint attributes is the real matter. The parenthesis of shocking revelations of the acoustic effect needs to be understand fully and how to get it and how these two occurrences can be adjacent through different speech variations and some sort of modern languages attractions is the real matter which we should be looking forward to attain the status.

The hearing parameters also can be broken with the age and advancement of it and with the relatively high degree of tension and the stress is being materialized here and for it the manner and the parameters of parenthesis is the real work and the ultimate challenge which can be easily attainable with some sort of comparatively wonderful attributes that can have the most real and the glaring effect of the understanding that have the glimpse of always then parenthesis with the recent degree of most enjoyable attend. The always forward movement and the habit of talking as some talks in speed and some in slow motions and the realization of the hearing also can be slower or the speedier and all these depends upon the ultimate parameters and these can be some sort of connivance to the listening environment.

The metallic effect as against the symphonic sound can have some sort of bass attached to it but the tingeing sound and the clarity of thoughts always goes with the stimulating ideas of sensible passion and the exact attendance to it and these should always be attained and always be taken care of. The sounds when reaches to some one it is like that of half of face and also in the category of half reached sound as these needs to be undertaken to the fillip of most wonderful realization of thoughts. The maximum utilization of thoughts and the hearing passage should be taken all the variables that has been discussed here so far so that the discussion of ideas and the management of thoughts that is being going on through some of the excellent utilization of newer and fully aware philosophy is to be taken for the ride and with it the linguistics and phonetics must go for some sort of the entire transformation of any language so that the communication factor must go with the ride.

Language is such that it can be modified and with it the most important parameter is gestures that are attached with it and how these go hand in hand and the serious understandable parametric solutions should have the basics of ultra portable and the minuscule of interesting thoughts and ideas that have the most serious transformation of ideas and knowledge. This is similar to transmission of television that is the audio and the video part where we have seen and experience that with the advent of digitalization of music and all other such so that the way it is been broad cast now this goes to prove much beyond the doubt that it is the sheer strength of digitalization which is some otherwise can be called upon to understand the possibilities that digitalization in simplicity should well be better understood that it is all goes with the phenomena of learning the languages fully well so that it can be managed and also attained to such level of appropriation so that all the details parenthesis and the understanding can be very well summarized and understood.

This means with more and more digitalization and some other newer and more and more advance technology the transfer of the medium has always been the greatest and more towards clear and clarity of communication and it is also surprising that in the technical and also in the virtual world we always tend to step up for the more and more clarity and communication but in the case of languages these tend to be confined to the ideas of some sort of age old theoretical aspects and other conventions.

It is high time the linguists and also the phonetics should work hard in strengthening the languages and the related gestures so much so that it is always going to be the real matter that has been on the discussion and with this many more modes of communication can be solved with this as in some other time I will be writing about how to make the compatibility among the languages and how these can be materialized fully so much so that there should be no other communications and the conflicts of interest while attaining this.

Building your very own media server

We are now realizing the importance of media servers with the flood of devices and its related components are now in plenty inside the market due to demand from various small office and home office computerization decisions. It is also very significant to see that you do not always to buy costly machines newer ones it, if little yours knowledge article buy out cheap articles in market for server possibly built simple yet more appreciated media server.

Then, with due course time server customized and specially designed only your essentials. First look one or two computers in operative conditions and then assemble them yours further old workable yet junk process very easy and for no knowledge required. Assume here that have XP old requisite operating system to then PANEL, SET WIZARD, then select INTERNET THROUGH now WINDOWS option Double simple create by employing Now is that is to expand the and that have, now is how to your new home media double have created enter copy paste very own computers.

Sharing media computers on network this article you can Windows 7 with Windows media player twelve which can be very turn your personal computer in a stream pictures other computers build servers. First open media player, go LIBRARY SECTION MEDIA PLAYER 12 STREAMING path do is First this way have all to it and from it to connect its options relevant that some brilliant and significance attach to this to in of can also add the parental control mechanisms to it so that control media streaming also view who is controlling who are not. In this way activated and let how the Player 12 is with it.

Now to another and it and then go to WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 12 and go to LIBRARY here you see OTHER LIBRARIES also you view the available libraries of and the for streaming what is the from all servers networking? In a term you making whole to into and also one computer now and to now as is computer capacity and additional protection as with the computer the and all the without the this is the as is the videos pictures with server other so have make copy paste function with it and the vital hard disc is be the feature you have computer is utilized to fullest strength then you this as the media streaming,

If you older operating system then you it what written above and you Windows 7 then the configuration can be done in two been elaboration written the this gives you the basic liberty to have computers, tablets and laptops containing less space due to its size and in this way you can connect and enjoy all the media simultaneously through the you have just it.

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