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With the increase in penetration of internet deep into Indian homes more and more people are now very much closer towards feeling comfortable for using electronic commerce. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal among others is pioneering the driving towards distribution of consumer goods to and fro deeper into village markets.

This removes the difference of town market from the village markets. With the emergence of growth of mobiles and smart phones in people now finds easier to use apps instead of laptops and desktops.

Then comes the niche marketing phenomenon where we do find that more and more single product electronic ventures are coming up and this makes people believe this as the source of brand management.

Among other niche marketing concepts, has been emerging as the major electronic commerce in terms of medicines. It is trusted since 1914 and it has expertise in excellence of development of pharma in distribution of medicines.

Now, slowly it is turning into one of trusted medicine partners for many and there are many loyal customers including this author. is managed by Dadha & Company. It has more that 100 years of experience of dispensing quality medicines.

For prescription drugs users need to upload valid prescriptions and then wait for verification of these prescriptions and on average users find almost 20 percentages of rebates on prescription medicines.

For non-prescription drugs the percentages of rebate are lesser but still it is higher than the local markets.

It also offers best advice in order for providing best health services for people residing in India. Its search bar provides some interesting aspect for knowing of medicines.

It provides detailed generic medicines as well as the lowest value medicines on the same generic medicine levels. It has nice chat option which authenticates first with the phone number OTP and then it does ask for which disease you want a prescription for.

For most of pre-paid orders you get some cashback in their electronic wallets as well as some reward points. If you are using credit card or debit card of state bank of India then apart from 20 percentages rebate you will get ten percentages of cashback on your electronic wallet and those ten percentages of money you will have to spend within 31 days of the current purchases.

Apart from this for every purchase you will get some reward point and that accumulates slowly and becomes some rupees. So in this case you get awards from various sources such as rebates directly and then, money returns back to your electronic wallets and then get reward points which are then automatically changed into some rupees.

The time to reach medicines are very fast and these generally comes in the within three to four days. Packaging part of Netmeds courier service is very fine.

Most of the ordered medicines are packaged nicely so that you only have to keep it and use it. It offers generic alternatives to most of the medicines and for this the pricing of medicines becomes lower.

Most of offline pharmacy shops in yours locality do offers rebates on medicines but most of these rebates are mostly up to 11 percentages maximum. This compares to names which on prepaid offers on prescription medicines come far lower.

If you are on regular medication, then most of time due to the presence of heavy traffic, forgetfulness you missed the order of medicines from your favorite pharmacy.

Taking up medicines are important and for this regular and timely purchase of medicines is a must and for this with the conveniences of online medicine franchises such as, we do find plenty of ideas of how to save important timings in order to have comfortable medicine management.

With netmeds after ordering for a stipulated amount of rupees for medicines you get free of cost courier and also it provides a wide range of wellness products, vitamins, diets, fitness supplements, herbal products, pain relievers, diabetic care kits, baby care kits, other care products, beauty care products and surgical supplies.

In order to contact pharmacists which are a free service, online you can send questions y using either “Ask Our Pharmacist Your Questions” option available to all the drug information pages or by using the Contact Us segment. Netmeds is situated in Chennai.

In my last two months of experience with netmeds I have found paying with SBI credit card is not possible and payment with SBI debit card is possible and I hope they do rectify it.

All products are priced in Indian rupees. According to website they do not charge hidden prices. If by mistake they charge higher than they return the money in an electronic wallet to be used for reduction of price while ordering for next purchases. Delivery charges are Rs. 49 for all orders is however free delivery on medicines orders of Rs. 1000 or more.

After an order is processed the tracking number for your order is delivered and it reaches through phone and email registered with account.

After clicking of tracking order you will find the destination of your order and location of it. What I find convenience so far that I do not have to go to nearby Apollo Medicines for medicines and for some time one or two medicines will come later and for some time, I have to go there time and again to check the status of medicines.

For the last few months Apollo Medicines provides me ten percentages rebate and for some months now it is providing me 11 percentages but as comparing with netmeds I found extremely convenient for following reasons.

I just upload the prescription and it is approved within a day and then I ordered the products and got 20 percentages of rebate on prepaid order plus ten percentages cash back to my electronic wallet on the next purchases to be done within 31 days and then some extra points which will be slowly accumulating into some money after some purchases.

So, medicines reaches within three to four days and all comes with sorted formats and I do not have to worry about it as well as the savings are now much higher.

Technology aims to resolve the hardships for people and it remove the extra time and provides the leisure for you as well as it aims to provide another bunch of heavier rebates than that of offline shops.

This is because while dealing with electronic commerce you are dealing with business to business directly and thus removes, all bottlenecks in between, and the third persons and thus it able to provide share of their profits in terms of rebates to you.

Ultimately it is almost the similar situation that of the gain to all and removing all sorts of time limits those, are there for every human as valuable related to better health.

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Bhilai Steel Plant Is Rightly Considered As The Jewel In The Crown Of SAIL

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After the liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) process in the early 1990s, the organizations have come to understand the fact that the people are the centre of the whole system. For creating a performing organization and to sustain the performance, HRD orientation needs, to be top down and should also involve the line managers to ensure sustainable peak performance.

It is evident that most of the problems in an organization are human related, as human beings are dynamic and complex. Hence, human resource development is a challenging job. Moreover, unless organizations learn to tune human resources, success will be elusive. HRD has very close relationship with number of human activities as well as functional activities of the organization.

The Indian economy has changed a tot in the last few years, with most of the giant organization going for mergers and acquisitions. (MCIE data-Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) However, the success rate is very slow because of the cultural mismatch and failure to manage human resources properly.

We cannot differentiate successful organizations on the basis of technology that they are using; it is basically people and their way of managing the organizations that is a differentiating factor between successful organizations. Thus, HRD has to play a strategic role in realizing the business goals of organizations rather than being perceived only as a support service.

According to J.R.D. Tata (1943) “It is clear if your labor relation programme is to be really effective, it should embrace every subject and every activity bearing upon a worker’s employment, or affecting his family. It should carry out not merely the negative task of removing discontent, but the positive one of creating containment.”

So, HRD has a very close relationship with the perceptions, behavior and attitude of people. It throws a lightning impact on group dynamisms, work cultures of employees.

In the 50, there was a strong belief that employees were recruited not to question ‘why’ but only ‘to do-and-die’. In the 60s’ terms like manpower, staff and personnel came to be used. In the late 70s, people realized that beyond a point, productivity depended on people. The Indian organizations are experiencing some transitions and changes. The workforce of the 50s and 60, have retired. The middle level is now at the top with the hangover of all possible middle class values. The new generation of MBA, are pouring into industrial organizations. Young executives in their mid-30s are heading HRD/HRM divisions in big companies due to the unprecedented advancement of Information Technology.

Most multinational companies have a long held view that a person who is proficient in certain techniques and skills can be an effective manager anywhere in the world. Of late, however, there has been a growing awareness that to be successful managers must adopt their expertise to the cultural and economic context in which they operate. References to national or regional variations such as the American or European style of management have become common. Along with the economic development, Asia is also evolving its own style of management. A blend of old and new, it has strong elements of Asian cultures and values.

Life as a whole:

The concepts of loyalty, duty, happiness, honor and justice within this framework find a unique expression in the behaviors of Asians. In the Asian view, economic life cannot be seggrated from life as a whole. People cannot be treated as a more units who produce profit. Profit is not defined as only money but sum total of human happiness. For a western employee, job is primarily a business of contract. To an Asian, it is a personnel relationship.

To the Asian mind, success becomes meaningful when imbued with a social purpose. A good manager is not simply competent but also compassionate, one who protects the livelihood of employees, e.g. one of the foremost achievements of Bangkok Bank, that the bank has never initiated a lay off program throughout its 43 years history. Long before the world took notice of the life long employment practices in Japan, the workers in most Asia societies were treated as members of extended family.

Head and Heart

From the Asia perspective, a manager who is compassionate also has high integrity. A senior manager is like the head of the family and is often approached by subordinates for help and advice on personal problems (Banchong somboonpakorn, manager of Thai Chemicals Corporation).

According to Jeremy Pickle (regional President of West big Corporation) Asia managers, especially Indian managers are two types: SHAMs (Standard Hybridized Asian Manager) CRAMs (Culturally responsive Asian Managers) . Now the trend is SHAMs are gradually giving way to CRAMs.
– Understanding the Asia Manager – Hari Bedim (Allen & Unwin)

BSP is a huge and complex industry involving huge quantities and skills of diverse nature and that too in large numbers. HRD at Bhilai examines how the workforce is enabled to develop and utilize its full potential, aligned with the company’s objectives. Acharya Vinobha Bhave (3rd January, 1964), said on Bhilai “To-day I am changing the name of Bhilai. I am rechristening it as “Bhalai”, meaning welfare. The welfare of India will be reflected here.

As BSP, has been considered as an integrated Steel Plant, it has carrying the biggest burden to build better work systems. (a. work and job design, b. Compensation & Recognition) employee education, training and development, employee well-being and satisfaction (a. work environment, b. employee support services, c. Employee satisfaction).

Year 2004-05 for BSP has been significantly eventful in terms of production, productivity, quality, accolades and rewards in the face of unprecedented challenges posed by the competing steel industry – domestic and abroad – as a whole. HRD practices of Bhilai have all along been a great catalytic agent in the process of transformations of Bhilaians towards the unified goal of achieving excellence. A significance proportion of the programmes have been dedicated to upgrade the computer competency of our employees, as most of the elements of decisions have to be computer savvy.

Bhilai is poised to manufacture 7MT of hot metal, 6.7 MT of crude steel and 6.2 MT saleable steel by 2012. Training activities related to multi-skilling, multi tasking have been accepted as an on going general feature of the plan, looking into the needs of critical skill to be developed in most of the shops.

The present compendium as a ready reckoner, therefore, will prove to be of immense value to all HRD practioners who have themselves right from the beginning towards the creation of an innovative, entrepreneurial culture in the large organization through competent, responsive and committed workforce.

We live in an age in which communication between people is essential to achieving our shared goals of development and peaceful consistence. New innovation in information and communication technologies has increased exponentially our capacity to connect with each other. It is up to us to use to harness the potential of these technologies in our work to extend the benefits of education, health care, trade and environmental protection to all . (FROM UN SECRETARY GENERAL MR. KOFI ANAN ON THE OCCASION OF WORLD TELECOM DAY 2005 MAY, 17).

Human communication has always been a combination of intellect and emotion – a characteristic that helps to define our shared humanity. Our information society has a way of reminding us of this reality, often in a dramatic fashion.

Looking ahead to Tunis, the true test of an equitable information society will be the extent to which today’s powerful knowledge-based communication tools are able to connect different people. (Mr. Yoshio UTSUMI – Secretary- General (International Telecommunication Union).

Bhilai Steel Plant is rightly considered as the jewel in the crown of SAIL. This position is not merely because of the efforts in the field of production, productivity and quality of the product but also due to good communication system in the plant. [S.K. Jain, GM I/c (Works)] [On the occasion of World Telecom Day, 17th May, 2005, a seminar in the assembly hall of BTI, 4.05PM.]

“I am happy to mention that in the recent past Bhilai Steel Plant has created huge infrastructure in the area of ICT. Many new initiatives like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Knowledge Management (KM) are being implemented to transform BSP into a futuristic organization. R.P.Singh, MD, BSP (Souvenir, world Telecom Day, Bhilai, 17th May, 2005).

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