The problem and the solution:1

Last updated on January 1st, 2020 at 12:58 pm

I am wondering where to start, getting late; it is already eight in the morning and will have to reach at the office by 9. The road to the office takes one and half an hour traffic free seamless drive. I am not sure as I am beginning to late and what the traffic situation will be in store for me. I remind to myself be positive and think positive and then I start my journey towards office.

The climate is as usual cool and very nice, it is sort of pinching climate when everything seems to be in control and each and every body parts responding as it a new system. I am feeling good, not the sort of what the Google says but in reality this climate is making me happy and soon erasing the same old very negativity which has been crippling my mind since the early morning.

The wind is cool and gentle, the breeze soothes in to my vehicles, and it touches my inner heart and making me tight and feeling nice. I luckily the traffic is not as rush as it is expected to be I so I drive in decent speed and will be reaching office on time. The speed of the vehicle making the environment climate more and cooler and the wind is vibrating to its fullest and making the curtain of vehicle running outside.

So, I slow the vehicle and tightened the cotton so that it will not distract the passer by vehicles and the journey will be smooth as ever. The inner focus of me is now more and more positive of the expectations of reaching office on time. I get through a wary of thoughts and preludes while driving and concentrating on the road and vehicles on both the sides.

I am seeing many vehicles is passing my car with lots of higher speed and miles per an hour, this gives the inward movement of some theory which makes the dynamism of synchronized specimen which is giving away so much speculative occurrences and predicaments which can never been sustained but it is being realized. The action part is making the journey itself similar to inductive mechanisms which are soon getting the membrane of the journey making some vibrations with some utmost clarity and delusions.

It wants to go through the drive phase which is a long drawn road and can be crossed at some simulative sped or some normal speed. The car is now reached at square, here the left movement, an half, journey, and the office. It seems now on time and the gallery of thoughts is now included with some simple mechanical preludes which can never been injected and can be a pace maker of similar happenings.

The vehicle is spacious, causing no discomfort even the journey is being quite fascinating as the process of engine of the vehicle is excellent and responding to the cool time a way good than it is expected and anticipated. The round circle movement of the gear is being fascinated comfort and the pace in which it is moving and the comfort of handling it and managing the speed is great.

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