Add or Remove Program in Windows and Android

In this article, we will discuss about add remove programs. In the Windows computer or inside Android we install programs and apps to install into it. We find that with the introduction of new and updated windows the alternative to add and remove programs becomes slowly not so important. With the stronger implementation of add or remove programs where we can find, that the erstwhile add or remove programs of Windows XP where many a times it stucks while deleting third party programs and with it all of the other windows explorer or file explorer, struck and windows freezes for some time and that makes yours works to stay abruptly.

After seeing this imminent problems of add remove programs from the time of Windows XP many third party add remove program surfaces and many provide some additional functionalities such as that of remove the left over files and then it also have some sort of privacy issues. How all of these can be rectified as Microsoft in its later version of windows provide some of the better add remove program and especially from the beginning of windows 7 we find that wonderful add or remove program begins with it.

With it the use of third party add remove programs ends and with it comes the perfection of add remove programs where the use and diminishing of third party add remove programs ended completely. Similarly, with the updation of android to its latest versions, we do not have to move to settings and then find add or remove program, or even one can easily, drag the app from the desktop to its up to remove the programs from android operating system.

Android has make it easier to remove program and even one can remove it from Google Play Store with complete ease while online from its help and support center. There are many options available in modern operating systems. As I have discussed with android one can easily drag and drop app from its place of desktop or home place towards up to remove or uninstall easily.

Google also provide cloud uninstallation of apps from its play store and in this way with android operating system there is hardly any other app needed for uninstallation purposes. With Windows 7 the use of third party add remove program is hardly there. The core add remove program becomes excellent work and it never ever hanged and you can work while uninstallation process is on and if you by mistake provide command for uninstallation for more than two softwares then it will inform you that the current uninstallation is in progress and please wait for some time so that current process ends.

What it makes is that slowly, we come across the mechanisms where the use of third party softwares becomes redundant. In this way slowly, most of third party softwares such as beginning from antivirus, anti malwares, firewalls and so on ae slowly ceases to exist and in this way the presence of genuine software and use of it becomes paramount important.