Review of popular Android Google Play Game Temple Run 2

First thing is that I am not a professional game reviewer; this review is based on personal experiences of the writer while playing Temple Run 2 (TR2) on smart phones. No doubt, that TR2 is a brilliant game, it is an action game which the runner stole idols from temple and run and run and he is closed followed by a black monkey and there are many obstacles on the way and the runner had to jump, slide and avoid all these obstacles on the way to reach the destination. In a true sense, there is no such destination as this game goes on forever without any trace of stopping in between on the way. There is endless journey to cover and this game is addictive and stress reliever. It is enjoyable on tablets or big screen smart phones where one can truly enjoy the run.

It can revolve this game around as one cannot use it in a broad view, as us do not permit it. This game accords to mobile gestures and while tilting mobile to different direction one can move from one side to other side, the runner will have to move to left or sometimes to the right to avoid obstacles, on the road, as if it hits by him, the monster monkey surfaces there all at once and it will block user’s vision on the way so then it is difficult to jump over the fences. So, it is always good to avoid the red blockers on the road so that to avoid the incoming follow back of a black monkey. If you hit the road blocker twice in succession when your run is over and the game is over then.

Once the monkey holds you then the run is over.

You will have to begin the race again, it is an ever expanding game with innumerable number of runs for you and for this one has to be pretty smart in controlling the run amidst narrow bridges, railway lines, sometime one track railway lines and then jump over the dungeon, river across the road, hanging ropes, stiff slides, plain and mud roads, above and under bridges and fires and all through it one has to collect gold so that you can preserve to reach to next level as well as you can have lives. It is always advisable to collect as many coins as you can on the way you run, just by going through it the coins will automatically comes to yours kitty and then when you all of a sudden falls into the prey of large black monkey then you can revive the journey from there by switching on to second live and it is only possible if you have large number of gold coins and for this it is of utmost important to collect many coins as the race starts from the point where you fall prey to the big monstrous black monkey.

The game is very additive and sometimes the player used to stick with it for more than hour as each successive failure the player want to cross more distances and for this he used to play it again and the graphics are nice and there are three options for the user if they did not have high end graphics enabled smart phones, still they can use it all of their wit to use the graphics in minimal state so that the run will be smoother and finer. There is one pro version of this game is available in Google Play, I have not used that, this review is all about the free version of TR2. The sound and music is nice, there are different sound effects when the runner collects the gold coins and he jumps from the obstacle fence with a ‘hun’ sound, on the other hand one can control the sounds from its settings, the runner starts with a behind sound from the black monstrous tall monkey making a huge sound and then one has to touch different add on in between, there is the notification when one can jump to touch it so that he can receive instant gold coins or speed run, as it is a great tool with it one can run easily through all the fences that has been there and can run as many distances and in that time the user does not have to touch and control the run.

This feature is available on the distance slight ahead of road base which the runner is sprinting, and from there one can jump to touch to activate that and while jumping user had to look at the after effects of jump as he can fall on road stop or bridges and dungeon and all should controlled in perfect manner in order to run endlessly. There are many more such offerings while you are on the run and employ those conveniences to earn more and more rewards. Gold and cover as many distances as you could.

It is a brilliant game and it is advisable to connect internet while you play this game, as it is not a cloud game but after it latest updates, it has Google+ synchronization and you can send to Google+ about yours progress as well as you can know and compare your performances with other game buddies all around the world and you will see where you are standing from among all these. It is a brilliant chart and from here one can find his position in this game arena all around the world. The second benefit from these game connecting internet is that after crossing 1500 meters approximately while running securely in this run, the gold coins suddenly changes the color as it becomes dazzled blue and this give the user one more attentions to cross more hurdles and find more and more gold coins from the road while endlessly run is going on.

While connecting with internet, this game does not take crunch of Internet position, but it performs better while connecting to it. After running unhindered for more about 500 meters the speed of runner rises and for this the user had to be swift in controlling him while he is on the nonstop run. There are gestures when one can touch to get his run slower or you can just slide your finger from up to down to make the runner slide and this slows down the speed but know that of the journey you will face with road side fire and you need to be aware from that otherwise you can burnt on it and the game ends there. This game is in between difficult and easy setting, and there are many add on for your to use a use it to speed up your running and graphic wise when it played with full graphic enabled devices, it is a joy to play it, sometimes, due to push service it stops for some fraction of seconds on some high end devices otherwise all the other aspects of it works brilliantly. It is a fantastic game and gives it tries from Google Play on yours an android device.

The Fifth Dimensions

Life is full of uncertainties, with each passing moment you will never know what is being the store for you and how your future will decide consequent upon the dims and fines of moment which can have very similar appearances but most of the times, it gives weird and inattentive consequences. It is full of most undesirable happenings which you can even think of.

There are sciences which say in the earth the aliens are there but we cannot see them, then the question arises how it can be possible that aliens are here most of the times, but still we are not experiencing them. It can be workable as for some researchers that, we as mortal can see three dimensions at a time and beyond it not possible to experience such happenings. As there are evidences that there can be over three dimensions around the earth and some say it can be five dimensions and in these scenarios it is for sure that humans cannot see beyond the three dimension around themselves.

The great experiment which has done under ground finds out such happenings around us but sadly what they cannot understand from all these experiments is that it is beyond the imagination of humans as the set of brain structures to think beyond such destinations and the entire spectrum of experiment becomes not so successful. There are many evidences to suggest that aliens can perceive to observe and live with five dimensions and that creates some massive thinking humans till to date cannot observe beyond three dimensions and aliens can see and stay within five then are they staying with us side by side and we could not detect their presence?

There are many wrong and right indications to suggest aliens are there may be proves are wrong and some are right and there are some unconfirmed reports believe to suggest that American scientists at moon have seen something and from those days there is no destination to moon. Is it some mystery that the moon is the closest sub planet which we would like to venture into but sadly, after going there for the first time and landing there, no subsequent trying to reach there for decades, what could be the reason for it?

There are many unconfirmed reports that there are UFOs in and around developed countries in areas such as Japan, America, UK and so on but one cannot find these in and around the developing and poor countries what should be the reason for it? Do aliens are with UFO are afraid of the success of these developed countries and are they watching them closely?

 Why they seen in and around these countries except in and around African countries?

There are many unresolved and unacquainted questions are yet to relieved out of many enquiring minds and these puzzles to be there still all it have solved these in full so that there should be a logical conclusion to all these. As per some reports to believed they are living with us and there is one virtual boundary in and around all of us and there they stay and live in parallel with us and in between they can watch and observe us but sadly we cannot watch and observe them as they can watch five dimensions we cannot watch them, as ours vision is limited to three dimensions and they are staying in an environment is of five dimensions.

To simplify this concept, let us download one software where we can convert a film into a complete three dimension environment and in these settings too in the output section we can feel that we only see the jarred images on ours naked eye and for this when we wore the glasses and then we can see the three dimensions of movies.

Even we pose serious handicap to three dimensions though we are nice with two dimensional objects. Think of then when all these has been there in five dimensional so there are situation they can be at ours front but still we cannot see them as ours mind and eye is limited to use over two dimensions which we have learnt in this small experiment conducted just now. So, there are probabilities with added permutations and combinations that aliens could exist and they are not aliens as they are with us in this corporeal world though we cannot see them and cannot hear them and cannot sense them.

We as humans have severe handicaps while dealing with these as we can see and perceive, certain aspects of life as we can see that we could not hear sounds beyond certain range as you can have listened that there are mosquito breakers available inside market where one cannot hear the sounds but the mosquitoes can and with which they go away from the room where the mosquito breaker is in use. In this manner we cannot hear the sounds and the conversations by aliens who is here and talking like us but we cannot hear them, these sounds peculiar which is very much of true but still it is the limit of humans which they cannot go beyond it.

Then, how to find out whether these are true and how to check all these so that the truth will come out, it is for sure humans cannot find the real truth behind this so what should solve it and how to find the real meaning of all these, because of rational mind humans find out the reasonable in every sense of life at many places they find and realize that some life is beyond their limitations and how can they know it is true when they cannot reach be your certain point of experimentations.

Similar happenings are there when one find that space is vast but how can one know about it and how to know as there are many light years of distances are there all over the earth and how to find in these spaces and when human will not be alive for so many years all these are must think philosophies which rise beyond imaginations of human beings and even Lord has put limitations to all these to get the complete logical conclusions.

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