Troubleshooting Power Supply Units (PSUs).

  Among all the PC components,the power supplyis the most dangerous.     It convertsthe240V walvoltage into smaler12V, 5V and 3.3V DC allocations required by thePC. Usualy, the power supply comeswith the cabinet and is backed by a warrantyso   shouldn’t haveproblems.        However ,itpays to be careful and take theextra effort to verify the quality Continue Reading »

Create Alarms and Reminders with Windows XP’s Scheduling Service

  Create Alarms and Reminders with Windows XP‘s Scheduling Service      To open the scheduled tasks application, go to ‘startall programsaccessoriessystem toolsscheduled tasks.’       To create a musical wakeup call, drag and drop a single MP3 file (or a playlist) into the scheduled tasks window.     To create a text file reminder that will pop Continue Reading »


Configure the Windows XP SP2 Firewall Windows XP’s Service Pack 2 contains a considerable upgrade to the operating system’s built-in firewall software. The firewall is enabled by default, unless   another form of software firewall installed on your PC such as Zonealarm. The new version of the firewall also contains more flexibility, and watches out for Continue Reading »

Best Free PDF Writer and Reader

PDF format is popularly known as print document format. This creates a virtual printer within operating system to print the document. For offline scanning of document, the PDF format is popular. The importance attached with these program is that you need to have PDF software installed to run these files. If someone sends you PDF file and your computer do not have such Continue Reading »

Best Free Disk Defraggers

The content of cognition behind file defragmentation is an easy pat on the should be and not involved or complicated. Work done in addition to regular working hours as a disk drive become full and space becomes hard to find files may have to be stored in several separate physical locations on the drive rather Continue Reading »

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