WordPress security guide

This article of WordPress aims at beginner’s guide for new webmasters especially those who deal with WordPress. It runs with highly successful and popular PHP scripts. Most important considerations of WordPress are that it runs with open source software and supported by a wide range of enthusiastic who always indulge in finding out a newer…

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How to create protective nanobot’s security environment?

Space research deals with complete automation of processes where it is intended for almost no level of human interaction while performing high definition machine works. Entire space journey deals with different levels of customizing of automation works through enabled performances of stipulated actions and different reactions making the entire decision making better than that of…

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Security essentials: Password protect a directory and two-factor authentication on your WordPress site

In this article, I shall demonstrate how to password protect your self-hosted WordPress website from hackers and invalid login attempts. Are you searching for some additional protection for your website? Self-hosted WordPress have cPanel web hosting plan. CPanel hosting plan runs on Linux servers. Linux servers are secure. There are numerous tools available for you…

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