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Outpost Firewall Pro Review

Last updated on July 20th, 2019 at 11:15 am

When we think of the age of Windows XP and slower network connectivity then we came across fvorable name of firewall such Outpost Firewall Pro, Commodo firewall in order to have the better Windows Firewall than it is given with service pack three of Widows XP updates.

Now, it is discontinued due to stronger presence of Windows FIrewall which works securely and faster. This impacts many firewall vedors to do away with their firewall buiness. Agnitum’s Outpost Firewall Pro at one time used by many now it is completely stopped and the product is not there in market also.

Its final elease is in the year 2015 its last version is 9.3 and it is suited for Widows XP or later operatig systems. Thoughout its dvevelopment it increased its status of being merely ffireall toards developing HIPS protection and antisyware protection to have complete secure protecting environment. Duerig its hey days it is regarded as the lightest firewall and it is updted from time to time.

Its firewall monitors inbound and outbound links and then examine whether any malicious requwts are coming or going out. It works with hoste protection so that it sees each ad every part of app in whcih modile they work or any app whether it is connecting to maicious requests without user’s cognisance and then stops these and in thsi way apart from firewall it oversees whether all such irewall and applications are working as per normal behavioura module or not and if not then it stops those apps from contacting the internet.

Its web control firewall module works as add on of Firefox and Inernet Explorer both are very famous durig the days f WIdows XPand then its controls any maliciius elemtns fro reaching to your computer. During thsoe time, USB viruses are famous and it ocntinues to block and check all of USB drives andthen it allwos you to pen that in this way, it works with al around protection module to have greater control of security and reating a perfect security environmentto work within sspeciid computing zones.

From time to time due tothe presence of host control it asks usesrs about to allow such app or ot and with it provides complete control of advice tosuers whether they want to stop these app or allo these app and in this way user able to go forardeasily with decision made and then allow or disallow any such coponents. With the release of version 8 of this firewall the compatibility with Widows 8 is there but in reality Microsoft has developed such module of native firewall then it is almost difficult to use third prty firewall.

Still there are some persons who liked to use it but after 2015 development of this firewall control slowly stopped. It has host of preset rules for host of regularly used apps so that the host control whcih is introduced with windows 7 by Microsoft as Uset accound cotnrol and theuser all the time not to allow or disallow each of processes. It is better than Zone Alarm firewall and it continues to provides some of the most outsanding help with decision making for users.

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