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What will Web 3.0 have in store for us? Part 5

Last updated on February 4th, 2020 at 01:17 pm

The million dollar question is why Microsoft sought this for now as it is still today satisfy with the software making and its unending patches and updates. Microsoft realizes that this era of internet is solely for the user generated content and in order to get in touch with the consumer it has to jump into this . Windows live products can be a good example of this as through these some very wonderful user generated content discovery made by Microsoft which we have been using for image, video editing, blog publishing and a good Microsoft out look alike for Windows live services.

The next step which Google is invading into it is the real-time search and advice to the user on user generated search. We have seen on user generated search Google will advice us for some words when we type half of the search terms this gave the user some basic ideas and functionality to search. It is an assurance to user that Google is helping us. Though some devil’s advocate will suggest that this is Google is invading ours privacy. The million dollar bay is the first step to internet is itself means exposing ours privacy other wise how can we connect to the rest of the world and surf.

The only difference is that we can at home go to the virtual world at ease , though this internet is virtual but still human interaction and also simultaneously yours computer connectivity is a must thus breach of privacy is the first thing which user will have to consider while entering this arena. If you are a privacy concern person then do not connect to the rest of the world itn is as simple as it is so. The web is no longer a static page of information and infotainment it has become dynamic with the advent of AJAX,PHP,LAMP,Flash,Silverlight technologies.

These technologies create a different layer up and above the web itself enabling the user interaction and rich content to its foray. On the web yours input data will be compressed then send to a server for process and then the output is jump back on to your. There is always a host server relationships, as a part of data processing is done at hosting side and the part is done at the server side enabling the user interaction and reducing the path between web applications and desktop applications.

There are Open APIs for web applications where the user can get interactive and creative and lots of possibilities and development with these functionaries. There are some diverse effects as these sites are not search engine friendly as hyperlinked pages makes the crawling difficult. The futuristic designing of web pages can have a multiple impacts.

Assimilation of web pages and applications and treating existing applications at the back end and sending each application updates through some automated processes like website is the futuristic technologies at the core. There can be flurry of invisible applications with the consolidated form of flows of data namely the life stream with multitude of services.

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