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Add Post Views Counter In WordPress Posts Without Plugin

There are many different ways you can get involved with WordPress development. Even if you do not have slightest idea of what is php coding all about or what is my Sql database but still if you have word press website and that too self-hosted then you for sure get more and more understanding about…

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The Best Ways to Promote Your Blog

The starting point of a blog is to find out the particular market of great concern which should be the niche for every marketer. From those concerned niche, you get the idea of generating content from and from where comes with endless opportunities to write brilliant posts. Before launching to blog all these ideas could…

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Off Site SEO Checklist

For every site a good configuration of search engine optimization (SEO) technologies is essential. It not only helps the search engine to find information about their site but also does provide excellent indications of how which are significant information related t yours site which information needs to be taken into serious consideration. Off-site optimization is…

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How to Setup CloudFlare Flexible SSL for WordPress

Recently, Google has announced that it would be giving prominence to such sites those have the SSL certificate. Which means such sites should begin with HTTPS instead of HTTP. This means every traffic to and fro from server should be encrypted so that each time visitors opens the web page it should be encrypted connectivity…

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