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Unused CSS website review

The registration hardly takes one hour and even faster time and when you receive an email then you can use this website to clean CSS files by registering one of your website out there. You can view css files and if you want to download them then you can register with unused-css website and then download the optimized css files out there. It is important to keep these optimized css files with you on your local computer as after the ending of registration you would no longer download these prior optimized css files. Identifying the unused CSS is a major problem for webmasters. As one mistake could let their site completely down and that can be detrimental for the health of website as well as that of considering in the revenue point of view.

Optimize Your WordPress Website Using These Simple Tips

This article focuses mainly on optimizing word press in order to enhance the page load time so that ultimately the process of loading of a web page becomes extremely faster. Google, and every search engine wants website to be fast enough so that it readers should not wait for these website loading times for ever. […]

Create a EU Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress

A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored inside website and it asks visitor’s web browser on computer or mobile devices when website runs on it. Most of times, these cookies stays with web browser for some time so that in the next visit website loads quickly and apart from it various […]

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