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Free social media services USOCIAL for WordPress blogs

USOCIAL website has countless features and most of these features are free. Here, you can easily create your share buttons set and most of these features are free of charge. If you want more possibilities than you can go for the pro version which comes with the upgrade and fees otherwise most of the features of this website in creation of social sharing tools are free of cost. You can devise the size of the button and the shape of it and after that it should provide you with the code which needs to be inserted into the front end of website in the theme file so that it should be visible.

Build your site for SEO

Do not go overboard with key word research. Stress on building good contents. Mostly the contents should be in and around with key words of the landing page. While creating a post includes the key words at the beginning of the post to let not only humans but search engine bots to know about the…

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Reasons to use a CDN for WordPress

Most of ecommerce site could hurt immensely with the presence of such denial of service attacks and it is important to add good CDN such as cloudflare so that ultimately this comes with the work of cdn to stop all such imminent attacks on website. This means that both forms of website users such as good one and malicious ones first reach towards the servers of cdn and after it got clearance from there then it could only enter into the original server.

SEO starter guide

Many bloggers have their knowledge about search engine optimization techniques. Every webmaster has their personalized knowledge about it. Suppose you write a blog about technology and when someone searches the same term with Google, the ranked website under these categories will show up. This is called seo but it is not as easy as it…

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How to get more views and traffic to WordPress website

Google Plus pages also empower users to have the branding account and then add it to Google Maps and then Google My Business and then Google webmaster tools and so on so that it should be well authenticated with Google services. What it makes beneficial for you is that it not only presents you with vast array of indexing options but also you now have plenty of ways to customize yours contents and spread it all across internet so that whenever the user wants to avail and access it then automatically these could be served them for their own benefits. This way, branding of your website begins and continues to provide you with powerful options for gaining and availing all of these elementary benefits.

Unused CSS website review

The registration hardly takes one hour and even faster time and when you receive an email then you can use this website to clean CSS files by registering one of your website out there. You can view css files and if you want to download them then you can register with unused-css website and then download the optimized css files out there. It is important to keep these optimized css files with you on your local computer as after the ending of registration you would no longer download these prior optimized css files. Identifying the unused CSS is a major problem for webmasters. As one mistake could let their site completely down and that can be detrimental for the health of website as well as that of considering in the revenue point of view.

Optimize Your WordPress Website Using These Simple Tips

This article focuses mainly on optimizing word press in order to enhance the page load time so that ultimately the process of loading of a web page becomes extremely faster. Google, and every search engine wants website to be fast enough so that it readers should not wait for these website loading times for ever.…

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Create a EU Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress

A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored inside website and it asks visitor’s web browser on computer or mobile devices when website runs on it. Most of times, these cookies stays with web browser for some time so that in the next visit website loads quickly and apart from it various…

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