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Add Google Analytics to WordPress via analyticstracking.php

Voila, you have created a new website and now you want different ways to find information about who visits your website. What are reading interests of visitors and on which information your visitors are mostly interested upon and you want to know about it and have deeper invigilation so that ultimately you could write some Continue Reading »

How to Display Post Excerpts in twenty twelve WordPress Theme

One year back, I changed default blog from Google’s blogger to self-hosted WordPress. My blog was over nine years old and this is important decision to swap from Google’s shared hosting to self-hosted WordPress hosting. First and foremost is whether to buy a customised theme from third party or create a WordPress theme all by Continue Reading »

How to fix WordPress cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser

WordPress is great development ever happens to the blogging world. It is open source and it has wide spread possibilities and liberties for web-developers to try different ideas and innovations. It is many a time plugged by different bugs which happen to be difficult of detection. As compilation of WordPress comes with server and

Protect your website from Virus & Hackers with SiteLock security

WordPress was initially intended for creating simple blog. With due course of time, with the advent of open source software constantly backed by a dedicated community of developers and innovators, WordPress slowly moves towards the stage of a website which has a content management system. Most of the popular website now run with WordPress.Open Source Continue Reading »

How to Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress

Recently, my website has some issues with the database so decided to completely reinstall WordPress. After backing up the database, installed a new version of WordPress completely. Everything went right except of course in WordPress media library images uploaded but it never shows, only ghost part of images is shown in the media segment of Continue Reading »

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