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How to Add Google Custom Search to WordPress

WordPress as a blog about running has it’s everything there. It has search functions, and it has various functions to stop spamming which is inbuilt inside of it. Still, many of us webmasters continue our endeavour to attach more and more plugins for adding extra features. Some days back I wrote an article about how Continue Reading »

Little known facts about WordPress security – and why they matter

WordPress is a versatile blogging platforms for webmasters. In one platform, you get the adequate opportunities for developing a full fledged website. You can promote it on the matter of versatile database management system so as to work internally within peripheries of organization. It is open sources and constantly updated with additions of newer features Continue Reading »

WordPress can be your platform of choice too

Communication is the smartest way for generating networking and providing absolutely nicer ways to communicate with each other. That is why since the ages human beings indulge in creating more and more avenues for this and that provides wonderful intrinsic ideas for communication and that sources the formats and paths of creativity. In the earlier Continue Reading »

How to Optimize WordPress for Better Performance

A faster site means superior loading times. This means your site can run in any internet speed. This also suggests that more and more people should reach at your site irrespective of internet speed and locational disadvantages. In this world, there have been many locations where primitive internet connectivity still exists. With a super fast Continue Reading »

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