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How to fix WordPress cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser

WordPress is great development ever happens to the blogging world. It is open source and it has wide spread possibilities and liberties for web-developers to try different ideas and innovations. It is many a time plugged by different bugs which happen to be difficult of detection. As compilation of WordPress comes with server and

How to manually put metatags in WordPress website?

Meta tags provide an outline and keywords for your site. As search engine crawls your site, it looks out for minimal considerable information from your site and if such meta tags are available then it is better for search engine optimization. The word meta means information about. Search engine compares these words among similar sites

How to Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress

Recently, my website has some issues with the database so decided to completely reinstall WordPress. After backing up the database, installed a new version of WordPress completely. Everything went right except of course in WordPress media library images uploaded but it never shows, only ghost part of images is shown in the media segment of

How to Use Ajax in WordPress

Ajax is popular among many webmasters. The prominent part of it is that it not only loads of contents from the website but also it does load it without refreshing web pages. This means this is not going to have an extra load on databases and loads on the server does not go to be…

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