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SEO starter guide

Many bloggers have their knowledge about search engine optimization techniques. Every webmaster has their personalized knowledge about it. Suppose you write a blog about technology and when someone searches the same term with Google, the ranked website under these categories will show up. This is called seo but it is not as easy as it…

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What is WordPress Theme Framework?

Finally there has been two types of frameworks that are worth checking. The first forms are that of free frameworks and some of it are better than the paid ones and the second form is the paid frameworks. Some of the most renowned free frameworks are thematic, hybrid, carington. Some of the example of paid frameworks are thesis, genesis.

Understanding The WordPress Template Hierarchy

The standard wordpress file structure can be divided into two types. One is for system files and other user-manageable files. System files are very rarely edited and it can impact greatly to the entire wordpress system. Wp-admin, wp-include and so on is part of the system managed file system. The common user is manageable file system is located nearer to the wp-content directory.

How to get more views and traffic to WordPress website

Google Plus pages also empower users to have the branding account and then add it to Google Maps and then Google My Business and then Google webmaster tools and so on so that it should be well authenticated with Google services. What it makes beneficial for you is that it not only presents you with vast array of indexing options but also you now have plenty of ways to customize yours contents and spread it all across internet so that whenever the user wants to avail and access it then automatically these could be served them for their own benefits. This way, branding of your website begins and continues to provide you with powerful options for gaining and availing all of these elementary benefits.

What are web site security certificates?

It does not cost webmaster for additional money and entire website goes with encryption connectivity with simple one click and some additional configuration option and if you want to know more about it then you could move to this link to know more of it as few days back I had wrote detailed description about it. It encrypts as much as traffic as possible so as to prevent complete data loss and data theft an security the data that are being provided to the database. It is free of charge and it is the first content delivery network to provide such facility completely free of charge and as Google and other search giants beginning to move towards complete security certificate or https website for users and it is now deemed and realized that website owners should shift to this in order for better search engine optimizations.

Unused CSS website review

The registration hardly takes one hour and even faster time and when you receive an email then you can use this website to clean CSS files by registering one of your website out there. You can view css files and if you want to download them then you can register with unused-css website and then download the optimized css files out there. It is important to keep these optimized css files with you on your local computer as after the ending of registration you would no longer download these prior optimized css files. Identifying the unused CSS is a major problem for webmasters. As one mistake could let their site completely down and that can be detrimental for the health of website as well as that of considering in the revenue point of view.

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