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How do you become a blogger and get paid?

First, start a blog. Then make it run. Make it live on the internet. It is important to get self-hosted WordPress website. This means you buy domain and hosting. Get a good theme. It is a good idea to make a theme for yourself from free WordPress theme. Take for example “Twenty Twelve” theme. It Continue Reading »

Time machine

In the mean time I returned and that was the dawn and the entire sky was full of colorful purple colors all over out there and while seeing that color some thoughts of the past comes into my mind again and again. During standard eight while I was in the Tensa High School, I tend to remember that the subject of English has a nice poem of WordWorth depicting the beauty of the time of evening and during that time I recalled to know the word purple and for some times failed to understand purple and what is the difference between orange, red and purple.

Is Professional Blogging A Sustainable Business Model?

Now you get a website. Preferably powered by self-hosted WordPress website. Now, you want to monetise content of website. A website does not come for free. Hosting, domain, add on like site lock, code guard all comes at a price. There are overwhelming options for blog monetisation. There are a number of advertising options for Continue Reading »

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