My YouTube Channel ittechil

YouTube is one of the most multi-faceted video uploading service and due to its absolute integration with android watching YouTube inside android makes the watching almost a majestic experience. For quite some time I opened my YouTube channel ‘ittechil’ but for strange reasons the visitors count on it is on the lower side and that discouraged me but from time to time I upload videos into my channel and hoping one day there will be surge of numbers of visitor’s count.

I recently uploaded some of reviews by daddy in and around areas towards Chennai and that too failed to attract more and more visitors but I have not been discouraged as from movie ‘Lone Survivor’ I learnt that we should always be confident of win and one should find the real route to win at any cost. One should have complete dependence upon itself to win at any cost.
I can count innumerable web masters for first few years there was hardly any visitors which still that not let them down as they continue to find the untended chances of win and at last go towards absolute winning position. We should find the most important fight so as to win against all odds and win at last from the dark stages where there us lesser chances to win but still winning at any cost.

When each and every part of treatment fell apart and the only chance of surving to all of this is to have strong electronic attack on to the chest of person so there is still some chances at the long tunnel and when that person survives as the result of this then we can say with great might that it is the zeal to survive that makes the man and calls him even from the darkest spot of life.

When in the morning after getting to jogging and when we contest with other and run and the running is close contest then we do find that during those running in these locations, for some time we do find that, during the close running encounter we do find that we both at the state of absolute equilibrium and for some time we could not know who would win. Similar is the situation in every difficult circumstances and we should feel the presence of Almighty and that provides the strength to survive in life and make absolute strong decision making.

When we consider the psychology of leader that for some as they feel the presence of fear all the time and that can make them autocratic as with due course of time, the psychological war fare and that makes autocratic and also the fear of rebellion makes these leaders unwanted by the people. All of these are psychology and human is the only creature that is rational as well as one incident can provide different reasons and that makes human complicated.

That is why at the beginning of the YouTube channel I thought to make it in the form of English and then in Odia my native language and still undecided about it but the process to create videos still ingrained inside of me. It is the strength of thinking in this way that makes me to do videos for the visitors in my YouTube channel and that makes me to continue in this manner even if I do understand that beginning of popularity of my channel do take time.

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