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Infolinks Search Widget

Introducing Search Widget: Search Widget is infolinks newest add-on, and it will revolutionize how you monetize your websites. This new ad banner activates when a visitor originating from a Search Engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo) arrives to your site. Search Widget appears for those visitors only, revealing ads related to their search. It’s a guaranteed Continue Reading »

Many small improvements in SoftMaker Office 2012

My first preferred choice is Microsoft Office latest version and the second choice always is Softmaker office and its new version released and it seems it has many useful fucntions let us discuss it in detail.It’s not only the big things that make a new version easier to use. Many small things taken together can Continue Reading »

Build your own robot:Multimetre

Continuity between two points: Set the Multimeter knob to continuity; place the probes of the Multimeter in between points to be checked for continuity. If there is a beep then the connection between the measured portions is there. Resistance between two points: Turn the Multimeter know to resistance measurement the select the upper value of Continue Reading »

Build your own robot: Capacitor, Multimeter

Non Polar Capacitors: No polarity, no fixed positive and negative terminals, in a circuit can be connected either ways. A relation between two opposite attributes or tendencies is known as polarity. Example of non polar capacitors can be mica and ceramic capacitor. In these capacitor, especially in the mica capacitors a three digit number is Continue Reading »

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