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State of extreme lawlessness

What a pity to observe the state in cohesiveness among citizens when the government is trying hard to make the entire town clean. Due to smarter engagements of center and the states, more and more funds begins to flow from center and as a result of this now most of roads inside Puri town are […]

Puri Travellogue: VIP road

Puri is now abuzz with anticipated nabakallebar (grand incarnation) of Lord Trinity which reaches after many years. We are most of many happiest people to experience and witness such grand ceremony where new darus (Sacred woods in colloquial language of Lord Jagannath community) were identified and brought back to the temple for the creation of […]

The satire of VIP road

Life never ever stops short of surprising. It never ever stops short of providing some rare difficult moments where human mind unable to find the real solutions and comes with some unexpected questionnaires. It was as usual one of the most difficult summer morning was even beginning of summer while the sun is still in […]

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