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Joggers’ Park

Blank-minds beyond any doubts unable to accumulate thoughts. It seems like the falling flowers of the dawn of winter. Absolute advent of coolness creating one of stringent atmosphere of coolness where every part of the earth seems to shiver with the coolest wind and climate which has been the order of the day. Flowers bloom […]

Satiable appetite

Climate has just changed. It is currently very much cooler and soothing to skins. Slow breezes are flowing in and across in every, sphere. It is of utmost surprising aspect of the way climate changes in this part of world. There has been many instances of the proper flow of informations of what went wrong […]

Factors affecting consumer buying behaviour in vegetable shopping

The term marketing has wider connotations. It has different linguistic meaning attached with it. From time to time different linguistic zones tries hard to make some other meaning which is very much convenient for local people. In day-to-day vegetable market, this term has different meaning for buyers as well as sellers. Most of the buyers […]

State of extreme lawlessness

What a pity to observe the state in cohesiveness among citizens when the government is trying hard to make the entire town clean. Due to smarter engagements of center and the states, more and more funds begins to flow from center and as a result of this now most of roads inside Puri town are […]

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