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Factors affecting consumer buying behaviour in vegetable shopping

The term marketing has wider connotations. It has different linguistic meaning attached with it. From time to time different linguistic zones tries hard to make some other meaning which is very much convenient for local people. In day-to-day vegetable market, this term has different meaning for buyers as well as sellers. Most of the buyers Continue Reading »

Puri Travellogue: VIP road

Puri is now abuzz with anticipated nabakallebar (grand incarnation) of Lord Trinity which reaches after many years. We are most of many happiest people to experience and witness such grand ceremony where new darus (Sacred woods in colloquial language of Lord Jagannath community) were identified and brought back to the temple for the creation of Continue Reading »

Puri travelogue

Being a travel destination, Puri town the eastern coastal town of Odisha of India, has been experiencing hell lot of floating population from around India as well as India. There has been flowing of many travelers and tourists in these hefty seasonal time where finding a suitable hotel has been a strong sense of difficulties Continue Reading »

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