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Factors affecting consumer buying behaviour in vegetable shopping

The term marketing has wider connotations. It has different linguistic meaning attached with it. From time to time different linguistic zones tries hard to make some other meaning which is very much convenient for local people. In day-to-day vegetable market, this term has different meaning for buyers as well as sellers. Most of the buyers Continue Reading »

Trams of Kolkata

Odisha not being far from neighbouring Indian state West Bengal, the prime metro town of eastern India is Kolkata. Most of people nearby from these neighbouring states for some reason or other reach out to Kolkata. During earlier times, there does not have metro railways. Now, there have been numerous number of metro stations all Continue Reading »

View of Darjeeling

The land of world’s finest cuppa where the queen still rules with epitomized climatic atmosphere coupled with swash buckling winds where from a distance one would find the presence of bending of mountain due to severe flow of wind breaking visions in between to create one of most tantalizing aspect of, living into great hegemony

Travel to Alarnath

On one fine morning, Daddy told us to plan for a visit to Alarnath. It is plus 19 kilometers away from Puri and is famous during the period between Bath Festival of Lord Jagannath and world famous car festival. During this time fever catches Lord and then he takes rest for 14 days. During that Continue Reading »

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