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Beyond The Legal Boundaries Of Public Land

No one can predict the climate and in this world as we are living today, at some places there has been show case of very avid and strong change of climate and at some other places we do find more and more cooler and complete change of climate what it has been there before few years back. In this august Sunday morning as I woke up early to go for a brisk walking all around the city and into the sea beaches to experience the real beauty f nature as well a to have the most clean air in the morning time so that I could feel at light at heart with it.

In the mid time, I move towards the so called VIP road where the road is being precisely cut short through the presence of encroachment of people where during each and every place we could see persons are being encroached and new and newer shops are being created out of it. This is the principal road to connect to capital and towards moving at the sea beach and for this there has been more and more interstate vehicles roaming here and there and most of them unaware of the situation in its place tends to move the vehicle at high speeds.

What the authorities should ensure is to replace these encroached arenas and make the road wider so that it should be easier for people and pedestrians as well as cyclists to move these way in much more comfort as from time to time more and more vehicles used to come here and most of these are inter-state vehicles and they have little ideas about local conditions.

In the mean time, at the entry of this VIP road of Puri, the Vishal MegaMart is there and it is a tall building and god known who have permitted this considering the fact that these route is to be used by most of very important personality while moving to Governor’s house of Puri and most of them probably at times Z plus security and while they move through these roads and here is one building at the entry of Vishal Megamart which is probably taller that requisite permissible limits and o that so how come this has been constructed.

This four-storied building just opposite to Punjab National Bank is of one of private person and continue to be stay at a deserted land for years and then suddenly in what so ever circumstances it then began to clean that place and build the four-storied building which is at greater height and must not be there in public places where people live there. Such a tall building at the side of the national highway just not be imaginable considering that this road is enrolls to Governor’s house of Puri.

In the mean time the road has been shortened and the traffic comes at the side of it make it shorter and the people dwelling out there, feel the crunch of the situation and that makes living out there impossible for most of us and for this it is indeed one of the most difficult living considering the height of the building that has been made ignoring all such rules and regulations.

Apart from this in and around Salbega Lane of Puri, after evening and most of time, many anti-social people gathered till the night nearer to this four-storied building, people makes noise and disturbs the peace loving people. It seems there has been support of some people or at least influential ones out there. Then, when you walk across this road in the morning, there most of municipal people having cleaning the road and they are doing some of the most important works considering the amount of unwanted tiffin vendors in and around sides of the road making the place difficult to walk in these high-traffic zones.

In actual still the point of Subhash Bose square there has been entire stretch of road that needs to be one way traffic but the size of the road is such that it has to be made or half sized to make it half and that makes the walking of the pedestrians extremely difficult in these zones. Then considering the width of the road for the movement of so many three wheelers such as auto rickshaws makes the journey of the people to move here and there difficult. If you look at these batch of three wheelers, most of them are without proper registration boards and how come these vehicles and especially these are commercial vehicles are allowed in these roads without proper registrations.

In the side o the roads which are meant for pedestrians to walk in and out and out there we could see the presence of unauthorized vegetable vendors out there and that makes the walking or running in this morning difficult. One needs to be careful while walking towards watching the vehicles crossing and running here and there and most of times without any traffic rules and then on the side of it there can be municipal persons sweeping the roads and thus making the artificial dust storm and one needs to cover the mouth and nose in order to stay out of these air dusts.

One needs to be extra careful of these and the good thing is that after crossing Subhash Bose square, we tend to reach towards the most convenient part where there is a foot path for pedestrians and we tend to move between these places without any such difficulties. The footpaths are nice and one could easily walk through this and for this it is important to move between these paths with due care as well as one could avoid the traffic jam out there.

Then, you reach at the sea beach though in between you could reach nearer to some shops which are covered at the roads and this make walking across these roads extremely difficult and one need to be extremely cautious while crossing these roads. Though in between marine drive roads and on its footpath the tourists covered these places and one needs to be extremely slower while walking these routes as well as there are many hotel agents roaming here and there with motor cycles and asking the passengers and tourists passersby about room availability.

So, while walking there is hardly any space to more here and there comfortably due to presence of large number of such vendors who tried to get out some money by luring visitors to stay into nearby hotels and in this manner entire road has become one of joke standards for all of us. Though journey towards these routes has been full of adventures or so called adventures where I have t time and again equipped with many hurdles and obstacles and in the process after reaching at the sea beach the beauty of it makes me feel happier and wonderful and no doubt some very rare glimpses of flowing of sun inside of the sea water and the touching towards horizon has never ever been so wonderfully beautiful as ever.

As we learn from Bhagbat Geeta that all that well that ends well and in the meant time I could see the presence of sea and in the sands slowly it is been overtaken by some of unauthorized vendors and continue to obstruct towards moving of sea but still I could find the solace at the sight of sands and the dazzling sea in between. The glow and the presence of seemingly peaceful environment make me remember the presence of Goddess Laxmi and the tranquility I found there is still unbelievable and cannot be written in words.

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Life in Puri, Odisha remains paralysed two days after extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani

Today is 5th May, 2019 two days after onset of extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani touched the coast of Puri town of Odisha, India. Even after onset of two days there was no active governmental help and when I went to morning walk after two days I saw the vivacious destruction of nature at the hands of extremely severe cyclonic storm of Puri town.

It is unbelievable how my native place gone backwards at least 20 years as there is no train, no bus, no electricity, no water, no vehicles, no petrol, diesel and other essential utilities. All ATMs are shut off and there is no chance of activation within shortest span of time. There are surge of selling of candles, torches and the cost of these are on higher side.

In meantime it seems time were not running at all and all these are in the state of absolute stand still. In the meantime, I heard the flying sounds of helicopter and aeroplanes which signifies that aerial survey is there and it provides hopes at some point of time there were chances of aid from these sources.

The sounds of all of these flying machines up and above the sky tended to remind us how my native place Puri town gone into the state of absolute solitary and it seemed the people all around there were in the state of complete standstill. In the meantime cousin brother reached at home and he told that how his hotel faced su h devastations and how there were complete destruction to pent hourse and other glass and windows shells and the hoarding of his hotel shell flied anywhere around out there.

While walking during morning walk I saw the state of absolute difficulties faced by people and how most of their valuables are lost forever. Some people were talking about how Lord Jagannath moved His sword and removed everything at the ration of similarity from poor as well as from the rich.

6th May 2019, aftermath of three days of severe cyclonic storm Fani:

When I look around here and there it seemed I reached into an unknown territory and from the far and wide side eliminated and making entire root in the absolute case of difficulties. To day I got up from bed after 5 to 10 minutes of alarm. This means I felt the state of absolute difficulties due shortages of everything and this makes movement and even thought processes are corrupted with different thoughts.

I stopped alarm and got up from bed. During that day ours out of order tube well was still in the state of non-functional. So, i manged with bathing with one bucket. The force of cyclone Fani uprooted asbestos from wall at terrace and that is whtg even at half past five the power of heat of rays of sun is tremendous and it reached nearer to home for this.

Fr the first time I realise that even there is no electricity still I found that the presence of natural light courtesy sun provides exemplify lighting nearer to star cases as well as nearer o master bedroom.

The state of M.G.Park or Nalco Park three days after extremely severe cyclonic storm of Fani in Puri town:

I went to morning walk and move by the side of VIP road and reached nearer to Gandhi Park and I saw its entrance was blocked due to fall of a large tree. Side wall fell and it blocked half of foot path to the entrance of this park and inside Gandhi Park there were huge losses as the side trees of there fell and most of trees fell and entire waling foot path is not walkable three days after cyclone Fani.

At side of entrance there were tow room with asbestos for caretakers. Bothe the asbestos of these rooms flied to nowhere and leaving both rooms in the state of complete The trees bewilderness.The designer side small bushes which provided nice design while walking or jogging now sadly everything wiped out due to severe wind and storm of cyclone fani.

Most of trees which aimed to provide shades to save from scorching sun were uprooted and this made direct fall of sunshine, into joggers and this made walk more difficult for all of us. It felt sadness to all of us as we beloved entire park and wanted these losses to repaired at the earliest.

This times I found that at the right side wall of boundary completely broken which was nearer to sky light building. It felt extremely sad and sorrow to me but still I felt proud and wonderful while walking inside footpaths of M.G. Park. I found very few people were walking and most of them presented a sad and sorry figure as they were trying hard to recover from the state of abject situation caused by extreme ferocious severe cyclonic storm of Fani.

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