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Manali is a mountainous valley in the right lap of the Himalayan ranges

If you have not visited Manali, visit it; if you have gone in the past, go again and, if you have gone a few times in the past, visit again and again. This is my feeling culled out of my intensive experience at Manali. The place is a visitor’s paradise: a place where nature has descended to spread its fragrance and to give its feel to each and every man everywhere.

From the tourism point of view, Manali may not be the substitute of Srinagar, but, certainly, an alternative. It has to offer so many breath-taking places to the tourists and visitors that you have to stay a minimum of fifteen to twenty days, if not more, to enjoy your outing to the brim.

Manali is mountainous valley in the right lap of the Himalayan ranges. Himachal Pradesh is known as “Apple-land of India” and Manali has a great share of apple production of the state.

I, with my family, left for New Delhi Airport from Bhubaneswar Airport by Indian for a two-hour journey during Mid-August, generally considered as an off-season chosen by me as ideal because I got all my reservations for journey and lodging at a big discount. The next morning, an eighteen-seator single-engined aircraft was ready to start at 06.30AM, but took off at 09.30AM as the climate in the Himalayan ranges was cloudy. Ultimately at about 10.30AM, we reached Kullu Airport.

The experience inside the aircraft was very exciting because co-passengers were only four, not to speak of the pilot who could be considered as a co-passenger in the sense that his driving seat was at our front like the seat in a luxury bus and he was a nice fellow who talked to us all through our journey. He, also, had tea, coffee and snacks for us and a packet full of chocolates besides fruit juice. There was no air-hostess or attendant and self-service was the provision. But what was irritating was the sound of the aircraft; but to get something you have to give up something and at the end of the journey, we were disappointed that such an exhilarating experience had come to an end.

Kullu area is a valley and very nice in every way. The Dussera Festival here is observed with much pomp and ceremony and the Kullu King leads a huge procession which is almost the best in the country and must be seen to be believed.

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This story happens during management days. It was during this time, of the year where summer is at its peak. During the on-the-job training  (OJT) time where first and foremost time is that management college which arrange the place for training is not as good as it seems so.

Me and my sister are doing management degree and we did OJT at Bhilai Steel Plant and for this ours Research Professor helps us a plenty. His office is at some distance from the place where ours management college is there. The research professor advised us he would help us in arranging and he did exactly in according to it.

We reached at his office during post lunch time. When we enter the office we saw most of employees there were drinking during office hours. Thankfully, I was there alone and then some one ask who to meet and I said to his I want to meet research professor. One executive oout there recognise me and said Sire said that he is at the management office and he will meet us.

My sister is at management college and I telephoned to meet sir is at the management school and within some time I also reach there and we both meet sir there. He said he arranged the OJT and Bhilai Steel Plant Human Resource department. We thanked sir, and he said to meet the DGM of Human Resource department. He gave us the letter of recognition so he would help us immensely.

We reached Bhilai through direct bus from Bhubaneswar to Bhilai. First, we thought to reach there through rail service through Durg but the train reached midnight. Durg is not a big city.and while moving at night from Durg to Bhilai was riskier and for this, we moved with bus service. It was interstate bus service and we reached on time.

When we saw the hostel facility at Bhilai Technical institute, we found that it is not a place to live securely. Then, daddy phones us that his friend has his bungalow is empty because of his transfer to Durg and we can stay there for one month fully. We reach there. There were two assistant, one is Ashok who would accompany us to Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), and that was very helpful.

Another Nepalese origin person was the cook there. he would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the difficult time in a search for food is not there. During, summer and because of the Bhilai Steel Plant the intensity of summer is heat threatening. For this people, they’re used to travel across with head and face covered due to Lu wind. I saw summer at Puri and Bhubaneswar and all across Odisha but never seen such intense heat of summer.

In this way, for the entire month, we felt none difficulties and continue without the project to find real enjoyment when we take various questionnaires from various executives, and their responses to ours questionnaires is very interesting. Ours research Professor at Bhilai Steel Plant, Mr. Joseph who was about to retire from service and very much attached to ours research work.

He taught us everything from the process of the writing project and he attached to us and helped us immensely. I hope that after reading this article, Mr. Joseph would feel proud that the way he helped us immensely. This implies that I write this article.

Article Updated April 04 2019
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