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Trout country beyond the Beas River

Gushain is a perfect place to relax and unwind from the din and bustle of city life. The powerful Tirthan stream is located here provides awesome levels of presence of water to nearby commuters.

Rourkela to Tensa

Many years have passed. Time moves on. Once school students and now is professional filed, still the memories of those instances of a nice cloud arena with clouds roaming here and there and moving and touching the shoulder while moving towards school and suddenly the weather changes and the entire atmosphere becomes darker. Even looking…

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Rourkela musings

It was completely surprised when I decided to meet fellow class students after 25 years. Plenty of waters have flown into the rivers and there must have been plenty of changed during these courses. Plenty of changes have occurred but one thing that has never changed during these courses is the presence of the same…

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Mumbai’s favorite hill station gateway Lonavla

At the gateway of Mumbaikar’s favorite hill station situated at the halfway to Pune, inside beautiful Western Ghats, present the source and the essence of never ending bond between tourists and the nature. Route from Mumbai is the expressway to Lonavla via Khopoli. We know that most of hill stations become empty during rainy seasons.…

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It has been more than 15 years since reaching to this place and during in these years there has been whole some changes all over and everywhere we go though the conditions of roads seems to be in slightly dilapidated conditions but still there has been development everywhere and the order of removing of slum…

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Metro ride

The wondrous place is equipped with extremely wonderful services where you could find each and every provisions in organized fashions which you need at those times, where the presence of the enigma of the metro station with sublime humility always wanted to return to. With the devotional presence of nearby Goddess Temple, the feeling of…

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Nice and cool weather the proposed visit to different places and work seems to be a good idea. Due to a late night arrival and closing of all hotels, we could not eat as expected and that too even in train the movement of it moves along different terrains where there is hardly a good…

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Lonely planet

The mentioned train was running with a great speed. Though during the patches of hilly terrains it slows down a little bit but still the charismatic presence of natural surroundings in and out there has been so absorbing to watch out for and the hazy picturesque from the glass windows of air-conditioned berth just stopping…

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