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Privacy and security are always been the worry for internet users

Privacy and security are always been the worry for internet users. Internet is an open arena with many hackers is trying to lurking into yours computer to steal vital data and online privacy. Modern web browsers have the ability to manage user privacy concern through various means, users should learnt these and try to accommodate and implement in their browsing behavioural patterns. Firefox is my favourite browser because of many valid reasons.

It gives me the authority to manage these security and privacy concerns through various capable and well attained add ons. In this write up I will summarise about some of important add on so that users will know about it and will get the choices so that they could provide and safeguard their security concerns through various available Firefox add on.

Super cookie safeguard and BetterPrivacy:

It is one of featured add on of Firefox. It works seamlessly and silently. It protects unique long standing cookies on your computer known as super cookies. These super cookies meant to track for organisation research, marketing trend, user generated content and other online activities. In this way it poses the greater risk of privacy concerns and the flash cookies of super cookie is more dangerous as it can use your bandwidth to fetch the concerned flash content and also it can go through yours privacy parameters. In short super cookies are hidden and never expiring object inside your computer and since the date modern web browsers does not have specific function to stop this super cookie to work from yours computer.

With “BetterPrivacy” you can remove all these objects at browser start and exist, you can manage, edit and white list and black list these objects. It is a install and forget add on , it works in back ground. It has no negative bear on yours browsing. It has automatic deletion function, schedule deletion, and manual deletion option for flash cookies. This add on is self sufficient.

These super cookies or flash cookies are locally shared objects or popularly known as LSO which can install some file or information through flash objects. Usual cookies took four kilobytes of memory in yours computer, super cookie or flash cookie takes one hundred kilobytes of memory in yours computer. Flash cookies store highly secretive personal and technical information such as yours browser version, computer name and operating system, your internet protocol address etc.

Generally it is very difficult to track the sites which are installing the flash cookies in ours system through web browser. Even modern web browser does not have functionality to manage and block these super cookies. There are some ways to block these cookies through flash company but it is cumbersome and worrisome and not friendly for layman. If you have shared folder and remote connection then these flash cookies make it cross browser and thus it poses greater amount of risk to yours privacy and security concern. With Better Privacy you can delete all these flash cookie after end of every sessions. As per recent reports to be believed many domains and tracking companies use these sorts of tacking cookies and these can be harmful.

Many a times the cookies sort as games cookies and Yahoo seal data is important for yours identity and security. Generally websites and companies track users so that they can improve the basic service and the customer experience and can take it to maximum possible occurrences. They segment the users to various elements and sub element and then try to match their demand with the specific advertisement.

In this way they want to install the super cookie alternatively known as flash cookie and get the relevant information through your browser and then they install the temporary cookies according to their segmentation and division of user needs and specific acceptance. Adobe flash is popular and has been installed in almost ninety five percentages of computers and has been instrumental in popularising online flash videos through various online websites. By using this some web masters and companies has been installing the super cookies to get most out of user internet experience.

Now all the ultra modern browsers and leading web browsers have the option to accept the cookies or reject the cookies through configuration but the fact of the matter is that if you set this setting to manual then you will face lot of irritations while browsing the web and also in this process the web browsing will be slower and irritant and that is why most of users make the acceptance of cookies automatic.

Companies called it as the behavioural analysis of users internet activities and thus in this manner they try to lurk in to user’s interaction with their day to day online activities. Some companies are saying that they are using these behavioural trends to deliver the targeted user specific advertisements so that user can get the specific and related advertisement to its needs. This explanation is not full proof as it can alter some of the basic rights of the user relating to data privacy and other related issues.

Local shared objects have the data that contains about individual websites. In the default settings of the flash player it is accepting the flash cookies which is otherwise known as super cookies which stays inside the computer for the longer time and then try to gather then user internet trends and send the information to its company so that they can employ it get the behavioural aspects of the users so that they can fill in the specific demands of the users when and how it is needed and this way they think they are serving the user demand and the needs in the fullest possible capacities.

User can disable the LSO in the global storage settings panels and in this way by going to the online setting manager of the Adobe site you can disable the super cookies functionality form there. Adobe will place a permanent flash cookie on yours computer and that will inform all other companies that the user did not want to install any sort of super cookie in its computer a kind of opt out policy for the user. User may use better privacy add on for Firefox to automatically delete the flash cookies on browser exist or alternatively user can employ CCcleaner the standalone offline cleaning utility for computer for manual deletion of flash cookies.

As per online setting adjustment of flash from Adobe, the user setting has been altered with each of Adobe flash updates and this is surprising that each time now you have to alter the online flash setting by going to Adobe site.

When you enable the browser in privacy mode the local shared objects and also persistent cookies known as super cookies deleted automatically when you end the browsing session. In 2009 the reports bring out by the Wired magazine is threatening and it shows how the bigger companies are easily intruding the user’s privacy concern. Nearly half of the top website around the world stores the flash cookies inside the user’s computer and that time it is not well known to the public at large and for this they are doing it consistently and has been using and analysing the user’s internet interactions.

The even using the flash cookies to make the hidden back ups and some times due to the extreme demand the user computer over load and hang up and this has been going on without user.s valid internet knowledge. More over in certain countries it is not according to the law of the land to track the user without their valid knowledge and acceptance of agreements.

Disabling local shared objects from third-party content:

Reach to the and then reach out to setting manager then deselect the check box that announces Allow Third-Party Flash Content to Store Information on Your Computer then close the setting manager and in this way the flash player remembers the concerned settings of yours adobe flash player . It is better to check the settings of the always deny so that at no times any of the third party cookies will not be accepted through flash player by bridging into yours web browser.

Where to find these flash cookies:

Windows: LSO files are stored typically with a SOL extension, within each user’s Application Data directory, under Macromedia\FlashPlayer#SharedObjects.


Company should not do any sort of covert surveillance on the user , they should not install the so called spyware or any sort of flash cookies on the user computer without their knowledge. Companies should provide clear and lucid information so that hat they are doing and watching to the user activities should not be done in some clandestine manner , it should be done in such a ways so much so that the user also agree with the proviso what the third party website is doping in its social and internet activities. The final word should be with the companies those are indulging into collecting user activities is to show the responsibility for providing the information and obtaining consent.

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How to fix Opera VPN not connecting

Opera web browser is based on enhancement of performance. It has various features to do this. One of this feature is the presence of Opera Turbo, it uses server-side compression so that it provides faster and better browsing speeds. It works nicely with slow internet connectivity.
Opera displays security badges in its address bar and that convey users, to understand the security status of the website.

If it thinks some websites are dangerous to browse then it wants users about it with the security status of the website. With Opera, you can change the language of the web browser, clear browsing history completely, clear browsing data and so on. You can run Opera in private window, as it removes history, image caches, passwords and everything. In this way, your browsing remains private.

Create your own theme:

Opera provides umpteenth customization for you. You can change the look of your web browser, start page and other elements of the website by changing the theme of Opera. You can right-click on any image and then use the image as the theme and thus in this way, you created a theme for Opera.

Be safe and private:

Opera has its own extensions galleries and there are many relevant extensions you can found and use it. The computer is for personal use and Opera does provide the conveniences to use it in multiple ways. It has built-in ad blocking add-on which blocks ads and makes the page load faster.

Due to its own add on the speed of working on this add-on becomes faster. The ad blocking badge will be shown in the combined address bar and if it is green in color this means ad blocking is on and click on it for more option and specific customization.

Address bar of Opera works with displaying of various badges such as badges for Opera Turbo, camera access, extension. Fraud and malware, locations access, local file microphone access, secure connection, unprotected, VPN is on and so on.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Your browser has one internet protocol address and when it connects to servers for the website, then it can find your location and then your identity is known by the remote server. With the virtual private network, the location of your computer or internet protocol address changes. Your locations changes to the location of the virtual private network.

When you enable VPN in the address bar of Opera, the VPN badge becomes blue. Opera provides free virtual private network and this empowers users to browse internet and surf those sites that are banned on the website. Even if you are in India, your location will be shown to the distant server, for another location and in this way the sites that are banned in your country will be shown as your location will be shown in another location.

By clicking on the VPN badge you can switch on or off it. Here, the amount of data transferred information and this will reset with each and every Opera web browser update.
Your web browser will show the location of the virtual private network. The default is optimal location and one can change to location related to the virtual private network.

If you do not choose which country then it will automatically choose optimal location for you. Generally, optimal location is one of the better choices as this provides the faster networking for your web browser location.

Opera Turbo Mode loads website in the fraction of the original size and that makes page loads instantly. In addition to this if you are on the go or on the travel then this would consumer lesser data in roaming situations and that makes page loading as well as eating lesser batteries.
If you are on the laptop and even with slower or faster connectivity it is a wiser idea to enable Opera Turbo to speeds up browsing and also at the same time consumer lesser data and this means it is best for battery saving features for laptops too.

In this turbo mode in a laptop, the speed of browsing of the website becomes faster too. If you are using WiFi and if there are too many connections then the speed of internet would be slower and in this circumstance, it is a good idea to turn on turbo mode in Opera for the laptop so that the speed in which you browse would be normal and the page loading times would decrease significantly.

In Android devices, data savings is available with Opera Mini, where you can choose between two savings mode. One is high and the other one is in extreme mode and in the later mode while rendering of web pages it uses up to 90 percentages of lesser data that originally intended data. It is available for Android, Feature phones, Windows Phones and basic phones.
In Opera for Android, which is a full-fledged web browser, where you can speeds up slow connection and speeds up websites that are heavy with data saver mode.

The automatic question arises what about privacy and security concerns while using the virtual private network with Opera;
The connection to and fro from Opera is encrypted in the virtual private network and this means that it is more secure than that of your own internet host server. In order to be more secure the difficult part is cookies and with it, the websites can still recognize your location and for this, it is significant to use private browsing while switching on the virtual private network.

With private browsing and switching on of adblocking and running websites through the virtual private network, you can now easily block all tracking cookies as these are automatically deleted when the browsing session ends. Opera VPN is a free service and there is no restriction on the amount of data to be transferred.

Fix Opera VPN not Connecting or Working:

From time to time after prolonged use of Opera and its VPN services and when in another new day after connecting the computer to the internet you open Opera web browser and suddenly you find the Opera VPN is not connecting and the VPN icon becomes purple instead of blue.
 In these circumstances what shall you do to enable Opera VPN or make the icon of Opera VPN to blue instead of grey?

  • Open Opera Web Browser
  • Go to MENU
  • Scroll Down to ABOUT OPERA click on it.
  • Look at the submenu VERSION INFORMATION
  • It will automatically check for update and connect to the server if your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Your browser will update for sure as this is predominant reason for not connecting to VPN server.
  • Then Opera will ask you to restart the web browser.
  • Save your works and click on restart button.
  • Now, go to PRIVATE BROWSING from Opera menu and then enable VPN badge from the address bar and then this will automatically close Opera Turbo as both Opera Turbo and Opera VPN will not work simultaneously. Now, enable Opera VPN and you will see that the VPN badge will show blue color and this means now it is working. You can choose from optimal location to continent location in accordance with your choices.
  • Most of the times what I have noticed about Opera is that from time to time, when there is an update is pending and opera browser setting is not configured to work with automatic updates, then it is high time for you enable this or as and when VPN will not work this means that it is time to update your web browser.

After updating mostly, the problem with not connecting with VPN will not be there. Happy web surfing.

The Next Web

It is very simple to add styles to web documents. It is like interior decorator, it augments yours web presence. It is important to note that many CSS modules are still in the beta stages. Notable enhancements include new support for the background-clip , background-origin and background-size properties. The border radius property is a combined property where values are given before and after slash, if there is no slash, the values set both equally. Radius is a floating-point number, followed by either an absolute unit designator.

Deep shadows are enabled by the box-shadow property. The order of values within the box shadow property self indicates the horizontal effect. Cascading style sheet 2D transforms module, which enables elements that are rendered by CSS to be transformed into two-dimensional space. The CSS3 color module includes several new color models including alpha (transparency) enabled models. The RGB model has been extended to include an alpha channel or transparency. For instance to set the background color in red with 50% transparency, you can include either of two CSS declarations in your style sheet. In the hue saturation-lightness color model, “hue” is defined as the indicated color angle of the color wheel.

Then opacity property enables you to control transparency at the element level. Better typographic control has been consistent feature of each new version of CSS. The font weight property calculates font weight. Style sheet can reference specific font file for the browser to download and use. The CSS Media Queries Module specifies method to enable web developers to correspond style sheets to precise device capabilities. The declaration states that specified rules are only to be applied when the page on a screen with a specified width. The CSS3 Selectors Module specifies several additions to CSS selector syntax. They include structural pseudo-classes, the target pseudo-class.

The negation of pseudo class takes a simple selector as an argument to select elements that are not selected by that argument. CSS3 has many additions that along with HTML5 and JavaScript. In due course of time there has been many changes in web browser space and how and in which manner all these has been accomplished from time to time with due course of time there has been much talked of browser wars and the resultant is always in favor of common internet users where they have gained it immensely with due course of time. With it the traditional browsers have evolved and in the same time there has been more and improvement on third party browsers as they have been evolving in the process.

Plenty of major players have evolved and out of it Chrome from Google is most smarter among the many and it is now been famous more and more, it first introduced the no fuss mode, which believes more in work and function and satisfaction of the user is the most significant and most utterly wonderful work that is Chrome is currently doing as it is by far the most advanced and most popular browser in terms of user advances with time. There is always the same sense of satisfaction with it.

The versatility of this browser is simply outstanding as it is from day to day introducing many more unbelievable functions so that it does equipped with most modern web browser and the latest is being auto update features so that yours favorite browser will be always updated with latest patches and security updates as well as it will have the latest functionality all at yours perusal. Its interface is all yours with thumbnails and favorites and the applications all at yours doorstep and you can use it as per yours wish. The speed of Chrome from Google is like super highway as it does decode all the modern web sites functions to its smartest form and sometime it does feel like that of it uses some sort of artificial intelligence while loading some heavy websites in some slow connections.

I have checked it personally, at a slower connection while opening Facebook, after logging into it , it does load it at greater speed but it does know that the user always feel to load the information inside of Facebook at more greater speed and then the picture and it does make it more and more smarter way so much so that with this the entire feeling of its speed in the making does make it felt and to be seen at its more and more , it does show that this browser is making some other functionality related to decoding of modern website technology and with it the more and more smarter and wonderful work is being seen so that it does make it web more and more smarter.

Now-a-days some websites does load with application type interface are those sites which relies more and more on smarter placing of web based application and these website relies on cross browser functionality like that of logging through some other popular social networking websites and it is always been some of the more and more good and well valued internet connectivity is the order of the day. These websites does seem a reality and it does go with some future web site electronic commerce mechanisms and with Chrome from Google it does load all these smarter application based website in more and more speed and many a time it does load like that of in the span of seconds .

This is most significant as these application based website has some sort of sticky issues where they tend to be delayed in loading and the user interaction with it is fast becoming more and more not surety but with due course of time and situations all these seems to be more and more on the easier and also smarter sides. The basis of rendering mechanism which the Chrome from Google employs is just been for the user and with the advance of hardware rendering and other related feature the working of this web browser is fast becoming more and more simpler and smarter and with Andorid users has been using this the user base of this web browser is on the rise.

Opera browser has been phenomenal and it does known for its versatility and innovative ways but it does make one fault as it may be am not sure , the gut feeling is that it does introduce add-ons the like of Firefox in the world of browser much later and that makes it less favorable . Nevertheless now this void is filled and Opera does now equipped with more and more goodies in this manner and the most favorite is its turbo feature.

I am still to date surprised that Chrome from Google which is pioneer of many attributes of modem web browser and it can also implement some other functions like that of hardware acceleration after it is being implemented with internet explorer 9 but still to date it is not been with some sort of turbo like function of Opera and the reason I cannot find it.

With turbo you can browse faster with Opera and the cost of internet is also far lesser due to some of the modem technology is being implemented while loading of web pages and images. With due course of time the turbo feature of Opera has evolved and its compression technology has been on the rise due to some of the smarter functionality and the image compression now uses the modern technology where the images are not being blurred as in the earlier cases of turbo.

Users have one kind of experience with various web browsers installed on their personal computers. For a better web experience you need a browser that is built around HTML 5 and other modern web standards. Your favorite sites should be seamlessly integrated with Windows and look and behave just like a native application experience. Together, these elements promise to unlock what is next on the web.

You Just Enabled Opera Turbo

Opera web browsers for desktop comes with many features. Out of it Opera Turbo, a virtual private network and many other features.

  • With modern technologies in web development, most modern websites show many graphics that take time to load even in faster internet connectivity.
  • If you are in the slow connectivity area or in areas where there is a problem in internet connectivity, then browsing websites becomes difficult.
  • Opera web browsers for desktop has its Opera Turbo for free to users since 2009.
  • It redirected web pages to its servers and then makes it the fraction of its original size.
  • In this way, the same web pages load faster even in the slower network connection.
  • Exactly the same multimedia contents will be there, but most of these will come on compressed sizes.
  • Even in the conditions of good network connectivity and faster network because of the lesser number of data used so you have more time to browse the internet with data stays for longer durations.
  • It is good for you when you are travelling as you need more data so you can connect to near and dear ones.
  • In these circumstances, Opera Turbo makes your life easier and removes all worries.
  • When you are using the laptop, then turn on Opera Turbo mode to make browsing faster.
  • If you are at the railway platform or at coffee houses where too many people would connect to WiFi then you can use Opera Turbo for faster internet browsing.

How does Do Opera Turbo work?

  • Opera Turbo mode is available for computers.
  • The web pages you visit go through Opera servers.
  • Then the server sees which components of web pages need further compression.
  • It reduces image pixel sizes and correct buffering patterns of videos so that these take lesser number of internet data.
  • Then, it sends back these smaller-sized web pages back to the Opera web browser of the computer.
  • They redirect most of the non-SSL sites that start from HTTP to Opera servers.
  • Most secure sites that optimise to load faster with encrypted connectivity does not require compression.
  • With Opera Mini, and its data savings mode enabled most of the secure and non-secure websites goes through Opera servers to load website faster. Opera says it respects the privacy of users.

How to enable Opera Turbo?

  • Download the latest version of Opera web browser for Windows.
  • Open Opera Web Browser. Go to MENU and then SETTINGS.
  • Then to BROWSER.
  • Then scroll down till OPERA TURBO. Then enable checkbox beside ENABLE OPERA TURBO.
  • It requires Opera web browser to restart to enable Opera Turbo.

How to enable both Opera Turbo and Opera VPN at the same time:

  • If you enable VPN (virtual private network) then Opera Turbo will automatically disable.
  • So it is important to disable VPN in Opera in order to enable Opera Turbo.
  • In order to use both Opera Turbo and VPN in opera at one time then one can enable Opera Turbo on the regular window of Opera.
  • In PRIVATE MODE of Opera, one can simultaneously enable VPN to use both services of Opera at the same time.
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