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Guide to Free Software and Web Applications

In this age of internet and with high-speed internet we do find plenty of web applications that come with premium price as well as some of it come with free of cost always. Now, with Google Adsense approved blog or website, even they can now all of these offering for free of cost. So, with the advance finding of all of these web apps or application to use it on online we used to find the most engaging ways as we always stay online and with good connections nd cost of internet is on lower side as tarifs of internet are very convenient to use.

The most of apps we sue on ours android device, we tend to find its web apps, for online apps alternative as e have internet and with good amount of speed and this way we do find better alternative and use it when we do feel as good as it as all of these run with online and it connects with server, and it updates from the akers and only a good server is the requirement and with this there is no way the author have to see how much aps to be sold and then sell the updated version and so on.

Sometimes we do find that, when we want to cut any MP3 to cut it and then edit it then we do buy or install software with it. With good amount of internet connection the website ‘’ and it works super fast and faster way. Most of times when we receive songs from other sources, we do find that name of artists, song informations and artists name are not found. Then we can go for, ‘’ and search this from the search box and filled the name with it.

Bw, with the avilability of 4G Volte connection from major internet providers such as Airtel, Jio, Idea we do find that songs streaming as well as download of songs becomes easier. With, Wynk Music and many more offering free to stream music with internet connection now you do not have to save songs on mobile or computer as all of these songs are now available on line and ready for streaming.

Now, you can stream yours videos for public, as free online video sharing website, such as YouTube where with the creation of account you can upload videos and then make available for public or yours closed group as per yours wishes. You can even watch videos of others as well as videos of other related channels so as to have video streaming and with this you do not have to store any videos or movies inside of yours devices.

In the era of internet connectivity, you do not have to wait televisions to see live channels. If you have 4G volte connectivity then you can watch these channels according to the mobile subscriber. If you have Jio then you can install Jio Live TV to watch these channels and if you have Airtel then you can install Airtel TV to watch large number of television channels.

All of these channels are related with mobile subscribers as only with airtel sim of 4G it will work with airtel tv and so on with Jio Tv one can watch it on Jio Live TV channels. If you are tired of watching penty of option of video streaming app YouTube then you can watch alternatively the “” for finding out handpicked videos to watch of course it can have some difference with yours like videos.

There are various online file storage facility which have apps for each and every devices and computers such as for Apple, windows, Android and so on so that with its client one can find it easier to extract files and example of these file storage apps such as Drop Box, Sky Drive, Google Drive and so on. With this we can find that with these storage apps, then we can storages such as multimedia components and then steam from these with yours fast internet connections and in this way, we can find that, most of work arounds of storing and accessing multimedia files can be accessed nd streamed from various fields and sources.

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Here are few Android Apps that works Offline

in this article I shall write about few android apps or applications (dot apk) that works offline. In this era of fast and new age internet computing where the cost of data slowly reducing to few bucks, in this session of internet age people still thinking about using android apps that works offline.

Why people still thinking about offline android apps in the era of low cost faster, internet computing:

The first application is Google Chrome for android. Download it from Google Play Store and install it. Now open the page in Chrome address bar and then save it and the page will save in download segment. You can browse that page even if offline.

Download size of Google Chrome in Android

In the downlod segment you will find the amount of space is available and it has relation with system drive for android. Download page will there and it will update as and when you connect with internet. From that download segment you can delete the requisite web page as and when necessary.

Download Settings of Google Chrome for Android

Click on the SETTINGS of DOWNLOADS and from there you have three more customisable option. DOWNLOAD LOCATION and here you can change download of offline files from system drive to SD Card. Then ASK WHETHER TO SAVE FILE and here by enabling this option every time you save file it will ask again. last DOWNLOAD ARTICLES FOR YOU and here if you want to save data then enable this on Wi Fi other wise let that setting as and when it is.

The second app in android to use if while offline in WHERE IS MY TRAIN:

WHERE IS MY TRAIN is available with Google Play Store and it is an Indian Railway application to know live running status of train without internet when you are inside of train or at any platform. When you are inside running train it uses cell towers of train to locate exact running of train, whether it is late or fast and the running station without internet.

Normally, during train journey you will find some locations without signals but still you can find where is your train with this awesome app. while inside train you can set station based alarm to let you know where your location is and if your location about to reach at night then it is one of best option to wake you up.

This app comes with various Indian languages. You can share screen shot of location on your WhatsApp too to let your near and dear ones of your exact location.

Third android app to work offline without internet connection is Google Maps:

Google Maps from Google is very useful app when you are in an unknown locality. You can use it while GPS on and then internet on to travel through desirable places. You can download offline Maps of Google to know more about unfamiliar territories and landmarks.

When you are with internet download that location of map offline so that it will work without internet connections. Open Google Maps when you are with internet connection and then touch EXPLORE at the bottom of the screen.


Then, drive through that direction with Internet or select the location on the map of destination, and then download offline maps and save it whether on system drive or with SD card so that when you are offline you can browse that route and its landmarks without connecting with internet.

Go to Google Maps SETTINGS and then OFFLINE MAPS. From there touch the OFFLINE MAPS and then go to SETTINGS of OFFLINE MAPS. First option is AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE OFFLINE MAPS enable it so that it is to save you relevant space and data and only recently updated offline maps will be updated.




In the offline map setting, you can SELECT YOUR OWN MAP. Select the location and then DOWNLOAD that place so that you can travel with offline maps. In this way, Google Map will not depend upon any internet connectivity.


There are so many apps of android which works offline. Most of these apps provide user the liberty to choose whether to download offline or to use app while you are with internet. Google Photos, provide option to download images while you are offline. Google Drive provide option to download each and every for offline selection.

Pocket is a news aggregator app to use and download RSS feeds so that you can read it while you are offline or when there is no active internet connection. With Google Podcasts you can watch and download offline podcasts. It has artificial intelligence engine which can even delete podcasts when you watch them.

Most of streaming apps such as Jio Cinema, HotStar, YouTube provides offline opportunities to download the content and watch offline that is without internet connection. Some comes up with free option and some with paid option.

Similarly some of music app such as Jio Music, Airtel Music or Wynk Music, Gana dot com, Youtube music come with paid option and it allows users to download high definition songs offline and play while not connecting to internet.

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