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Mental Health Software

Providers across the country have chosen in preference and to give is needed increased skillfulness in avoiding time and financial and of point health software are meant and accommodated with of human behavioral healthcare and inebriate and abuse discourse treatment, facilities , temporary care program , residential semi care , centre and many more. If you are managing better quality health care and service deliverance facilities.Accessible from virtually anywhere.

You can construct a perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities of electronic health recording employing is client cycle design.This system bring forth ameliorate quality of care, reducing the data entry through single windows with improved customisations, accomplished Client health system augments process of helps the surgeons observing patients care history thus prescribing correct and medications, redundancies of messages to reduce the probability of errors and thus it reduces the errors and in this process cannonball the and augments by unnecessary repetitive processes and the results to within last time, and way the makes the more transparent and easily the entire can be summarised clinical documentations, and complete electronic health and with scheduling and intake records.

Automated preadmission:

Automated preadmission terminate repetition of messages to reduce the probability of errors, makes certain of quality of being near to enrolling behavioral software, mental software, and social services software captures the programme appropriate data , employs its herculean fully incorporated scheduler jobs done by the computer in appropriate order appointments engagements. Smart discards germination old clients track referrals and performers through some exhaustive quality reporting.The scheduling:It is fully incorporated, powerful and elastic.

It alerts the arrivals, and other scheduling functionalities to the through IM and email and then in touch all the times. It creates automated practices mechanisms for staffs and staff groups. It drill location, sections, and integrate and mix with all the outside software like that of outlook and and many staff should by combinations departments and services through software. Can define staff categories and classes like that of clinician, psychiatrists, diabetes, home health aid etc. You can choose from any categories within the split of a second, All these can be viewed by day, week or by month. You can pick out any collection of things sharing a common attribute.

Client registration:

The basis of HER is the client registration. It has powerful search tools to explore or diagnosis and determines any kind of data. Identity cards and scanned documents can be attached to it. No knowledge required made forms implementation is possible of as program registration, appointments assignments, financial ledger, clinical data. points.


It extends billing options. It prepares the electronic billing claims rapidly by taking into cognisance of producing the charges for continual of appointments, completions of appointments, attendance register and bulk or individual entry. All insurance funds, funds related to clients and granting of funds for philanthropy works has been kept under EDI. It ensures of minimal entry with that of proper accuracy with of costs.Clinical software offers software It offers combined plans gradual improvement statuses, the appraisals and consequences, bringing out the entropy of information, medications, discharge and follows up information.

It supports electronic ascents and customised notes on pre themed forms.Staff portal:All the staff information is available at one place like that of case loads, clinical functions, services, appointments with automated alerts and text communications through IM and email. For supervising staff productivity and case load check with completions communications through email, IM messaging platforms are made available. Reporting through various visual such as charts, cross tabs, charts and the reports are generated various suitable formats so that these will be compatible with popular software.

It gives unique and simple customised dash boards for clear visual interpretations. With live data mining in the back ground process, powerful making behavioural mental health software and social software across the providers nationwide have selected client data management and EHR solutions to provide them with increased efficiencies both financially and clinically.

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Web Automation: Putting the Internet to Work

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Web is multifaceted and it has many directions and fast becoming part and parcel of life. Take some break out of your daily schedule and then think all about it all over again , you will realize how important this phenomenon is as with due course of time , it had gained popularity and everyone is trying out newer possibilities to reach out to internet to make it more user-friendly and customized to suit your needs. With the advent of Web 2.0 the web has become more social and the bright example of this is the latest updates from Firefox 17 , now the social networking can be integration and that is making it more and more user friendly to suit all the needs that was indeed attune to the user. Now, people have more than one Facebook account and separate accounts on blog and for and with the whole trends fast becoming more easier.

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With the advent of cloud other related internet work people want it to become more more automated so it suit needs of people. Then, the question arises why not automated process for all the online social networking accounts and then another question pops up not so that more care can share all information equally on each and every social networks and that would made it more and more user friendly and that can suit the needs of people that what ought to be favorite your timeline and then making visible according to your liking and that have made the whole process of sharing a lot more easier than you would normally thought of and are options account Facebook sole to it and in what you of posted to Facebook automatically and thus it would save yourself from manual posting and thus the required time and then it would save the bandwidth costs and in this way the entire process is automated, is not this a smarter move to say to the least.

What is smarter is that does not to you the additional knowledge of coding as the entire process based on API and Oath and that will connected your and with this control should be and what not be automation: If a task using IFTTT Probably the used If This-Then That’, better known it provides the most minimalistic approach to save the task or the recipes and makes it and more automated. suggests you ‘If This’ then job The condition in this instance as trigger and then the as an action does all the services of Google so on with this can make into that can called as shelves such way, you put one the other that as trigger all the totality it is being called as shelves.

What is task?

Task is an automation rule defined by the user on account account at you to these channels Oauth as most of the do these of Facebook, YouTube and so on and for this you do not have to send your pass is why this is method of hadthrough the entire process of task automation, and now it is the time to act upon the tasks, then log in to your dash board and there you would see the number of channels which have and with list and you can go for the task that is the automation the user had done it for the of the dashboard you would see click task will to there click the big blue us assume want then on the , thus your channel now active tasks that is part, and will ‘You are in photo ’and you tagged in a photo , this action may produce slight delay in action though , as Ifttt polls your data in every fifteen minutes interval .

Then you will be asked about necessary details, then add tags that has to be easily found and this way the drop box saving done, is to do it. task is save the picture to drop box from a specific URL, first activate Drop Box channel by using credentials, select the necessary order to complete the action , then select the image source to be the file URL , and designate the path to save the picture to drop box. Web automation putting the internet to work: Tasker Your phone can be configured to automate several tasks which you can perform on a daily basis. You how nearly any Tasker Tasker without doubt the most powerful tool for automation. It is not free, it costs pretty hefty in Play Store. It is more than its worth and for sure you will find favorable rich benefits it will be for you can it for seven days and get the test drive of it from it developer website. You might need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ in your phone’s settings to” install.apk” files.

There are three principal components for installing Tasker: Actions, Contexts and Tasks. It comes under “Tasker profile” . Context sets up the task; it determines what starts up your task. It can include opening and closing of an app. When the handset to be plugged into charger , whether to receive annoyance sms or not , whether to use or toggle Bluetooth, WiFi radio all these can perform of tasks. So, any logically tasks be performed by Tasker with ease, it can go beyond your imagination.

Suppose, you want to start music player whenever, you want to plug-in ear phones, then start the:

• Tasker , create a profile and rename Choose ‘state’ then under category. Select hardware Go to App ‘option under Action category’. Select ‘Load App’ choose the app want to load ‘green check activate and the application your notification preferable the hand top of the lightning icon will in plug your ear and be amazed see as the music automatically run. Here are some tasks to try out with Tasker:

• You can turn on GPS automatically whenever you open Google Maps and this works for stock Android 2.2 or lesser.

• Whenever you place upside down would the to-do in morning

• Automatically turn off brightness the battery in evening it on in the you a reminder whenever it is your friend’s Google Calendar. your inside car will to your or when can use some specific application to display the on your lock It will automatically unlock can automatically perform up action and then upload your important contents to Drop Box or Google Drive etc.

• There are free alternatives to Tasker like that of Auotmate It! And Llama but Tasker performs all the tasks efficiently.

Web automation putting the internet to work: Microsoft On{x} Your phone can be configured to automate several tasks which you can perform on a daily better alternatives in these is surprisingly Microsoft and it to platforms only not with of its JavaScript API creates the automation will remind you to buy sugar on the way back from work, automatically sending out SMS when you leave from office.

Its creation of task is known as recipe and the first time user some matter with due course of work and for sure rocket to try how you can use automate tasks on your device:

• Download for app the Google this app is currently under Facebook credentials it log Facebook. head then in the log in there you tasks to perform with your phone. Simply clicking ‘add’ these will be pushed to your phone and the tasks will start performing immediately.

• You can customize any recipes or tasks , you can specify your home or office locations by bringing into Bing maps , or if any task like SMS that require any sort of phone number then you can provide it and ‘On{x}’ will perform the task for you immediately.

• It also supports NFC better known as near communications draws references on to ‘tags’ that supports two way communications.

Its task launcher allows you to automate action by tapping your phone against NFC tag. You can perform an action like turning on the Wi-Fi or turning up the ringer volume all the way. So, with a mere tap any task can be performed all the way. It is the futuristic technology and plenty of work needs to be done make easier. Smart have evolved at a the now it is smarter than laptop. In this workshop I have showed you how to automate certain repetitive tasks on your phone and turn your gadget a true extension of your brain. Here we have learnt about some futuristic stuff using NFC tags and device’s NFC chip.

How to remove viruses in an infected Android mobile phone?

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There were times when Windows computers prime targets of hackers due to its popularity of large number of users. Slowly Android mobile operating system becomes the darling of the masses due to his easier usability comfort with the handling of devices and due to its open source in nature modern hardware manufacturers Android as there principal operating system. Due to its sheer popularity slowly more and more hackers are getting into Android devices.

Android operating system works on the basis of independent application management system which can only be downloaded through Google Play Store which is well guided and secured by Google through its sandboxing security environment but what happens Android the most is that due to different hardware manufacturers the uniform and security updates from Google is simply not possible inconsistencies in hardware manufacturers makes security updates almost impossible.

Of late we witness advantage of large number of Malwares in many popular Android apps and games which are downloaded for so many times. Why it is happening and how it is happening after Google’s strongest ever security mechanism to stop viruses from entering into its on mobile operating system. Everyday we heard of more and more popular apps so many of adverts that phone becomes slow with the screenshots of adverbs downloaded not knowingly and that make your phone to run slowly. It shows how can a popular app send so many of advertisements the device memory and make to phone to run slowly. Due to Androids free and paid version of apps in which free apps comes up with advertisements and most serious part of it is that the screenshots advertisements are downloaded automatically to system drive without knowledge of the user.

Google files suggest to delete this adverbs and other craps from the phone. Its suggests from time to time about this and you should download this app and delete all this craps in order to make their phone faster and work like a charm. Main users do not have any idea about Google’s file app as it works nicely in combinational Google photos removing craps and thus creates extra storage space for Android users.

Simultaneously it removes all traces of adverts as well as images from WhatsApp and create more space for system drive. So far default storage space for WhatsApp is system drive and it cannot be altered. If you have large number of friends in WhatsApp and you joined large number of groups in WhatsApp then the number of downloaded photos into the system drive increases with large speed and that can choke the system drive and main functions of system drive remains defunct.

That is why it is important to use Google files as it search all those WhatsApp craps in separate segments. It removes downloads which are mostly not necessary and then delete it as for user’s convenience. The most principal difficulties for users is when the downloaded popular games and play with their devices. Those games which requires internet connectivity sends huge number of advertisements to the device atmost of these advertisements are big files thus takes over maximum storage spaces. From this segment the problem with the advent of viruses within advertising files makes your phone infected.

Since the advent of Android tremendous growth of Android games and slowly it is becoming silent killer of gaming zones. Its popularity increases due large number of people playing Android games and that also attracts hackers to send viruses and other pop ups into Android mobile phones. That is why first you stop playing games with Android at first considering the sudden increase malwares and also read the security blog such as this one so as to convey your self about recent development of which app to use and which app not to use so that your device stays secure and runs with ease as and when it requires yo to do so.

Android is open source, important to understand that there are many settings of Android which can be enabled by the user in order to make your Android device most secure . Do not install Android apps from other sources. Only instal Android from Google Play Store. Update Android apps whenever Google releases. It is important to understand thatGoogle control Android device through Google Play Store and Google Play protect and it is a good idea to install Google apps and Google Chrome with its updated version so that it will help you make your Android device secure.

Only allow recognised application to have device administrator capacity. Google device administrator is automatically enabled in order to to locate your device whenever it is lost or stolen. There are some other apps which can be downloaded from Google Play store which also at the capacity for device administrator but do not provide this with other as as it can expose your device completely to the viruses are other Malwares.

Do install application lock apps in order to lock your phone in the case it is at the unlock situation. Use application lock with Facebook WhatsApp Gmail and other important apps and provide difficult password and if your device suffers application face lock then use it so as to speed up the process of securing Android apps. It is important to have a difficult screen lock password so that no trespassing could if possible with your devices when it is left alone at some point of time. Use application password that cannot be anticipated by trespasser easily it is better not to use common password denomination with your’s phone password.

The good the bad side of Android is that it is designed to be open. Original equipment manufacturers can use hardware and softwares according to their budget and privileges. The only part of constant is that all of this should protect privacy of users and do not divulge details of users to scammers and hackers. Android is configured to run with multi level security without any difficulties unlike Windows operating system where is path and facet of system is designed to perform with one on accessanti-virus program.

Android is configured and designed to perform excellently and it is for the developers and that is why Google has overtaken it security parameters so that developers should not be worry about security instances while developing and configurating Android operating system. That is why we do find more and more modified Android mobile devices each hardware manufacturers are original equipment manufacturers get their own setup development and design with Google security soch to present a different version of Android operating system with each hardware developers. Developers do not knowledge about security can also easily develop application for Android mobile operating system without worrying about it security performance appraisals and other important parameters. That is your Android has become darling of message as well as darling of developers.

Android controls security of any device through its Google Play services automatically updates its openssl critical software library in order to provide encrypted and secure communication between device and internet. Android security hustle sold to love security for Android application developers to check the application for commands through secure protocol search SSL add increase the security with its before releasing apps into Google Play Store.

It also works like a social range in reading tool so that each and every different performances of the Android can be seen in detail and it’s development in terms of performance increase can be done with the help of Android security tools and this way it has become one of the most securities way to test your application in terms of each and every security parameters so that in the future your app should not face a ban from Google due to security breaches.

Google update its core application from time to time to make them secure plug any inconsistencies in terms of security. Most of Android app runs with application sandbox which is the restricted area and entirrly controlled by Google and check each and every application performances in order to secure Android operating system. When we talk about Android apps it is related with alarm browser calculator calendar block contacts dialler email home instant messaging media player photo album SMS MMS and voice dialling.

Android Framework consists of content providers manager such as activity location package notification resource telephone window and last not the least is view system. Next is native library. Native libraries consist of audio manager free type LIBC media framework open GL SQL SQL lite SSL surface manager and web kit. Android runtime includes core libraries and dalvik virtual manager. HAL includes audio bluetooth camera digital rights management external storage graphics input media sensors and television. Linux kernel includes drivers of audio binder IPC Bluetooth camera display keypad. Shared memory USB Wi-Fi and power management. The enter security architecture Android consists of Android framework which includes above mentioned applications Android favourite native libraries android runtime HAL and Linux kernel.

Device hardware of Android includes smartphone laptops tablets watches smart TV gaming consoles which uses Android operating system as there in graphic processing units. Android operating system includes the core operating system which is built of one Linux kernel and the basic hardware functions such as GPS Wi-Fi Bluetooth telephone functions network connectivity are all goes through Linux kernel of Android operating system. It is built in such a way that all of this function remains inside the security consoles that makes the security of hardware management extremely useful and properly secure.

Android is used by over 2.5 billion and counting active users and it is the security of user’s mobile is paramount. Android is from Google and that is why each and every day Google is trying hard to improve Android mobile operating system security. As we have discussed above Android is constituted of different elements and all of these elements worked in a set manner so as to provide effective and smooth security system that can build up on the concept of strong defence where entire Android ecosystem can work in a coherent manner entirely guarding privacy and security of each and every Android users.

Android is open source it is completely transfarant provides detailed documented information to users so that they can implement all of these security steps in a most convenient way. Android through various communication medium keep you just informed about various security measures and build a strong community based networking so that is and every difficulties can be dealt with precision and team power. The paramount importance of using Android is that it is from Google and Google has created various export team in order to dealt with privacy and security of Android devices. Android implement layered security mechanism which includes hardware software in order to defeat all acts of hackers and thus prevent any intrusions from any side make your device safer and stronger.

Android has built in application layer defence system which blocks all Malwares before the enter with applications. It provides on access security mechanism strict it scans all of the apps including installed as well as apps from Play Store to keep your device secure and smart. Google Play protect and find my device are built in security mechanism to keep secure device even if it was lost or stolen. In the later version of Android these two security mechanism are built in full settings of Android to make your device safe and secure.

It is important to download all the used from a source that Google recognise as Play Store. Install Google Play store all the apps are constantly scanned. All the apps have to go on the sandbox in security environment and any infection found then automatically those apps are deleted. As the application environment runs with sandboxing environment even if the infection is there Google automatically erase those infections without affecting your devices. Put a strong screen lock password on your Android device so that when it was stolen the person who steals the device cannot open it and with Google’s own security system the device can be tracked and recovered. With find my device you can erase each and every data from your device from the distance with the help of Google’s this security system. In this way your device is now clean and all of your privacy information is now completely erased and can never be recovered.

The hardware in which Android runs is well protected with a secure lock screen very well verified and authenticated boor mechanism make your device safe and secure. From Android9 onwards Google introduces the system of certified and temperature resistant hardware in order to device more secure. The hardware based lock screen verification provides full proof security to Android devices. From time to time Google provides Android security rewards and Google Play security rewards to individual Android developers who discovers breach of security e in Android device in Google Play stores.

Google is king of internet and devices as well as the software it builds also come up with well designed and built security system from beginning to the end of each and every devices. Google is King off data and it knows how to secure and manage all of your data in a safe place so as to provide ultimate level of security of all personal information that are inside user”s mobile. Since the days of Mozilla Firefox sharing openly all of security improvements and suggesting closing of security holes in order to make each and every device beginning from Windows to Apple to Android. Google runs on the basis of open source and collaboration and this makes the power of detection of security very helpful and in this way Google makes Android completely secure.

Application developers make their android app with the help of so many of android libraries in order to stream line entire process and make entire development process faster. Android developers have to update these libraries update from time to time, as these developments comes in the wake of security enhancements of devices in order to make android devices speeding up. It also make android app secure and for this one need to understand in term of developers that these entire processing of app through these developments of libraries make entire process secure and hack proof.

In order to make android developments faster, there are full proof libraries for user interfaces, testing, music, weather and so on and all of these libraries and set up of codes and all of these essential elements that are must for development of these gadgets that are included inside development of any app. Google from time to time update these libraries and it is important for app developers to update these periodically and frequently so that whenever they get it they should use the latest version of updated libraries version so that app always be safe and secures from hacker’s attack.

It is similar to that of updating the php version of self-hosted wordpress website as one need to update it from time to time whenever there is the option to do it for that so. Most of dedicated and predefined security attacks comes in the wake of presence of most of outdated libraries that are inside application environment system and that makes each and every time the running of apps insecure in the case timely update of these apps does not come that so.

Most of apps depends largely upon the pulling and pushing of data in the case the app is connected to internet and that makes the entire process to work in a coherent and secure manner. It is important to use the secure gateway such as https protocol for sending and receiving of data within app environment. It is just like a website running as the website prefixed with http is not secure as the sending and receiving of data to and fro server is open and can be accessible by hackers at any point of time and for this it is important for website to have secure protocol as well as for apps which is one sort of a website and it should connect in and out from server in terms of https protocol.

If your app is like PayTm or that Google Pay then it is important to understand that one should use https protocol as in app payment system need to be authenticated and well managed with encrypted and secure connectivity and this can only be done with the use of secure gateway in terms of HTTPS or in terms of TLS. The other name of HTTPS is SSL and the full form of SSL is secure socket layer as well as full form of TLS is transport layer security.

With the implementation of HTTPS protocol either with that of SSL or with that of TLS the entire transactions from within your server and back to it comes in the term of secure and encrypted connectivity and hacker find it really hard to decrypt and thus yours app becomes one of most securest way to function. Do remember that when you use your app it is like one complete self hosted website and for this as the developer while dealing with it one need to remember it for the sake of use and then one need to secure it so that at no point of time your app will not be banned by Google from its Play Store.

As application developer you are fine but one cannot say from where you can find the fault or no and in these situation it is important for you and for the sake of yours app perspective a regular professional check ups by security professional to find out any faults within yours code so that no faults will be there at any point of time. They see the all of the technical functionalities that can go within apps and for this it is important for them to check the app in the perspective of the user and that can provide the real intuition to find the faults that can exist within app.

They will go through in detail about application authentication and authorization vulnerabilities in order to wipe out security holes that might have been there in these gateways. Database security of apps is of extremely important consideration as for this one needs to see that it should not be hacked and the privacy of users who are storing data on the online databases should not be at any point of time feel the left out and their privacy should not be breached as it is their right and if that is not well secured then ultimately this can spell the doom for yours apps as it can be some of major hurdles you will face with due course of time.

You can take the help of third party developers of security experts and they can scan entire parts of website in detail and provide you with clear cut assessment of your website so that you can take a deep breath that your website has become secure. There are many strategic hackers who go through the software reverse engineering process and in this way they understand the process to see through these apps which are created in the entire strategic manner and in this way those hackers are are very dangerous as they go through entire app development process.

Most of app accepts user data at various nodes of development of apps and it is important to go through each and every phase of inputs of what kind of data is incoming into server other wise your app might have been subjected to code-injection and that can harm your app as well as corrupt entire data bases of users and in this manner it is extremely important to go for the severe inspection of the nature of incoming of data so that no untoward bad data in the form of code injection comes to the database. If your application have different forms of receive of applications such as regular user, free user, paid user then it is important to understand the nature of data coming and filter it in good manner other wise the form of SQL injection in your database can infect entire app in its totality and it is important to remove such vulnerabilities.

There are many ways one can register into an app and this can be through in the form of social media or through Google and it is important to segregate each and every form of data into separate entities and for this one should go for independent development of each and every data that comes into your app and it is important to recognize the potential of data that contents into it and secures those data in real time to make it the most outstanding data management. It is important to ensure each user who are using the app should use a secure protocol so that processing of each and every information comes to the picture in terms of separate entities and that make the running of app secure and hackers could not intrude into system at any cost and at any point of time.

Application developers must endure the possibilities of creation of a standard sandboxing environment so as to provide a secure malware free app that will make running of application development process secure and each data should be move into it and must provide the real time scanning so that after each and every user session data managers finds the data cleaner and faster to use. As application developer one need to find out what kind of application development process one should be interested with that can provide one of most outstanding process to make you understand what are the security measurement you have been taking and how well all of these are happenings and a regular check ins of these developments as apps of android where the user base can go up to millions and in this way you can fully secure your apps to its best.

Android 9 Media Restrictions:

With the introduction of Android 9 the media playback of local files downloaded from sources other than original source slowly making inroads as most of these audios never ever able to run with audio players as most of them now officially termed as pirated copies of the songs. Now, you can run only, original audio files from YouTube music or from Wynk or Jio Music, or Amazon Music or from Spoitfy or so. Now, downloaded songs from pirated websites can never ever be able to run with android 9 and above.

Considering eruptions of large number of viruses into android devices Google is taking stricter actions to each and every security measures so that there will not be any chance left at any point of nodes of android security so that during each and every android performances no security breach will be there at any point of time. Sometimes we do find that while playing audio video downloaded from pirated websites and those failed to run in Android 9 and above and this means, that, you can ever run pirated downloaded songs and now you can run them with ease by downloading from trusted sources.

What is trusted source downloads:

Due to advent of high-speed internet and the internet packs are slowly moving into cheaper sides now we find that most of these can run on cloud based internet services and most of these run with good and high-definition quality. You can subscribe or can run these without subscription by streaming directly on to yours mobile devices, and then can run it and if you buy subscription then you can download these for offline playing and play at your will whether you have internet connectivity or not but still you can run them. Most of these run with offline music players such as, Wynk, Jio, Spotify, Amazon Music or YouTube music and so on.

Most of modern app does have such logical memory, fractions and this makes all the songs which are chosen by users are well downloaded, secured and sand boxed so that there will be no sign of presence of viruses at any point of time inside yours android devices. For this development of android 9 and up gradation to this device provide significance to users as android is slowly moving into the stage of absolute security just like the same as that of apple devices where beginning from app to all multimedia elements works like charm and goes with secured entities just like we just witness inside android devices. With restrictions on multimedia components now slowly we are moving into absolute stages of android where everything will be well-scanned and measured before these comes into the stage of android entities.

What is new in Android 9 Pie security:

Android 9 comes up with adaptive battery which observes actions of yours day to day activities and prepare those apps to perform better and stop those apps which are not used so much so that there is larger room for your device RAM to play yours other apps which are of yours most favorite ones so that it comes up with greater power to perform. Android 9 comes up with secure back ups which comes up with encrypted connectivity to android or google server. It comes up with greater bio metric security enhancements and now it becomes more prominent and works nicely with it and provides the most prominent working with flawless providers to make and run android device to work with nicely.

Android can now run with secure hardware those are well authenticated by Google from original equipment manufacturers (OEM). In this way strong box hardware comes into light, which secures android hardware so that from the side of android hardware security it provides well-defined and completely secure android hardware. It is just like hardware authentication from original equipment manufacturers so that hardware security comes into upfront to provide the most significant security. Now, most of auxiliaries applications such as microphone or any phone device will not work when the system is in the state of idle or at any other point of times when applications are running in the back ground those apps such as micro phone or camera will not work with microphone or camera and in this way RAM and security side of android becomes secure.

Digital Well being and Winds Down:

All of web serving activities, runs in the secure side and it runs in the privacy mode so that these will not be at any point of time yours data security can be breached by any other android devices or hackers. It has always on display so that important announcements such as calendar or clock and its notifications comes into the front and it shows it on the lock screen. Without moving into dashboard of android you can find it on the side on the lock screen. It has new app notifications which can be shared directly into social media notifications and you can share directly from the social networking sites. It comes up with digital well being pre-installed app which has new features to let you know how much of time you have been spending with internet with android devices.

It also have do not disturb as well as winds down feature. Winds down feature moves all colors of android device and makes it completely black and white and in this way provide another way to save your battery as well as it makes android device to run in low battery mode as most of its color profile goes out and it becomes black and white, App timer is there which lets you settle some time for any android app so that after specific period of time it will ask you whether you want to stop that app from running from specific period of time.

Android 9 comes up with built in next generation of high definition audio performance and makes watching of videos that runs with next generation high definition audio quality to watch multimedia experience to perform better. Similar is for the better performance of audio and video devices and multimedia performances. Android 9 comes up with new photo compression tool which reduces the sizes of images and keeping its compression format intact so that it provides one of the better performances issues and storage spaces of android also becomes on higher side. App actions perform security provisions such that all of these provides extreme security enhancements and thus yours android stays more secure.

What Would Be The Future Of Android App Development?

Android is slowly moving to the stage of maturity. Google is slowly building premium as well as light version of current android devices. In the mean time many other original equipment manufacturers continue their endeavor to present newer version of android devices. The advent and development of Cyanogens mobile operating system have made possible for the dream of more and more premium devices.

So far developers have used Java as premium languages for development of android apps but with due course of time there is no certainty that it will become the most prominent languages in the years to come. In the mean time with the use of ‘Go’ languages, we do see how some heavyweight languages have become lightweight such as ‘Google Go’, ‘Maps Go’, ‘YouTube Go’ and so on. This also tends to provide information that the future of the language used inside operating system is completely uncertain.

So far we have seen most of android apps are written over Java. It has the long history and many projects are covered with it. There are some loopholes it as it lacks the most modern bit of operating system functionalities and that makes the progress of this language as principal language mediums questionable. In this article, we will learn about some modern languages platforms and their benefits and most of these codes and languages can work in different operating systems without difficulties.

This means the portability of these languages is awesome and unquestionable. When Google takes the most important decision that Java would be the principal language for developers seeking apps on android similarly, it also restricts the access to C or C++ one of the most versatile languages for code development. Google still makes workaround to support C, C++ with an android. It has been seen that if you want to develop apps with the help of Android Studio which is from Google then with the help of CLion tools and integrated development environment one can still develop android apps with C, C++ from Android Studio, etc.

Xamarin is now owned by Microsoft provide multiple platforms of operating system to create and manage apps with the help of C# language. Kotlin in the future most likely to be the default language of the android. It is estimated that it will replace Java as core language of it. It is developed by JetBeans. Jet Brain is the mastermind behind development of Android Studio. Android Studio is officially sponsored by Google and it urges developers to use it for app development for android. This also means that you will have access to large number of android libraries in the future and this will go to help you immensely in the development of larger and complex android app development.

In addition to it, the functionality of this provides greater control over android studio and it works seamlessly with, it. If you want to create multi-platform JavaScript, then you can do it and these can be used in web apps so as WordPress, Blogger and so on. Kotlin is concise which reduce the amount of coding infrastructure and it is safe as it provides null-pointer exceptions. It is tool friendly such as choosing of java integrated development environment or you can build this with command line expressions from computer itself. Even you can create online codes with Kotlin and solves it online and then create apps, and most of not so necessary commands are omitted with it such as the semicolon at the end of sentences of command in code and such as many coding illustrations created easier for users. Next is the Go Language.

It is developed by Google in the year 2009 and it is called as the younger language of the lt. It creates apps that is going to run instances of lite side of apps so that these run with lower mode of hardware specifications. It is a faster language and removes unnecessary clutter on codes. Google created some apps and has been in demand for most of lower end hardware specific mobiles. One difficulty is that it requires when installation some of a very wide range of installations procedures and it is to be followed in absolutely correct manner otherwise the development of apps could become confusing. The next modern coding language is Dart.js.

It has own virtual machine and it contains elements of both javascript and C-style languages and if you are familiar with both of these languages than it will for sure attract you to have the hand in coding. Google first developed this language in the year 2011. The next modern coding language is Swift, developed by Apple. Many of iOS apps are now developed with it. In the year 2015 it becomes open source. The next tool is Rust from Mozilla. It is developed for more complex system settings, with multi-threaded apps. About the presence of all these languages which day by day growing to be stronger and mightier, who one else knows in the coming future what else be the future of android development would be.

After understanding all of these development the single image comes to the mind is that what ever else that comes into mind the move to the perfections in the language arena is not something that is far away and in the years to come we might reach to the stage of absolute perfections where like writing the sentence could be similar to writing of languages. As a developer there are immense possibilities in the years to come.

We see how the presence of such coding and their languages have becomes easier with due course of time and how the meaningless expressions on these code factors enabled us to believe the way these codes should run and the face of real intelligence with the development of these codes are slowly surfacing and this means that the way android is developed so as the way the motto of it to become one of most anticipated artificial intelligence system in the days to come for sure it will become one of most outstanding super artificial intelligence mechanisms.

What this article aims to convey is that in the future we will witness superb and stand out presentations of coding languages, where we will all see presence of nicer and wider management of ideas and the presence of realities where development of code could becomes simple and easier in days to come. What it aims to make is that in the near future the simplicity of coding language could lead us to believe the presence of wider audiences where many laymen could able to build these languages and its complex make overs with ease.

In the days to come we could see complete easier access to coding languages so that in the future there will be no separate zones for layman and the geeks and this digital divide when comes to absolutely null then we could see development of more and more wonderful development potential in the years to come.

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Why make Mobile App?

In this article I shall write about how to create and develop a successful app. A successful app means that app which proves good for monetisation. Which incurs heavy profits for developer. In the coming up series of article hopefully I shall write about the skills and techniques associated with for productio and development of a detailed app with its database management so that not only you gain assess to monetisation of your app but also you can build upon alternative career with it.

When you run and develop app in play store and finds it well equipped for monetisation then you can go for professional app development. It can make your career to reach towards ultra level heights so that you can rebuild it. There is no age limit and no educational barriers for this in order to understand and learn how apps works and how to create a good app from this.

How to Create a Successful App?

Mobile app can be that of android or for iOS and the process of development constitutes of idea, prototype, design, develop and launch of app in play store. These are the steps for development of app. When you have an idea of building some thing or that of building an app then firt thing comes to the mind is that whether you wants to make it up for wallpapers or for database or for gaming. It contains design and programming.

Mobile app development is not all about coding but the lements that is associated with it is the desing of the mobile apps as the concept or design is prime importance on design and it is the focus towards it and it is important to understand this in order to develop mobile app development. Draw how should app looks like and you can take inspiration from other apps or you can solely create the design of your app and think what should have been the prime focus and importance attached with it so that you do not have to be confused while entering into coding stages.

Then ask yourself how much code language do you know if you know it then it is good and if you have no knowledge still you can create mobile app as you do not have to worry about it at all.As per esitamtes and the amount of langauge use we have seen the presence of Python in data language setting is on the higher side as it is the ost easier form of code language and java is difficult but still it is popular and it is one of oldest language form to stay so we should also build some app with it.

What ever be you should be using java from time to time in the cases of mobile app development. Coding of mobile app development is one side but it is not all of the mobile app, as design and development and distribution are the vital part of mobile app development and coding is the back end process which you will do to connect all o these. Most of people think mobile app development is all about coding and coding but it is not that true.

App Development Options:

After development of apps the next is to publish apps those on play stores. There are two types of app one is that of native apps and their other is that of hybrid apps. Native apps can only run with specific platforms such as Apple-iOS or Android. Hybrid apps works in both. Native apps provide platforms for hybrid apps to work. In order to publish your app in Google Play Store or Apple iOS you have four options and four steps to go on.

First is the developer license, publishing procedure, guidelines for description and device availability. Here we will learn more towards Android developer options though in the process you can learn to develop hybrid app so that it can work on both playstore that of android and Apple-iOS. Developer license is 99$ a year and it is renewable in each year. You can upload as many apps as you could with this sum of money. It is important for you to understand that when you become an experience developer then you can release the app in Apple iOS system so that it will not hurt you financially.

For Google Play Store it is one time fee of 25$ and you do not have to pay fee again and you can upload as many apps as you can with this sum and it is one time membership fee for you and for this it is important for first time developer should concentrate on developing apps for android platform so that you will not be facing any sudden financial loss with it. Then comes the process of publishing process and this is known as uploading of app to play store or Apple store. Apple provides the review process for each and every apps and it is from three days to two to three weeks but in most cases within one week you will find the response of it.

The review process or the publishing process in Apple play store is very stringent and it can deny permission for publishing based on the siilarity of app, not so unique app and so on so it is important for develoepr to understand that when you develop an app the first point is to publish within android play store as there is no review process with it so you can publish app fter obtaining developer license. In the play store there is no review process as after uplaoding app your app is published within 24 hours and then it is open for monetisation as with due course of time you caan go for word of mouth or for advertisement to obtain the specific app populairty and with due course of timeit comes to the stage of moentisation.

Both Apple and Android play store have very rigid and strong guidelines for publishing of app into their store. Android has the detailed instructions in PDF formats. For android no backbone of dashboard of coding required as it is flexible but for iOS the backbone of coding required as it is not open source. Android goes on with material designing for its guidelines for designing and for iOS the designs aesthetics and function. Apple does not provide detailed designing guidelines so it means it provides wider specifications but do concentrate that its review process is very stringent and for this it is important to go with the specific designing principle Apple has.

In the case of design availability which is the device in which your app is going to run then Apple has two types of device Apple iPhone and iPad but in the case with android it has so far more than 24000 different devices and still counting and increasing. This means you have to code app considering the compatibility with so many devices but alternatively with Apple it is not so as you oly have to work with two devices for device availability of your android device. Making app for two devices and making app for almost 24000 devices in terms of screen sizes, resolutions is far more difficult and that show the presence of development of responsive designing for android which makes apps to work in faster and more convenient way.

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How to Fix Audio or Sound Problems in Windows 7, 8,10

Of late some of Chinese Manufacturers does provide some good amount of hardwares such as Lenovo mobiles and computers and Xiaomi phones which provide good amount of performance with very satisfiable sound output. Lenovo smart phones provide dolby digital sound systems but after some use we find it one of difficult part to fix the audio problems where we do find that the fixing of problems can be very useful.

There are so may common problems of lenovo laptops and mobiles sound output problems but first we do check out, to see most commonly used parameters to check out whether this is working out in solving sound output problems. In the lenovo laptop audio setting right click on the sound icon inside taskbar and then select playback devices and then select mixer  and then enable it all. Then try running the sound in laptop and if problem still persists then move to the next step to rectify it.

If that is not working then it is time to uninstall sound driver and run Microsoft’s default sound driver to run with it so that it can run sound output absolutely correct. Go to device manager and then go to sound, video and game controller and then right click on it, and right click on the sound driver and then uninstall it. Do not disable it, but uninstall it.

Then, tick on delete the driver software for this device and click on ok button to delete the software completely, and also delete the residual files from there. You may need to restart the device to finish the installation complete. After this try running multimedia files and see how the sound output is and if in this second step still audio output is not working then move to the third step.

If that step is not working then go to the similar steps as described in step two and then instead of uninstallation move to update driver software instead of uninstallation and then update driver software, and it is important to connect to internet and then update driver software. Update file size can be of more than 200 to 400mb and for this high speed internet Wait for the update to occur as it is coming from authentic sources as it is coming from device manager which means that it is authenticated from Microsoft before the update is downloading into computer.

After the installation of updated audio driver software still the problem persists about sound output then it is important to look for, the next step so that another rectification of sound output can be managed with.


Now, it is the time to change default sound format. Go directly to the taskbar and then right click on playback devices and then select playback devices and then you will find the option of where you need to select playback devices and it is mostly one off native playback option and another can be that of the audio driver installed and you can select either of the two one by one and see how the sound output is working with and on which set up such as select the playback device and run with it.

I do hope that after all of these above steps this would find you to the stage of running the sound output and it might correct sound driver and if that does not suffice to work with it then one final step can be tried before you take your laptop into lenovo show room for its repair.

The last step you might try as it can be so so between geek and layman perspective and run for services.msc and then click services. It will show the list of services that your computer is capable of running and it can be done with it. Go to Windows Audio service and click on it, first in the status type disabled it and then click apply. Then click on it again and in the startup type make it automatic so that audio service restart by itself and if there can be any difficulties in running in the current state of windows then this method can get rid of it and make it running to the default state again.

These are all forms of suggestion as these are not specific to the Lenovo computers only as it can be with other computers and if you had audio problems with it then you can use it with yours own discretion or with relatives who knew computers better before taking your computer to its repair shop. You might save money with it or if you are website designed or computer maintenance programmer or expert then you can check all of these steps before opening your computer.

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