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Answering complex and ancient questions regarding life on earth

Common misplace thoughts from too numbers countless innumerable. It ignorance inner may be no deeper led conclusion by some thinkers think such way. It is not comprehend these analogies animalises remains undeterred understanding faith.

Paramatman Being embellishes with different names; for example is with different names the divinity remain and Hinduism the plural liberalism which embedded culture in its own folder and allows them to describe the Supreme Being in their own understanding and in some unique and selfless ways.

The inherent pluralism is so connected with it within the stipulated paramount ways such that each culture begins to see it in their own manner to reach at the source for Supreme Being. India a a land for many with multi cultural heritages being carried on for the ages and continues to do so till to day.

There are four of Hindu or sects:

Shaktism and all will lead to reach nearer to Supreme Being. Saiva worship lord Shiva , Shakta worship lord in God the Being and and the three sects have been describe here . These diversities among their religions led the Hindus to be more and more tolerant and these inner complexities within the religions go on to show the compassion and the love for other religions and sects.

This brings the cohesion among the collision within the various of sects which is and this form the united vision of to reach nearer to understands them that there are many ways to reach nearer to God and for this you have to be tolerant an respectable clans of sects so be nearer God. seems to be a smart each Hindu being treated and goes on disciplined style form the Each superior is being power called the specific the like that like that the give you their own and specific paths to cross and to reach at the haven known Sanskrit presence of the God in presence, they can feel the God within the presence of man, woman, child, trees, stones and other living and non living entities.

They will feel the presence of God instead of see them. They will try to which sense will and search neat the Supreme Being they life as part of the God’s gift and they try to search for the angelic being from among each and individuals and realise the of life and they as a string is attached side and other is the duty of the every individual to utilise these open string and try to make Supreme Being. Hindus believe is within can prayer Hindus does not that God has left them in this lurch but instead believe that God is every where He is omnipresent and with prayer and deep devotion He can be discovered in this s earth.

They believe that God always comes to this earth is to emancipate the evils and to make this earth to live in. This journey and ultimate every in attending ultimate journey and believe the journey starts from the birth and it will be ending at the death bed.

Hindus are polytheists. As equal powers there is go for believe in God without denying existence of other are believe in God, where the entire It highly sophisticated view teaches the basic of understanding and the mutual cooperation among the individuals and respecting each other spaces by showing respect to other religions. They believe that God is present every where and He gives source energy living beings the universe God exists beside the world and they are watching us overtime in ours work , behaviors, customs and aspects ways of life live and on with to continue inside earth In lot and pursuing God and make every individual philosopher.

Own merit and this tends to go from family to family with each family carried on their own traditions and then shifted over to their off springs who later on shifted these to makes the oldest living religion with cultural heritages all faiths believe in the karma the work on this earth needs to properly so that real and the destined to live this will be fulfilled with right that is realizing the God in this mortal earth the right way should be done in the correct so that he not to birth again and again and with due course of time he will be rewarded as his atman the soul of his will be purified , here body soul never go for the of soul after completing these the nearer path to reach.

Supreme Being soul will the physical body that dies and to this in Hinduism the persons dies dead body never ever burnt destroyed the Hindus that soul will never come back again to this mortal world to live with pain and for this his body is permanently destroyed with fire and his body can never be again used by any other soul in his name.

The soul continues to live with the astral body the till is got of to nearer to Supreme many births with different bodies inside the earth the soul finally becomes the competent with love, family, understanding and every aspect of life lessons have been learnt through dharma and the karmas inside this mortal world till it is fulfilled to the fullest and the energy needed for these is satisfied with its fullest of soul liberated the of birth and rebirths then the beautiful is understands and the ultimate attendance of life is the money or else, the purpose is destined to serve and aid the world as the servant of God and to fulfill Wishes of the joys travels and entirely the fear at the spiritual its success.

Karma and the every individual is a and take back to the nearer to the God. In all the other faiths the humans leave it everything to God to sort after In Hinduism it who is sole holder get with the much so that the reincarnations cycle of his should stop and in this process he learns everything and goes nearer to perfect so much so that his rebirths will be stopped in salvation this he is the navigator to reach near the Supreme Being.

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The value we attached to human life

We know there are plenty of problems do we have for the manned space mission and how to handle these and how to overcome to these problems can be a sheer headache to allow , that does not means that the manned space mission is coming to an end and we are deeply entered into the other part of space mission. Some say that the ultimate landing mission to the space journey is landing at the moon and for this our space work should stop but that does not means nothing more to it as the space exploration continuing till to date.

The only problems with man is the age and the space exploration tends to be more than one hundred years and this does means that we have to depend upon generations but what about persons who are at space and they will not survive that long and this can be really some puzzling situations for scientists . The foreseeable reach cannot be conquered so the next is to depend upon robots and machines to achieve these objectives. There is the way forward due to the comparatively lower cost in attaining two successful Mars rover missions are the clear signs and indicators of the way forward we are going to the right mission.

Robots will be our caretakers, and we can go with the hyper sleep, and for this we can venture and go to the far away planets. It is sure that we can do the space exploration by proxy as no other means to do it, human beings have to calculate and find the way out to see and grab the opportunity that can go long way in achieving this and explore the space in due course of time. It is for sure to build something at some planet needs to take huge monetary resources even as collegiums for counties can not bear the cost of travel which can be very well be described as most expensive journey for space planet.

When we reach at some other planet we tend to believe that there we will have to built one favourable conditions so that the entire man kind which will be going there will survive as the basic need of human living must be done and that too be regenerated and with due course of time it will not end, so we have to prepare for the unending and eternal part of the process so that the entire journey can be covered for nearly one hundred years and carrying the mankind there and then to live and sustain for life. It can be considered that even the entire space journey be converted to gold with each square inch then also the profitability factor of entire space will not arise.

This seems that it is the impossible frontier and mankind will not be able to conquer at all as they have to fight it with money, age of humans and the environmental factors. With the journey as much as distance as could with light years away from the scene there can be so much that of syndrome called as the cabin fever. This could led to irrational behaviour, restlessness, frustration, uncontrollable laughter and sometime even desire to jump to space and this could prove otherwise the mission to be a scenic and very difficult phase and for this the true identification of real strong mental personality needs to be analyzed and to be taken to real tough stress test so much so that they can stay at and within the space craft even if they have to stay there life long continuously.

This journey could last for years and for many generations and this could prove to be a real dangerous phenomena and this emotional side of humans needs to be recognized fully so much so that in the latest stages it will not be of any misconstrued understandings. A two thousand Hollywood movie namely Pandorum explores this basic concept and this can be really the hardest fought brilliant journey and that can last for many generations. Humans are rational animals and we do tends to attach the value effect in each and every phase of our life and there can be more to this side effect and how to attain this and how to compare it and manage it is the most exceptional part of this journey.

This means many humans who will be the part of this mission will have to be failed in this journey as the last part of the persons must be the new or the next to new generation and for this the process and the thinking of the journey may be horrifying at some point of time. In the history of two biggest failed space mission in Challenger and Columbia claimed fourteen astronauts, this is not the small price to pay and if we go for the larger mission then there is heavy chance of failure in the very few attempts and there can be heavy toll on astronauts in the process and these pricing part will have to be think as the collectively front in the near future while calculating the real and the distance factor while making the space journey.

Now the next part is the speed of the journey and how these can be achieved with this and the speediest known part of the space journey is that of speed of light. Till to day it is the true fact that we have not been able to build such the aircraft but if we at all built some day that speed of aircraft that can cross the entire space with some superior technology then the fact of the matter is that we will take more than hundred and thousand years to reach the places of significance and also the place where we tend to think that there is every chance of living being there and for this many a times this seems to be the real difficult factor to achieve this but still we have to be thinking about the inevitability.

This means that it is the several life times in human terms and in many case it is the countless life times. There is some proposed solutions to this real problems that has been underlying to this crux situations is the hyper sleeping or cryogenic freezing of the human body that is the situation in such a way that the body to be put in the situation of suspended animation. In these circumstances all the gradient and essential cell functions has been reduced to a deep basic level and when the destination is reached after so many years the body I then revived. The second solutions is the generations of human breeds inside the spacecraft and there can be some bad side to it that of due to rays of cosmic can render them to infertility then the entire mission would fail in the mid way.

How to maintain the functioning society and the how the offspring know about the deep sense of space exploration and there can be the revolt and the bad sides of disrupting the mission all together. We are proud of out earth and we know we have mastered it and the way we control the earth is significant. We do not know about the universe and the impending dangers when the space craft will fly into their territories , whether that will be the friendly one or the dangerous proposition no one can ever imagined of it for sure. In this long journey we need oxygen, water and endless supply of food till we arrive their and return from it. How to attain this very essential is need so that this journey can be completed with ease and attainment. What will be the effect of zero gravity on human body for so long and how they will incorporate these in the long term.

If at all in between the journey these aspects can be very significant to the success of it as it can make or break this huge planned space journey. With journey the astronauts will find the reduction of bone density and difficulty in breathing and this can be fatal it continues for long. Now they can be protected from cosmic radiation as the ship hull can protect them from subzero temperature outside but the real cache is the cosmic radiation and it is not predictable. Space is full of unknown and not imaginable radiation and the journey is long and tiring and it is beyond generation and in front of there seems to be the endless vacuum that will remind them that perhaps they are going no where and endless to infinity.

Think of the distance we have been incorporating into to cross the galaxy parameter, on twenty fifth August two thousand three Mars was nearest to the earth and we are excite to see this, the distance is fifty six million kilometres and it is nearest in sixty thousand years. Here, we are talking about our nearest neighbourhood planet and still we are planning to cross the far away galaxies by going through the long distanced void space of the universe. We know the real good stuffs lies further in some other solar systems and some other galaxies. Ours nearest star Proxima Centauri is about four point three light years away.

It is about forty three trillion kilometres. It is about one hundred ninety seven thousand nine hundred and twenty seven years, so think about exploring the space it could be more than generations of generation. How is to solve this so that we can go beyond further and will look for some new alternatives to human life. There are lots of space junks residing here and across the space and how to avoid while exploring the space as these could have been collided to the space craft and this could rip havoc on it.

Think of the situation, while taking bath the little drop of water falling on you never hurts and even the rain drops it never, but while driving the bike it hurts and wile exploring the space even the smallest amount of chunk of derby is really going to be the pain for the space craft and how to survive this is the real challenge as we know the space is the junkyards of derbies and they are revolving more in and around the earth. So, it can even make a hole inside the space craft so this should be done so strong so that it will not harm it so much.

So, we might be tempting to dream about how to explore the universe through out of our life but it is still seems to be the distance dream as there are many unanswered questions which is remaining unsolved and unanswered to the scientific communities .We have seen many sci-fi movies and novels but in actual it is not as easy as it had been made out to be as there are some real unanswered questions which remains to be unanswered still to date. Is this the real impossible frontier which is yet to explored, can we ?

TIme Machine

Time Machine is the word relate with prepositions towards nderstanding to remove all baricades of time and move to some other times especially for the journey to past or even to present. It believes in the process that everything that occurred in past and that will be occuring in the future  has the time stamp embeded into it nd for this one can with such machine can move beyond tim and watch what has happended in the past and what will happen in the future.

With due curse of time it is ruled under this events that everything had been in the past is continuing to have time stamp of events just like now have Google Photos where everything in the photo segment is there in the time formats and we can browe easily with an internet connection with it and for this it is similar as that too understanding the time machine which is a mchine probably move us to the same time slowt of the past and then move again to the presenct time slot.

We canot stop time even if we stopped at some point of time. It is constantly moving phenomenon with some measures of variables which has been accepted world wide with coplete ease and movement of momentarily facts that has complete synchronisation to the time and distance units or universe.It is a concept but each and every concepts of physics comes from the concepts and then becomes the reality.

When we thin of conquering of time then we think as the hypothesis that time has rested its various time prints and stamps into it the sequel of events and when we read history as the result of it and if this concept could become one day true then we can reach to that segment of history and then undertand whether it is on truth or not and can reexaine what historians have so far written on that events on the particular day of the pasts.

The first and the best of security that could have been with time machine is that we should make it full proof that the persons who are at the different stages of time  machine must return to the original time other wise there would be difficult to understand what would be there faith by not returning from the time zone which they should have been in terms of past or future. If that so then how could we cope with it and ho coud we find them and then make their return to the present time.

This is a completely awkward situation which we may consuder to think and hat about their rest of life if they are not retunign from the past and stay in the times of opast or future. It is important to know entire process detail and  where to apply the forms and factors of security where as and when the individuals will be sent to the times stamps of future or of the past needs to be wel protected so that at any point of tie they will have the conveniece to return to the presence as and when they wish to and want.

What if some one reaches at the tie of  a barbaric leaders who execurtes many people and in this event of the past he finds himself in the state of bsolute danger and in such cirucmstance he should have the liberties to reach to the present time at his or her will otherwise there would be time mismatch as he is not the past person but the presence but stays in the pst which ridiculously does not solve this mysteries at all.

Only creating a time machine which is still an absurd concept and then sending prson to different time samps to learn about anthropological apporaches to humans and raveling mysteries of universe does not imply any good still we have no right to destroy what has happended in the past and what will happen in future as all of these are not to be known by humans to say the least.

As humans we do not have the rights to change what has happened in the past and what should be happening in the future and for this it is always important to learn about how to keep everything intact and how to see the past or the future with the eyes of camera of with the eyes of us so that  the people of the past should not realise that any person from their future is looking at them and if that process of scientific observation becomes correct then we can watch the incidents of pasts without modifying it.

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Space Thoughts

The bigger place like the earth seems to be more towards the realm of reality checks where one can find the basis of ultimate dynamics in which the simple yet powerful minds come to the realm of possibility to think beyond many imaginary anticipations in which the whole sphere of life and related antagonisms attitudes towards the simple yet a complex world seems to be more the just the beginning of senses where the entire world seems to lack the basis of a complementary vast universe in it ultimate possessions.

Some times when we see the sky from the ground many more thinking about the vase universe which is going to the most prized attention as it comprises real world where there are many mysteries and many similarities lying everywhere to get back into the real actions which can attended with equal ease and passion.

The stars which are gazing at the moon and the solid planet that has been there all the time, making the most of amazing moments of all actions and similar reactions to many poetic minds and it related thoughts are always enchanting to see and make a way for a complete voyage throughout the world to find out the real meaning of life and to know about the exact neighbors which has been there for always, with each equal anticipation making the headway towards the grand gain of accumulation of all these thoughts which can have the better meaning to understand the behaviors of the world and all celestial bodies.

It is such an equal proportion that somewhere in the history one person tries to calculate the distance through one small stick from the earth and with this he can calculate the exact distance that is available there and the permanent revolves of the stellar bodies all around.

We forget that the distance need to cover to reach to the entire universe is a permanent path is beyond the life expectancy of humans as it will take the million of years to cover but the remaining life within the person’s mind is only for a short span that even it will not cross our own solar sphere. Somewhere, I have read about there is planning to send a space voyage to the sun.

It is a good idea, but we should not be too much excited about all these as these are only empty voyages as the whole of the journey to covered by machines and man would be at the base stations, controlling the mission and this is not a good sign as we should be boastful when such the mission that needs to be manned mission.

There are many obstructions and in my earlier series of the article I have written extensively about how a person can live for many years by employing sleep mode techniques in full mode as all these has some extensive coverage as well as wonderful attainment to stay alive in sleep mode and then come to fully powered vision. There are scope for some new forms of experiment in these spheres such as making a complete virtual man just like a man which can talk and walk and see the entire universe in the same eye as a normal man as they can stay for longer duration and this is indeed a recipe for success for a complete space voyage.

All these are possibilities and with it more and more comfortable attention to reaching a real life can draw from all sets of ideas and making of all these can have more and more construction of ideas when there is the virtual man constructed because of similarity of man but with many artificial entities that has involved with immaculate stitching of ideas.

Someone can say a virtual man is not a new concept but in reality it is as it is to create a man from artificial cells just like human born from natural cells and then making it a perfect construction to create one of the brilliant design which can never ever attained. It is to create the replica of cells though it cannot done practically, so it should have done in the artificial manner and also the entire configuration of brain needs to analyze so that understanding the basic behavior and the entire architecture of brain needs to attain to maintain the perfect posture of life that can have the similar characteristics which can have similar attributes like that of identical characteristics like practical characteristics of a real person, in which the artificial entity will be there to find the perfect replica of a permanent attainment of thoughts. It is a concept nothing to laughed at but the real meaning of life and the basic in which it has constructed needs to understood in prep planned order to find the real meaning of a life, and in what so ever manner the real life can attribute to a similar yet other class of artificial life which will stay forever to find, a perfect sense of the similar replica and making the entire and similar structure of a virtual man which will go a long way to find the real possibility of a life that has the most similar yet underrated possibility of life created within it.

It is a concept nothing to laughed at but the real meaning of life and the basic in which it has constructed needs to understood in prep planned order to find the real meaning of a life, and in what so ever manner the real life can attribute to a similar yet other class of artificial life which will stay forever to find, a perfect sense of the similar replica and making the entire and similar structure of a virtual man which will go a long way to find the real possibility of a life that has the most similar yet underrated possibility of life created within it.

The virtual man which will run as per the specifications of a common man will constructed within the common specifications which will create the manner in which the common practice of creating the humans need to undertake with the creating of spectacular achievements with multiple functioning of various organs that can have most possibility, of making the most of practical aspects of life where the most faces of living a life has been there for all the practical aspects to live in with.

The walking of the virtual man and its brain should be such that the virtual brain will work accordingly in a manner in which it should function under the way it will replace the entire aspects of life and its performance should be such that the manner and the way it will function should give proper importance to attend and function under performing a united thinking which will giving proper impetus to a complete life.

Bizarre Alien Psychology

Last updated on April 4th, 2019 at 03:33 am

The term Alien is rooted in extra-terrestrial. There has been many shades and descriptions regarding how Alien could be. Most of it are signs of predominantly covered propositions of thoughts where most of the time if we look carefully at most of these shapes of aliens in movies are of similar kinds. A kind of very dangerously looking animals with many heads or hands and with mammoth sizes.

Most of these movies tend to provide pieces of information that aliens are more sophisticated from us in terms of size, technology and most of them try hard to capture earth. In reality, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest this but still, we tend to show our imaginations and fall into it.

In the era of superpowers and superhuman where the presence of Avengers, Captain America, Spiderman, Harry Potter and so on. While moving into the arena of superpowers and aliens who perceived to have better technology and scientific instruments. We still to date have not been able how to move beyond time and stipulated time management.

What we could not do ours imaginations might have been. That is why we empower aliens most of our power so as to becomes invisible, faster and power to return to alien base within divisions of time limits.

In Thor movie series we tend to learn about how aliens tend to move from one universe to the other with the super high speed with an invisible path that is like the bridges. In Hindus mythology, we learn about how Pandavas tend to reach to heave through the path of Himalayas. All of these can be part and parcel of the imagination but still, most of these lead to open more and more suggestive path where there is always the scope for scientific inventions.

It is true that science has its limitations. It cannot go beyond the realm of space from a certain point. Movies are imaginations of society. In this age of absolute invisible war where people want to have situations where they want one superhero who can fly and beat entire oppositions without any need for the country to country fight.

In some movies, we see it divide the entire universe into seven or eight parts and most of these locations  controlled by good people including our solar system but some part of it is part of the dark world which are the accumulations of evil forces. These tend to move from the situations where our imaginations have no limits.

In my childhood, I fond of comics and read many of it but after graduations, I left it, but people are now reading comics which are of the superpower and of force but still they love to read it because humans want to move towards the age of complete control and they want to know about unknown.

It can happen. Let us now talk about a movie namely “Gone” in 2012 which is proposed to be a psychological thriller all together but, in reality, everyone thinks in different ways.

All people including officers, neighbours thought that the main character has some Schizophrenia thoughts and everything what he calls for comes about from her head, In actual she is right and no one ever believes on her but when she confronted and rescued from these still she does not want to reveal anything as she wants all of the persons to remain in belief of earlier.

What all of us believe in one example it might have many truths hidden into it where we do not want these believed and perceived in absolutely correct ways.

The single most parameter of huge development of the human is the brain itself where we tend to think of many ideas and many visions and most of these could be different from one another in the similar situations but we have to believe it and dissect incomplete ways.

We have to move beyond what science says. Thanks to many successful movie makers who have created such nice science movies where from time to time we find it in realistic and completely truthful ways to see those.

We like when trees speak words, and dogs also converse with humans but how it could whether there are any such exhibitions of correlations where we can understand what dogs are speaking or trees are trying to convey us?

When we see how space shuttle runs within universes without fear of aliens losing their age in between or fear of losing the fuels. It provides some of the mightiest resolutions of ideas where we move towards exceptional propositions of making these come to absolute realities.

What we had been reading in Hindus mythologies we tend to find all of these, about such bridges which connect one universe with that of other and about dark world where demons used to live and from time to time they attack the king of Heaven Lord Indra and most of these tend to see in Hollywood movies and sometimes with bizarre philosophy of aliens where we could see some sort of not so describe compositions of aliens.

Some feel Iron Man can possibly fight such forces, some feel that Captain America or Spiderman could and some imagine alien as the magical worlds of Harry Potter. Still, in reality we have not seen clear-cut Moon and what it lies ahead and there are many unanswered questions about why despite reaching to Moon many years ago why there is not so strong on the mapping of it and more and more to satisfy our hunger to reach to the universe.

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Can Humans Live on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

Last updated on July 23rd, 2019 at 02:21 pm

The moving ring of Saturn planet provides awesome interest for many scientists and since the age of immemorial it has been the power of good and bad and it slowly depends upon the way we want to deal with it. Humans can never ever stay there because due to presence of ring that is constructed due to large amount of gases and that lacks the surface in Saturn and that means humans can never ever live there due to presence of high amount of gas and lack of surface there.

We can call Saturn as the large giant of gas and it seems as if now, we cannot live on Saturn but it has many moons like ours earth has one, ours favourite moon. Two most important moon of Saturn planet are that of Titan and Enceladus. When we reach there probably we can stay there and probably one of the moon or both the moon do have environment specifically, relates nearer to the climate of earth as and when the research finds information about this.

When we overcome the time and move for journey into space, at some point of time when the space craft wants to land and stay for sometime, then Titan or Enceladus can be the good point to land on and take some break out there. It seems atmospheric pressure of Titan is that of one and half times of earth. Its climate is very cooler, and humans need to have specialised suits that would keep them warmer, and humans can stay there as there is atmosphere, eas and the amount of gases are there provided that water can be there.

The surface of Titans lack mountains and its surfaces are covered with large amount of plain lands, sees and this means it can be a great place for humans to live. Surprisingly, gravitational force of Titan is only one fourteenth that of earth’s gravitation so while walking one needs to jump from one side to other in order to have the perfectio of walking.

The most difficult part of living inside Titan as well as the other moon of Saturn is the presence of large amount of ice and cool environment. The temperature of these two moon are very cold and humans need to manage artificial environment to keep these places warmer. In the south pole of Enceladus, the tiger stripes produces high amount of heat and the power can be generated from these areas, where the heat and cold remains at the same place.

It throws high amount of ice particles to the air and this means there are storages of high amount of electricity can be produced here. According to the estimation there could have been the power generations equivalent to that of 20 thermal coal power plants there. This means whenever we go towards the inter space voyage then when we want to stay a some place to stay for some respite then Saturn can be used as the platform to stay and for refueling and power generating purposes, we can use Enceladus to refuel and energise the rest of the space journey.

Beide tiger stripes at Enceladus there are almost 30 to 40 kilometers of frozen ice sea and there is the possibility of the presence of primeval forms of life that could have been there inside core of ocean. Millions of years ago when earth is at its primeval form the first form of life existed inside this form inside ocean. This means inside Enceladus the prime form of one cell life or even more can be found there. Titan’s moon Enceladus is very small so if life stays inside that ocean which possibly can then it can have the possibility of human harbor in the days to come.

As per reports in this small moon there is the atmosphere and this means that, harboring of life is a possibility. The water vapours that are in constant sprinkling to its atmosphere is the presence of ionised forms of molecules and this means that life form water present is there inside Enceladus. The springing of tiny ice particles to the surface of atmosphere could possibly lead to the solutions of the constant ring that is there all over around Saturn.

Scientists also feel that due to presence of alternative atmosphere, which provides continuous spray of geysers, ice cubes the presence aliens or extra terrestrial lives which can survive under this alternative space of atmosphere could possibly provide lead to the presence of alien life. Though there is lesser presence of oxygen but with the presence of extremely hot hardrock mountain and the sea and entire area of Enceladus is very small then simultaneous reaction of extreme heat and extreme cold can provide adequate part of pressure for some specialised living beings could possibly be there.

Single celled organisms that is the first form of life that stay inside ocean during the early stages of earth origin could possibly be there inside enceladus and could possibly the similar situational environment where the single celled organisms could possibly be there and could possibly after million of years the atmosphere of Enceladus could possibly after million of years humans can stay or similar living organisms like humans on earth could possibly be there.

Without sunlight and the presence of oxygen could possibly we find the presence of single celled organisms, which can live in these atmosphere and before million of years earth does have similar environment too so there is the possibility of developing earth like atmosphere and presence of living organisms in the years to come.  

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