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JioCloud App Review

JioCloud android app is from Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. It is a productivity app. User need to have at least one Jio 4G LTE sim to use it. Generally the free offer of cloud storage is to 5GB but from time Jio is offering incentives to increase it. On January 26 of this year, on the auspicious occasion of Republic Day, Jio offers 26 GB and prior to it, it offers almost 40 GB free additional storage in addition to the present storage solutions. It offers management of document and files all across multiple devices. If you have Jio account then you can use account in utmost 10 devices.

The speed of file back up is fast and it automatically back up files in its optimized version so that it does not adopt any space of Jio cloud. It has web, operating system and android device version so that you can access any files from any device while on the go. It has board features from where you can share anything to the allowed members to create the complete association of collaboration. In this way large files can be easily shared with members and other collaborators.

With android device, you can download offline files when you do not want to use the internet. It has built-in document scanner, media player that run either when the device is connected to internet or not connected to internet then you can download the links of these files through offline files tagging. It synchronises contacts across devices and keeps it updated. It restores contacts easily. You can password protect JioCloud account. With the help of MailChamp you can easily manage a subscription of your Gmail account. After connecting MailChamp with Gmail you can easily, manage your subscriptions but allowing the mail and disallowing the mail by unsurprising it.

Then, you can group similar messages so as your favorite sites, daily deals, job alerts and so on so that unnecessary receive by mail will not be there. In this way, the mail you want to be inside inbox will be there and other mail will be unsubscribed. Now, Jio Cloud app is available Jio Feature phone too. This means one data can be used all across devices without any difficulties. Jio Cloud is all for creation and sharing of memories. Its Board app provides faster and smarter ways to make fun elements of audio and video that will share everything beginning from birthday party, wedding or doing and performing group projects and invite your friends to see and comment and add some other related similar photography.

Jio Feature phone supports image and contact backup. In this way, you can distribute back up all across devices and use it and the most prominent part is that it can back up music and videos with ease. You can back up files and smartly organize these documents for future use. Jio Cloud act like one single address across all devices and in this way the same address book stays and there is no confusion with addresses or duplicity of addresses. Jio Cloud app is available for all devices and you can even access these files from tv. If you are not a Jio user then you can get 2GB of Jio storage either through Facebook or Google authentication.
Jio Prime Renewal Option Not Visible In MyJio App? Try This
There is a good news for prime membership of Reliance JIO. Now they can renew their membership for another year for completely free of cost. As it is perceived to be, it is for limited time offer and within that period if users have not enabled this option then probably they have to pay 99 rupees for it.

This means that it is high time users should renew it and if they have not found this message when they could do it by reading the article below. First, connect to the internet and then open My JIO app and then over it users should find that the message is about to renew JIO Prime Membership for absolutely free of cost for existing members.

How to extend Reliance JIO Prime Membership for another one year for free?
This means this is a great news for the users and they do not have to pay additional 99 rupees for it in order to renew the prime memberships. Just touch the mentioned link out there and reach the destination and then click accordingly.

If for any sort of reason you have not found the link mentioned above my JIO app then there are some workaround for it where you can do it easily. First just uninstall the app and then reinstall it again and then authorize it and if you found the message at the top of the JIO app then you can do it.

if this method is not working then do not worry about it at all, just play some videos with JIO Cinema and stream some of it or stream some videos with YouTube or YouTube Go and stream at least for 15 minutes or so and then return back to My JIO app to see whether that message for renewal of JIO Prime Membership is visible or not and if it is visible then touch the link and then move accordingly.

If after trying both of these methods still you have not been able to see JIO Prime message inside JIO Prime Membership app then it is better to download Jio4GVoice app from Google Play Store and then register that app with JIO connectivity. Then, open My JIO app to see whether that free of cost prime membership is now visible or not and I think in this method it should be visible but if that not so then you could try the last method.

First, go to settings and then in the location settings enable High accuracy mode. Then download Jio4GVoice app and then register it while detecting JIO SIM and that will mostly be detected by JIO servers about this and that will again make yours JIO SIM work and that prime message probably will be seen again.

If all of these workarounds do not work then the final workaround is to open My JIO app and then go to its settings and the app settings where you can customize your My JIO experiences, then activate Hello JIO as this setting will enable Hello JIO virtual assistant and it is similar to Google Assistant. This will be seen as a thumbnail and by touching it will work nicely.

After checking all of these efforts am sure you will be getting this message of JIO Prime free renewal but if you still not finding this then for sure you have not enabled prime membership in the previous year or if that is not then am sure restart of the phone will work nicely.

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How to Increase Jio 4g Speed

Jio launched its 4G volte service for faster internet. It came with revolution and that evolution reduced prices of competitors. Jio increases its user base to large numbers and became number one in terms of subscribers. of late we do find the slowness of Jio 4g especially during morning time.

This article is exactly dealing with this. I Have also found that speed of internet and the broken streaming of videos mostly in day time and I wish to find out its solutions. First look out whether Jio tower is nearer to yours locality or not and then if it is nearer and still there is slow connectivity this means that there are more that stipulated subscriber in your locality than it is aimed for.

Now it is time to install some of Jio apps such that connectivity will become faster. Fast install Jio and then Jio call app and if you wish to make Jio call yours default sms provider then you can do it or not do it it is as per yours wishes. In order to increase JIo 4G speed first download cloudflare VPN from Google play store.

With android use of vpn comes up with installation of VPN software and cloudflare VPN is one of the faster and secure virtual private network and it works for desktop as well as that for android devices too. It speeds up DNS queries of website and android faster.

Most of website and application connects to internet through DNS propagation and with it the connecting this with websites becomes faster as cloudflare is a content delivery network and most of website runs g of these websites becomes faster as it is circulated through world wider content delivery networks servers of cloudflare.

It has tunnel type and choose full tunnel for faster loading of website and then choose from encryption mode choose TLS. What it makes is that it speeds up internet connection and searching for DNS becomes faster with it, and with it comes loading of website or connected apps with faster internet connectivity.

With Jo 4G and with cloudflare VPn internet connections of finding out DNS queries becomes faster with it. If you are using jio 4g for tethering hotspot of sharing internet connectivity with computer then inside computer go to control panel and then to network and sharing center and then go to change adapter settings. Then go to Wireless network connection, then double click that and then go to properties and then choose IP4 or IP6 and then put the following DNS addresses into it.

IP version 4
IP version 6

Then save it and now you will find the faster and secure internet with more prone to protect privacy of individuals. In this way, even on slower Jio 4G connectivity you will find that by using cloudflare vpn app with android or Apple and then with Windows computer you will find the faster loading of websites and faster internet.

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