Comodo System Utilities Free 4 Review

Comodo System Utilities Free 4 hence CSU is a comprehensive system management tool. It consists of registry cleaner, privacy cleaner, disk cleaner, force delete, shredder and auto run manager. During installation process it will say that your computer is not scanned. It is important to scan your computer first. Scanning is first and does not take so much of time.

if you stop scan abruptly then the status will be your computer is not clean. in the home tab you have summary of and your computer, then registry cleaner, privacy cleaner and disk cleaner. In the registry cleaner, side tab you have quick clean which clean invalid entries from common registry locations. Then the default is normal clean, which clean invalid entries from your entire registry.

Then, you have in depth clean for registry cleaner which clean your entire registry using heuristics. Then you have clean, restore, settings and scheduling of registry scan at your convenience. In the registry cleaner normal cleaner is the default profile.

In the privacy cleaner in the clean tab basic clean, normal clean and aggressive clean are options there, Basic clean is the default profile. Apart from this restore, settings and scheduling function is there. In the disc cleaner tab, default is full clean which cleans obsolete files from your computer and the quick clean cleans obsolete files from common folders. It has duplicates, restore, settings and scheduling functions

It has autorun manager to improve boot time by selecting which apps, services, drivers, boot execute, schedule tasks to enable or disable from it. Do not disable boot execute otherwise your computer will failed to boot to operating system. Apart from this it has force delete, shredder if you want to delete unwanted files completely so that no trace of files could be found anytime.

During installation it will ask you to put email address so that free version can be registered and you have option to put tick onto receive commodo news letter and it is from yours discretionary wish to either to allow it or not. Overall scan takes some time so be patient and also back up registry files and other fils before clearing registry and privacy cleaner.