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Norton zone: easy and safe cloud file sharing

With the introduction of smart phone and smart enabled devices, the importance attached with cloud storages is beyond doubt. With the increase of times, people want all of their data to be shared across all their devices irrespective of OS platform. With the introduction of android from Google and large scale implementation of smart phone devices all across the board, it is giving adequate opportunities to all OS platforms irrespective of their companies to act and with this complete cloud integration among all these OS is performed.

This enabled all these devices to have “cloud-storages” at their peak as well as sharing the data all across devices. Due to advent of large scale computerization inside organization, it has enabled all employees to have a greater transparency of sharing all across devices and they can share any file or synchronize any file all across the community to have work perform in real time and that too in complete coherent manner with each version of file is being watched and kept for further references.

“cloud-storages” Now, you can share any folder and work to your co workers, when you put any stuff inside you and then you can share it all across devices without any such difficulties. Now, you can access the information in all of your devices all across synchronization without worrying for any such difficulties. In this way the proper form of synchronization which is real and can be seen in all devices, you can invite as much people as you want and then you can stop any one from getting access to your folder and in this way the complete control of all of your device is at your fingertips and you do not have to worry about as such anything about it. With Windows 8, you can download application of “cloud-storages” from Windows Marketplace or in previous versions of Windows; you can download the software of “cloud-storages” and then use it efficiently when you are not doing Internet activities.

You can upload any file size and then after successful upload, you can then have the link and share it to your friends through emails and other forms of communications and in this way larger files can be shared among different friends easily. You have dual option of link sharing expiration limits as well as download limitations. With all these you have the complete control on yours data and now you can share when you wants and limit the download process as per yours choice and want and in this way the entire gamut of data is in your complete control and you do not have to anything worry about it at all. Now, if you have Android or Apple device you can download the app, and do not have to wait for its link to receive as in straight you can find the link to be shared and then you can share those links within no time, in this way one such complete integration with yours mobile devices to the cloud is performed and in this way the entire process of complete synchronization is performed.

So, in this way, it becomes yours personal cloud storage and management services where you can view, upload and share your photos, videos and documents with ease within all of yours synchronization devices with ease and in between entire device can be supplemented with cloud storages. In this approach, you can access cloud storages from discrete devices without any such difficulty as your data is being updated regularly as well as your data is being constantly synchronized all across the devices without any such difficulties. Norton Zone is a new “cloud-storages” which is offering 5GB of data for free and also it has applications for Windows RT, iOS and Android Play store. With Android app, it will interact with your camera apps automatically.

It is designed for every platform with its unique code and for this it is optimized with each and every platform without any such glitches and for this the entire part of ease with which it works has been working with wonder. With Android apps, its camera apps is integrated with Norton Zone, and for this whenever you take snapshots and whenever you are online all of your data or images is uploaded to Norton Zone automatically. If you do not want to do such, then you can disable this option from its settings menu. Many a time, with Android, yours capture images are on bigger size and this if you want to disable auto upload in case you are in data connection. If you are in Wi-Fi, then it is better to have this option enabled as this will take any such huge amount of data transmission.

Norton Zone says that the speed at US will be at higher side than the speed on other countries. Perhaps in due course of time they will be increasing the speed after establishing separate servers at different places of the earth. It is a recent innovation as well as a new form of data sharing where the user can use it at his own discretions as well as the user can build the file sharing process easily without any such doubts and thinking. Users can deal with it as a source of file storages and restrict the download as well as upload limits of files sharing. It is from Symantec the leader of security solutions and for this it is essential to learn that they must be providing the high class of security to the user as this is going to be one such brilliant cloud file storages and they must be very much hopeful of it.

Automatically, yours files are scanned for viruses before you share these files to the web and this ensures perfect security not only for you but also for the user who are aiming to download files from you and the reluctance within them will be reduced further as they will come to know the brand of the product which has highest credentials for building top most security solutions. You can work it on the go and with any other form of modern day computing such as smart phones, tablets or notebooks. Yours data are being kept in each server and also in most stylish phone devices the data remain with comfort and without any such difficulty and the link you can find it easily even if you have uploaded data from some other devices.

You can track and view the files for 90 days and you will get a five GB of free storage with Norton zone, Norton’s cloud services. With more than 25 years of experience in cloud storage and other forms of security matters, Norton is the single most brilliant security solutions and they are now entering into the spheres of cloud file storage services and for this, users can be rest assured with this brilliant cloud storage service which should be scanned all the time with anti viruses for safety and security of yours data. Norton takes rigorous penetration tests, multiple scanning of devices, security audits and threat modeling before introducing any product to the market and for this the users are always rest assured for its guarantee as well as reliability of the product.

Yours data are well encrypted before it is being sent to the shared users and in this way you are in complete control of yours data as no one even Norton would able to see these and once your data is being transferred it is being erased from Norton devices and thus erasing all forms of marks which will not falling on the eyes of third unwanted persons. Installing Norton Zone is easy, you just have to simply download the software or app and then install it and start uploading images data to your cloud account. To sing up Norton zone, you have to create one account and then sign in with it on order to access your account. If you do not have any such Norton account, it will ask you to open an account and it is easy.

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Cloud storage with Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

I want to redefine my smart phone experience. Two days back bought the latest Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, from Reliance Digital. It comes with one year warranty and additional one year warranty from the vendor with some surplus rupees. This phone has the latest Android Jelly Bin operating system. It has ample screen space, viewing videos are fun here. You can view high definition (HD) large resolution videos with ease here. The display is huge and vivid here. It has a slimmer body with some weight. Persons with small palms will feel awkward to hold on hand.

Samsung Galaxy Duos comes with a rear flip cover, which is for the time being free. It costs about 1000 rupees in the market. It has completely submerged viewing. The viewing skin is shining intensely and it has been full of light. From setting menu, you can adjust brightness through auto setting. It has portable design with phone and tablet capacity. It is a stylish portable phone set. The huge screen compensates for a smart phone experience on the go. The one drawback is the battery which lasts for two to three hours while playing games or watching videos. It has world’s most popular mobile operating system backed by Google, the giant in Internet.

The operating system has a new Google now search which gives the correct information you search for. Google Now gives you information before you finish typing in it. This phone has the ability to handle multi task jobs. It is a critical skill for success. You can watch videos and browse web pages all at one page. You can use screen rotation while you’re travelling to have a comfortable viewing angle. The dual SIM works in an intuitive manner. Separate your professional and home contracts with two SIM. Eight megapixel rear cameras with HD recording facility and the front camera are with two mega pixels with high definition shooting modes. The cameras have zero shutter lag. There is a tweak to make it faster. Go to settings, then the developer and then enable GPU rendering of the screen. It speeds up shooting as well as the graphic user interface of this amazing phone.

Of late Samsung enters into camera market through its galaxy cameras which have tag buddy support, weather tag support as well as face tag support and it is connected to the virtual world all the time. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos has a brilliant camera with auto focus and LED flash for error free photographing. Flash can be settled into an auto focus mode and the lens of the camera can bring light into the picture in evening lights. The single touch button can be moved down to change the shooting mode to video. Initially, the phone asks you where to save images, and it is better to choose the memory card instead of internal memory. It comes with eight GB internal inbuilt memories and the external memory card has 64 GB capacities. Internal memory gives you four GB of space as the rest space occupied with operating system and reinstatement applications.

The camera starts up quickly and has zero shutter lag. Two classes of images are there. One is for high definition and the other one is for multi media messaging. The second class of image is meant for internet share and the image size is comparatively lesser than the original image clipping format.

The screen type is TFT capacitative touch screen. Screen size is five inches. The phone has dual core 1.2GHz ARM cortex A9 processor. It has eight GB internal memories. It has one GB of RAM; out of it gives you 804 MB of RAM free. The eight GB rear camera has auto focus, micro concentrate with LED flashes. The phone has a warranty period of one year of after sales service. The camera has lesser noise that iPhone 5 camera and it gets a nice picture of indoors as well as out door. After taking images, you can edit these pictures within your phone. For the first time, you will be asked to download edit software from Samsung mobile store for free, get there and download from there. After installation, you will have a gigantic collection of editing options for images. The photo editing software is an amazing application. It is a recommended download. The 2100 mAh lithium-ion battery gives Samsung Galaxy grand duos astounding 14 to 16 hours of phone recharge cycle. It gives two to three hours of game play, video function.

Samsung All share play retires and in its place the new Samsung links take over. It is singular cloud services from Samsung. It is giving 30 GB of cloud storage. Samsung Links is an amazing application. The store runs within cloud with intranet connection. It only needs a simple internet connectivity of 2G or higher. It does not depend upon the speed of an internet connection to upload files. I have checked that 12 GB of audio and video files is uploaded within ten minutes by a modest 2G internet connection. It is wholly different from other cloud services like on Google Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive and popular Drop box. All these services depend upon your internet connection speed to upload and download the files into their cloud storage. On the other hand Samsung links, does not depend upon your internet speed, it requires an active internet connection to start the application. After that, it copies the entire file in a super express speed.

Now, with Samsung Links, you can connect Galaxy series phones with Samsung Smart TV and computers. The minimum specification of your computer should be Windows XP, service 3 with latest updates. You can upload images, videos and memos to Samsung Links after registering yours devices within the applications. Then, you can view all these images inside your computer as well as within smart TV. It is a remarkable collaborative support for professional as well as home makers. You can write notes while you are absent within your smart phone and the next moment connection internet and start Samsung Links application. Within a few seconds, it will automatically upload that note to cloud. After reaching office or home, switch on the computer, you have linked to this application. You will find that note then edit or save it to your laptop.

The popular class of cloud storage is from Drop Box. It is giving 50 GB of storage capacity, with Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. There is a workaround here to get this space. The default space for Drop Box application is 2 GB for honest user. You can get minimum 50 GB drop Box space. Install Drop Box application within Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. It should be there within applications. Register your name and give email and password. Check your mail and confirm it. Then, switch on the computer and Internet. Download Drop Box windows client from its website. It is a 32MB download and installs it on your computer. During installation, the start menu should disappear for some succeeding moments. Do not panic about it. After installation, click the drop box icon nearer to the task bar and use the same user name and password, of Galaxy Mobile Drop Box application. Then, you will be redirected to perform certain actions. These are easy to perform. After completing these actions, you will get Drop Box guru, 50 GB Drop Box accounts. So, within yours Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, you should get eight GB of internal memory, 64 GB of peripheral (external) memory, 30 GB of Samsung Links cloud intranet high speed storage, 50 GB of Drop Box cloud storage. If you want more space, then you can download Google drive client application from Samsung suggest and install it on your android mobile operating system as well as on your computer to have a seamless collaboration within your computer and Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

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