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How-To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Connection Issues in Windows 7

Last updated on April 21st, 2019 at 11:53 am

Bluetooth devices are pretty much easier to connect with computer peripherals so that wirelessly you could probably create the most convenient mediums of devices to connect to different peripherals. Windows 8 and beyond provides the easier way to connect with Bluetooth devices. In Windows 7 operating system somewhere, you felt let out when you try to connect Bluetooth devices to the computer.

Many times we update computers with drivers from different sources. Most of these updates provide some outstanding ways to update it but most of the times we find that the relevant works that need to be done with these updates missing out.
someone updates.

Though Bluetooth to its latest version it does not work with the pairing of devices and that is the principal part which we do normally update Bluetooth for. For this essential part is the built-in functionality of Bluetooth drivers and if that is not present then use of the compatible dongle to recreate the role of Bluetooth drivers.

What makes the most difficult part is not so compatible Bluetooth drivers which makes it difficult to run and the most of pairing functions done not act. So what should be the reason behind this and someone intend this article towards letting readers about it.

Bluetooth settings

First, open Bluetooth settings of Windows 7 computer and then first click on “allow blue tooth devices to find this computer”. This setting enables new pairing devices to be paired by discoverability of these specific features. They can endanger these features towards the privacy of your data and for this, it is essential to allow this when you are at home environment. After pairing new devices, you can disable this and can enable again when you find a new device to be paired.
Select the device to add this computer:

Keep Bluetooth settings on and then go to start menu orb and their type “devicepairingwizard” and then press enter. This will open up window which will add a new device and then ask you to select this device to add on this computer and if everything goes incorrect manner, you would be presented with a pairing of device information and click on it and you would be presented with some numbers and then put that number in the other devices and then press enter it.

Prior to this you should make your device discoverable through blue tooth settings and turn on Bluetooth and then make this device visible to other devices so that automatically discoverable of the device would be possible. The process and speed of parting depend upon the speed of your computer, and then it will install the device driver software and within some seconds it would complete this.

Now, we should move towards troubleshooting these Bluetooth pairings. In some original equipment manufacturer settings, we find that updating device drivers from third sources make it most difficult to manage and for this, it is important to update these drivers from the sources of original equipment manufacturers.

 Samsung Update:

For example, with some Samsung laptops, we find that it has the built-in or downloadable “Samsung Update,” which provides drivers from its sources to make your computer run comfortably. First, download it and then run it and it will scan your system and then will suggest you what are drivers you need to install. To run it first you have to allow it through the user account control and then it will scan your computer for some time and find out what are drivers that need to be updated.

It covers up software categories such as the sound driver that is a program that drives system’s sound hardware. Audios may not be if the sound card driver is not installed or incompatible it instals sound driver.

Then comes chipset driver, it is a program that interacts with computer motherboard programmes. It makes system stabilized and performance becomes reliable so you can use this for best of the comfort of computer workings.

The graphics driver is software that controls and manages the system’s video hardware. The screen will not display correctly if proper graphics driver is not installed. They instal if the system will zoom in so that not so good performance of the display is there and that would be difficult to work on with.

LAN driver is a program that runs LAN hardware. LAN networking from within a computer will not be there if proper LAN driver software is not installed. This is almost related to networking and sharing of spaces of a computer, so it is mainly important when you are working with networking computers in larger organizations.

Wireless LAN driver is a program which assists wireless LAN networking to work wirelessly. Because of faster computing, and faster internet, we find sharing of the internet in the wireless office where the prominent part of sharing of the internet through wireless LAN is a principal part of office management and that also reduces the cost of networking at different zones and nodes.

Touchpad driver is a computer program that drives system’s Touch pad and this is most essential with the laptop and notebook computer users where the importance attached with a Touch pad is very prominent and for this compatible Touch pad driver that needs to be installed correctly.

The Bluetooth driver installs blue tooth drivers and applications correctly. Because of the wireless office most of the users use blue tooth keyboards and mouse and speakers and for them, use of such blue tooth devices and peripheral becomes because of the presence of blue tooth drivers which interacts with these applications and peripheral properly.

Even networking of the Internet is possible with a blue tooth tethering, and for this blue tooth, we must instal drivers.

 it preoccupy Most of Samsung computers with easy settings that provide most of the system services such as sounds, display, booting, networking management easily and properly. It has a host of features and helps users to use these features easily with single locations.

What it makes the most convenient for users is that in most of these functions we find that most of these hardwares functions need to install the driver to interact with software efficiently and properly. This leads to showcase that first if you update blue tooth or other drivers from the sources other than original equipment manufacturers then some of these functions will not work.

As most of the original equipment manufacturers have modified part of these system drivers so that these will work with some specified functions and if you update these functions other than that of those recommended ones most of these functions will work but most important functions will not work. That is why it is recommended to use device drivers from your computer manufacturers so that everything will work fine and go as usual.

So, the final thought of this article is that if yours Bluetooth devices is not working properly then it is for sure first uninstall it and then install that driver from the software from original equipment manufacturers. I am sure that will solve the problem.

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