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Do God exist ?

With increasing importance of science and slowly moving towards the secrets of evolution and the existence God particles gives significance proportion of semantically secretive question does God exists? Whether we are going towards a phenomenon that one day can we find the traces of whether God exists and can we find this evidence in our life times and if we found it then what will be the implication on society. Should we nearer to find the source of God, will one day we can achieve this inevitable. Let us throw some lights in this interesting subject. The question is Higgs-Boson found then what, what will be the next course of action for scientists.

A lot of scientists in fact disappointed with the result. This discovery definitely worth of winning the highest award Nobel but the result of this experiment gave something different and unexpected that even scientists in the highest regard never expected. This seems some sort of hide and seek game the old snake and ladder game where the main constituents are still hidden. It seems in some way that no one could fly or hanging in some place like that of super man and the mystery all behind this is still not traceable.

It needs to employ the heavy duty tech like that of thermal imaging , night vision cameras , ground penetrating radar needs to be deployed but still some experiment left somewhere in between. All concept came from the standard model of particle physics which was almost fifty years old being propagated by Higgs and this defines how the observed forces in the universe propagates. If it is to be taken seriously then this model also have missed out many particles and that has been over the years been discovered. All particle will be there with the speed of light and also been bind by atoms and molecules. The rest of the subatomic particle will have no mass.

Higgs field acts like that of cosmic molasses and that slows down the cosmetic sub atomic particles and give them respective masses according to the degrees of slow downs. What effect does it reflect after it from years to years the researchers concentrates more experiments on particle accelerators and colliders that give way to more and more costly and financially huge expenditure with ten billion dollar world wide with participants from all over the world the scientist at CERN and the result from all this high expenditure is that “I think we have it”. This gives the impression that there is no foregone conclusion to this experiment and it is obvious that the result is not satisfactory.

Most physicists realized that the discovery is undoubtedly extraordinary achievement and attracts more and more attention but in the same way it also stress on the fact that it is not the new one as this is obvious and most of them new it even from the slightest understanding of the subject. The conclusion that the missing elements needs to be found and the dark matter which consists of more than seventy five percentages of universe needs to be identified.

There can be the two way in this road ahead situation and the first thing is that every thing known and now it is the foregone conclusion so let us stop this high expenditure experiment. The second path and the term is to find the dark matters which has the tendency to make invisible the skin and thus the invisibility occurs can it happen this all is the hide and seek game as scientist Hawkins just described and it is up to the world to get in to action whether to enter into this ever not solved phenomenon to find the God particles of stay out of it. It is not very easy to take the decision but the scientist will have to do it as it is ever fascinating phenomena where the more you attract and the more you go into the experiment and still there is no trusted value that you will be getting into something wonderful and unexpected.

The unexpected might be say that they have found someday something unexpected with that of the colour of the skin which can make invisible then it is really the fascinating phenomena which are going on and it is the same age old snake and ladder game which is being entrusted upon. Most of the physicists have believed that the discovery of particle by this experiment is something very significant and enterprise achievement but they also feel slightly underwhelmed.. Nothing new in it and no dazzling insights it is only a zero punch.

Some physicists also questions the basic model of Higgs and also the experiment as this seems that with this huge experiment nothing new has been discovered. Scientists hope that at the end of the experiment they will find something more fundamental stresses of masses of particle that will forward physics in more so practical and justifiable way and will be nearer to masses. In the end nothing new and wonderful happens it is only the same theory. This experiment to some scientist seems to be simple and symmetric yet some are more and more hopeful and energetic and hoping to be surprise by this experiment one day and they are more positive to this vast experiment. Higgs-Boson experiment with much hype and also related to divine hype but simply just not made to the bigger league and it needs to be taken more and more seriously to understand it.

In the very beginning of the universe there was void and vacuum and at that time no space, no time, no water and so on everything is empty there. Laws of nature stresses on the fact that due to this vacuum place the universe begin to originate and this is the perfect understanding of the fact that this is the start of the evolution of man kind which is always be the most difficult possibility. According to scientist it is always absurd to call the particle as God particle as it is like the any other particle that is in sub atomic realm. Through this the true understanding of nature can be inhibited from it. The important is the physical matter and which is most significant and respected. Laws of nature is already is in place and what the science is searching for what already created and to find the specific routine plan of action that is underlying this specific mind of the creator. The entire physical manifestation is in state of continuous dance.

The laws of the nature is already is in place and what the science is discovering the path in which the creator have made it the continuous motion. It is also true that the discussion related to this will go for ever and it will be the hide and seek motion with scientists as at one side they will fell they are nearer to this and at the same time the second path which will persistently address the basis ignominy to stay away from it. This process is perpetual and repetitive so this can be many times some sort of harnessing and not finding the real solution to the matter let be do what ever available means to achieve this. Here this seems obvious that there is building some sort of similarity between the science and the philosophy which is forever is portraying this aspect of creation and the creativity.

Science is the result of intuitions and philosophy is the persistent correlation of sages and peers with high degree of investigation based on different aspect of life and humanity. It is also true that almost all scientific discoveries are covering the aspects and the basic instincts of human life that has at all no effect on man and it various understandable attributes. The quest must be to enter into creator’s mind otherwise it can be the same age old wild goose chase and the result and the attributes will never be same again. We need to be aware of the fact that our thoughts ,priorities , policies, budgets and investments needs to be taken care fully and must align with the creation itself and that will be the ultimate well being of the creator itself.

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Mekap Nijog Meeting

This incident happened six years back. We belong to pallia and bhandar mekap cult of Holy shrine of Lord Jagannath temple at Puri, Odisha, India. In order to perform worship one tradition is sadhi bandhan which is eligibility to perform worship at Lord Jagannath Temple. Daddy applied for this to Sri Jagannath Temple Administrations a way back in 2004 for him and for me. Sady after so many years surprisingly to an utter dismay temple office has not cleared this.

The application for sadhi bandha of Daddy and me as we inherited this holy pallia mekap eva and bhandar mekap seva but still temple administration not giving permission and provide the same palli to other people illegally and breaking rules and regulation to the suprise of many as well as myself.

The rules and regulations that follows in order to approve this has been taken into due considerations and the pattjoshi suprisingly not giving approval despite sending him letter. When we contact directly to Pattjoshi he abused us and said that we had not repsected him properly but without no reason this has been going on and the file of ours sadhi banda application sometimes stays in the temple office and sometimes not.

Complete mismanagement of procedure inside Sri Jagannath Temple administration office and hen we go to meet the clerk inside office they do not even at the chair of the office and that means we can not find them at the appropriate time and that makes even contacting which procedure to take and in what way file move becomes extremely difficult.

In a way, Sri Jagannath Temple administration, as well as part and parcel of many segments of this not allowing me and my daddy to perform hereditary rights, is a surprising for all of us. Despite appeals to district collector as well as other responsible people the real work of allowing us this is not completed so far. First of all, I cannot find the real reason why the Sri Jagannath temple Administration Office and their staffs are there for what reason?

One can even check there whenever you reach at the office except for the guards at the entrance where you write that you attend the vent no one is there at all at any position and at any seat out there. This is most suprisingly considering that the staffs are paid for this and some even have good salary they are not at seat to serve people and solve their worries.

So even after so many years the file move from one department to the other but without ay fruitfulness as the waiting is there but surprisingly till so far other are performing their sadhi bandhan and continues to do si and this make me surprise even more to the way the working of Sri jagannath Temple Administration at Puri, Odisha, India.

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