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Nano seconds to measure rate of displacements of planetary distances to negate negativity arising out of varying velocity derivatives

For last ten days, I have been thinking about some of the innovative ways to see the world that should not be seen in the same way by others. Still thinking in detail about to perceive the believes to cross the threshold of the universe. There has been so many brilliant theories related to the […]

Creating sentient machines with ‘deep learning’ artificial intelligence technology

Oh, what a coincidence, you must be asking what is happening to the entire process of artificial intelligence. Is not it going into the weird way of thought processes were even thinking of matters seems to be going towards the phases of antibodies? It might be the creation of an artificial intelligence system that should […]

Theoretical Particle Physics

Let me assume that prior to the creation of the universe. There is hardly presence of energy to enable construction of the universe. Then, how come universe comes into existence. There should have been many chances of existence of some form of energy to the other within realms of the universe. In order, to begin […]

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