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A new hypothesis that challenges Einstein’s physics

When we consider the aspect of calculation from a single distance to supposedly infinity we do tend to forget that whatever is not to be reached towards absolute conclusion is to be the state of eternity as we have created such and such tremendous easier methods to do it. Some have calculated how to reach Continue Reading »

What is infinity?

When we consider various aspects involving the phenomena of science and its multiple attachments towards understanding its resolute resultants to find out more about information management as well as finding more information related with its most probable understanding that deals with different and diverse aspects to understand the movement of life which could lead to Continue Reading »

Mysteries that science has failed to explain

Science performs a study of physical and natural world with consideration from theoretical models of data experimentation and observation. There are many possible instances where we do feel that science failed to explain natural occurrences. The earth is a special planet of this universe where we do find plenty of existences of life as well Continue Reading »

Rupturing the Nanotech Rapture

When we consider the expansive view of molecular nanotechnology the significance involving with the presentations of modular form of ideas that every nanostructure has it in provides the stagnant representations of different building blocks associated with the paradigm of physical structure to build and nano materials. It has become the fundamental building blocks for creation Continue Reading »

There are some things in this universe humans are not meant to understand

There are so many unsolved mysteries in the realms of science. In the field of astro-physics, the more we discover parts of the cosmos more and more unknown facts coupled with extreme confusing elements of doubts come upfront. Physics is to determine what is already there and nothing new. In the realms of astro-physics, there Continue Reading »

Nano seconds to measure rate of displacements of planetary distances to negate negativity arising out of varying velocity derivatives

For last ten days, I have been thinking about some of the innovative ways to see the world that should not be seen in the same way by others. Still thinking in detail about to perceive the believes to cross the threshold of the universe. There has been so many brilliant theories related to the Continue Reading »

Creating sentient machines with ‘deep learning’ artificial intelligence technology

Oh, what a coincidence, you must be asking what is happening to the entire process of artificial intelligence. Is not it going into the weird way of thought processes were even thinking of matters seems to be going towards the phases of antibodies? It might be the creation of an artificial intelligence system that should Continue Reading »

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