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Bizarre Alien psychology

Since childhood days there have been so many talks about aliens, the species from outside world. Subsequently, we do see so many movies involving aliens. In Hollywood, there are instances of many science fiction movies which deals with the presence of aliens. In the history of mankind, we do see the

How cryogenic sleep might become a reality?

Long-term hibernate sleep is the reality behind space voyages. It secures the rest of human life and that enables the journey for farther distance deeper into the universe possible. It is also known as cryogenic sleep which is there in science fiction but making towards absolute reality is the great leaf towards making possible towards Continue Reading »

Whether suspended animation could allow astronauts to survive missions to space and beyond

In the tilt of time when it seems that everything is blinded into the boundaries of 24 hours and the day, still there is scope when we move towards other parts of the universe I ours endeavor towards discovering in unknown places. In order to find whether there is any traces of civilization elsewhere at Continue Reading »

Magnet through a Copper Tube Experiment

Metals do not like magnetic fields or current so it creates the resistance with the falling magnet out there. This resistance slows down the movement of the magnet. This phenomenon is bitterly known as Lenz’s law. Due to the slowdown of the progress of the magnet it does creates lesser electric field as the metal wants it to be due to its non magnetic nature, in the mean time the gravitational power of earth which is as the result of the presence of big magnet inside crust of earth’s surface continues to attract the magnet and then the speed rises and subsequently the speed slows down due to regeneration of electricity inside copper wires still the magnet reaches to its normal speed when it drops to the bowl which is at the outside of the copper pipe.

How to create a soda bottle magnetometer to monitor earth’s environment in space for signs of bad space weather

When magnetic storm appears the normal angular shift of one by two degree changes up to five degree and this could go on for some hours. That is why you will need to record and measure these angular shifts below of one by two that is of one by four as at some distance the power of magnetic shift is weaker and at some distance the power could be higher and it is better to check for one by fourth of distance and with this manner the performance and the movement of solar surge could be well recorded and the amount of time this magnetic shift occurs could be well known. With this, you could measure to bad weather most preferably effected through solar surges and the Earth’s environment in calculating such bad weather.

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