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Kaspersky Security Cloud Free Review

Windows 7 is coming to an end. This means Microsoft Security Essentials the Windows version of Windows 7 also coming to an end. This means I have to find out another alternative to it so that my Windows 7 computer remains intact with security. As I have no plan to update to Windows 8 for the coming year. So, my search for a new free antivirus that is going to supplement the works of Microsoft security Essentials begins.

Before searching for alternative free antivirus there are some precondition to it as that must be full flow antivirus and should be not so intrusive like Microsoft Security essentials. I found the Kaspersky security cloud is one of the best option to start. It comes up with almost full security versions like that of paid antivirus and it has also cloud on access protection and from my experience it does not slows down connection speed at all.

A separate download is needed in order to keep your password safe. It cleans up all the other add ons of internet explorer and for this computer restart is required. It updates automatically when computer connects to internet. It has also VPN service to send and receive data securely but the amount of VPN is very low amount you can browse for some safe work. I found this antivirus is lighter than windows security Essentials.

It does not bother you at all though from time to time some updated news comes but that stays in one app and if you want you can open it as per your wish. It updates automatically whenever new virus definition arrives and this means your device is protected against all invasions. In its dashboard it comes up with scan, database update, password manager requires another download, mobile protection and secure connection.

If you want to hide your network activities and want to become less visible online then use free VPN in order to speed up web browsing process. After downloading free cloud antivirus you need to register it for free and then you can run scan as there are full scan, quick scan, selective scan and external device scan option is there as it scans computer for viruses and other malicious software and it is recommended to run the scan after first installation and first update of antivirus software. You can schedule scan by going to scan schedule so that schedule scan at specific time.

It protects you from file antivirus such as it scans all files that are opened, saved and run during normal computing environment. It scans web antivirus as it scans incoming web traffic and prevents dangerous malicious scripts from running into your computer. It protects computer against dangerous network attack and network activity and attacks to kernel of operating system.

It watches system files and protect them from ransomware and crypto blockers and if that attack happens then it rolls back system to good state to remove those completely. It scans default mail systems and scans incoming and outgoing messages from mail client and stops them. It scans for instant messaging client and stops malicious and phishing attacks.

If your laptop is in battery state then it disable scheduled scanning task to preserve battery. It also go to gaming mode when you play game with computer and in this way, notifications are suppressed to provide a decent gaming environment for you. The core security functions of this antivirus is released early during computer start up of operating system so that it provides a balanced and sound performance without any delay and abruptions.

In this way, it prevents infections during starting of operating system. When RAM and CPU usages are on high then it stops computer scans in order to run computer in decent speed. It stops rootkits from installing into system by searching for traces of malicious programs in the operating system files.

It scans for weak settings of operating system and then it strengthens it in order to run operating system securely and with fast connectivity. It provides option to run on-screen keyboard in order to stop keyloggers from stealing yours personal and privacy data.
It has a self-defense functionality so that no other malware can disable this protection and can stop attempts to modify or delete kaspersky Security Cloud files, memory processes and its system registry settings. In its network monitoring it safeguard internet traffic processing and stops malicious scripts from injecting scripts into web traffic to interact with website pages.
It monitor ports so that no other network ports remain vulnerable for hackers.

It monitors all network ports so that no port remain vulnerable to hackers. It scans for some encrypted connections so that whether any false network certificate is there or not. By default it block connections over SSL 2.0 protocol as it can defect data transfer security and make your computer vulnerable to data security. It add add on to chrome to scan for search traffic and which website is good then it shows the green icon so that genuine links can be found easily. It secures traffic of Mozila Firefox and its Thunderbird mail program by securing it through its settings.

In the notification settings you can disable notifications such as on-screen notifications, audio notifications, news notifications, promotional materials so that you will not be disturbed by notification. Over all Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is a full potential security suit to provide absolute level of security to your computer. It can be used as an alternative to Windows Security Essential when the support of Windows 7 ends.

Command line Options with Usbdeview

Earlier this article was originally written in the month of May 2010 and during those time viruses emancipating from USB drives which are predominant during those days due to ease of sharing articles and ease with which we can share everything from one computer to that of other. During those times concept of bluetooth and tethering are not so popular and can only found on expensive computers.

During those times sharing of files from one computer to that of the other are possible with the help from floppy drives, flash drives, compact discs and DVD drives. Then comes viruses of USB drives or flash drives  it becomes immensely popular, as it becomes easier to carry from one computer to that of the other and that too becomes darling for hackers as they can put some sort of hidden malwares or trojans that can easily with the help from auto opening becomes easily installable on computers.

Then comes the USBDeview which first scans computer and its connected USB drives and become one of firewall between computer and USB drive nodes. In this way computer becomes extremely safer as the result of it. After that many popular antivirus companies started their security protection against this malaise but as far I remember USB De view is one of the first of its kind to initiate and start such scanning and safeguarding of computers.

During my management days and during the times of group discussion, part of the project distributed within group members and they construct and then joint all of these parts into one before attending presentation in front of professor. All of these becomes important when we consider the aspect of importance attached with USB drivers and in those days these are higher costs and now the cost factor of USB drive is far lower but still we do find that during those times, everyone takes their parts of projects with USB drives as sharing through internet is not so faster as we were more than happy with 2G internet during those times.

In any case when any one of computer becomes infected then each and every study materials is going to be infected and ours presentation is not going to happen at any cost. So, we discuss everything about it amongours groups and during those times I found one famous website was offering free of cost of USB security software and so we download it and during those time over 11 MB of download takes some time.

During those time everywhere is 2G and ours institution is perhaps offering more speed but that seems faster at some point of time especially during early morning times. During those times I learn about this and learn about importance of security and especially how to secure ours computer at the correct time so that it can run at every cost and every time irrespective of hard works it had to face due to the presence of hard task of management days.

When we think of anything that is related with computer and that is related with good amount of tasks we receive from classes, and the importance of a good computer is extremely important and for this the performance attached with management of computer and its security performance lead us to install USB security, as during those times the full antivirus protection takes huge task of limited RAM used inside computer.

Especially, when we use USB security, it is important for all of us to understand during the times of 2010 the most of famous antiviruses does provide protection but still that slows down computer to a greater extent and that is why during those time the importance attached with USB security is prime importance.

Why you should join Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 is one of the major release which impact computer world with an efficient and most prolific operating system most probably after Windows XP and Windows 7.Before it releases Microsoft provides its different versions to users to use it and provide loopholes to understand what can be done to improve this operating system. It was a work in progress and Microsoft takes back the feedback and then update it with these features.

Microsoft takes the opinion seriously and see what can be improved upon the suggestions and then it moves on. With the regular updates with continuous feedback ultimately Windows 10 becomes as it is now. It is important one should join Windows 10 technical preview and if Microsoft approves you then you will get a full version of windows 10 technical preview free of cost and then you have to install on one of computer and then log into it with the help of Microsoft email account and register it.

It is important for you to create a microsoft outlook account with your full name and address so that you will provide authentic address so that Microsoft will authenticate your address and assign you the process of yours authenticate windows 10 technical preview. With this comes, you can use Windows for free and most probably Microsoft perhaps am not sure but heard of it provides full versions to software testers who participated its technical preview process, and with it also you are recognised by Microsoft.

With this  installation you only have to run Windows and though some features might be still not there, but still you can use it for regular activities, and see what is good and bad and what are additional augmentation in general processes. With this you can find, feedback option where you can contact directly to Microsoft and provide your valuable feedback. Keep providing feedback and valuable suggestions so that ultimately Microsoft learns from it and then improve and add these features in the final release of Windows.

As we know technical preview the feature provided for technical experts,  and it is not the full system and it is meant for software testers and with their valuable feedback it is intended that the final version that is to be released for general people based on these improvements.

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Symantec Threat Monitor Screensaver (2009)

It was during the heydays of Windows XP when due to present of plenty of vulnerabilities and the absence of clear cut original Windows distribution we find plenty of pirated versions of Windows during these days and that indirectly increases the use of Windows operating system as the number uno operating system.  Due to allow of pirated versions of windows and even allow of downloading of updates from other sources we do find that presence of plenty of viruses and all over internet world is full of too much of viruses.

During those times there were many antiviruses companies in existence and from among all of it Symantec the makers of Norton antivirus is very popular. It has it own set up of security vigilance and many times it uploaded antiviruses prior to the release of Microsoft. It showcase the power and the infrastructure of Norton or Symantec has. During the days of 2009, it has partnership with deep threat monitor company such as Deep Sight and it releases the screen saver of threat monitor in order to let people know what are the current trends in the world of internet about presence of viruses, malwares and so on.

During those days Symantec also opened the special web page to download screensaver for people and it was completely free and it was powered by deep sigh intelligent technology. It had also one disclaimer that the data which you see is deliberately delayed by eight to twelve hours so that the hackers should know that their viruses had been detected and security updates released by Symantec.

It was released for people to understand how much was the current threat level and let them dissect it and find out from where these viruses are reaching to them. There have been some mixed reaction to this even during those times and some of corporates on their system disable it completely through Microsoft and some individual users like it very much. Due to speed of internet connection the data updated within a specified gap and inside screensaver the time of data updates are clearly written.

There has been talk of showing the spams and phishing counts generated from the countries world wide so that people will know where the most common spammers are resides and where phishing sites were created and the list of phishing sites make them realise how important a safe browsing conditions while connecting to internet could possibly have been.

People during that times are using Windows Vista and where the use of gadgets or desktop gadgets are pretty much popular and people love to have this screens save gadgets so that even while using desktop or laptop they would see the real-time statistics so that they would always be alerted of it. In this age of fast-paced computing the real-time data that is delayed by eight to twelve hours does not have any significance but during the times of dial-up internet connectivity we could see these data have pretty much importance so much so that one cold find exact details of how much dee virus problems we are facing currently.

Theses data have pretty much significance during those days for organisations and corporates as it provides deeper integration and management of data analysis and provide the virus threats which could be imprended to organisation. During those time safe of data had always been a privilege and organisations try hard to make these data safer and more convenient to use so that they an keep sae informations of customers and make them feel secure to interact and work within their organisational standards.

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What causes the Critical Process Died Error in Windows 10

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is the most difficult times for computer users, where computer restarts and reboots but never ever enters into Windows. It stops all of yours works and might in loger tims corrupt the computer and its hard drive and then it makes it almost inaccessible. Windows are a vast accumulation of codes and it runs with hardware and software compatibility, and the software commands hardware to run and when these commands got absolutely wrong process then the compatibility between hardware and software becomes a concern and that stops hardware to work with software.

Possible causes to Critical Process Died error in windows 8 and above:

It mens something and somewhere the fatal system errors happens and that removes the computer from rebooting and enters into windows. It is there since the beginnign of Windows  in 1993 and this happens with many computers and becomes most anoying and difficult part to work on with. There are so many critical error process and died errors and out of these some are quite common and soe are might not be common.This can cause from bd drivers or not compatible driver updates as some times users download updats from ot so familiar sites and that can cause drier to show failt and that can break entire hardware and software systems inside computer in running of windows computer.

That is why offlate many original equipment manufacturers provide driver updates through thir softwares and make these runs inside update parameters. What it makes is that it makes windows smoother as these OEMs checks these drivers prior releases. Samsung has its own proprietory software to download drivers from its servers and in this ay, all of these drivers stays on cloud and users does not have to find and then download drivers and some times these might have been from sources other than original versions when these are donwloaded from lesser known sites.

Sometimes, the RAM of laptop becomes corrupted due to any reason and most of times due to loosening of its binding inside coputer or due to accumulation of large number of dusts into it then it cannot load the temporary files while booting and logging into windows as the result of it slowly Windows becomes rebooted again and again and that makes it cirrupt and blue screen of death. The next part of BsoD is the presence of faulty power supply and that  makes inadequate power supply and cannot power sufficiently to boot into Windows and in this way another version of BsoD can present in this circumstances.

Some original equipment manufaturers make faulty fan systems and lack of outlet that makes computer to reach to the stage of heat and absolute heat so that it canot function normally and it goes into the state of abnormalcy. So, surely we do have some sort of ideas of in what situation Windows reached to the stage of critical process error as the process of normalcy cannot continue and as the result of it screen of Windows becomes blue with messages and unable to reach to the Windows log on.

Possible Solutions to Critical Process Died Error in Windows 8 and above:

With the introduction of Window 8 and above, its operating system code is completely overhauled and it only allows the authorised hardware assigned processes to boot and if any alter comes in the wake of overclocking then we find that windows at boot unable to recognise these processes as correct and this means it cannot move beyond and for this it is advisable not to do away with default settings of windows so that it always stays at the state of booting and reach to Windows.

Do not update driver from other sources. Only update if it is avaible at the original equipment manufacturer software other wise do not update and use as per it is given during laptop purchases. If it happens then boot into safe mode and perform clean boot. Then restart it again as it enable low-resolution video mode so that diplay driver works perfect. It enable deuggin mode to find out what are the fualts that are blocking Windows to restart properly.

It enable default boot logging os that if at all due to overclocking any alteration made to boot logger can be completely do away with default settings. It enable safe mode so that only the vital drivers for logging into windows are needed and nothing more or less from that. It disable driver signature enforcement so that after update of any driver from sources other than original then it can move malware or can joint spyware with it and by disabling driver signature ode it can completely disable such fears and perhaps mostly due to this reason the drivers are stopped by windows hardware security and if that enforcement stops then driver reaches to its best original version.

Some times people use third-party antimalare in order to have perceived better protection and for this they go for it. What it does is that it might disable some essential boot loader and that can move to the state of critical error of processes. With Windows 7 and above the antimalware from Microsoft is moere than enough and we do not need to add any third party anti maware for it and for this with safe mode it disables all third-party antimalware and then it enables Winodws anti mallware so that windows can run with better functionalities.

With safe mode and clean boot we can disable autimatic windows restart and system falure as the result of it. It can disable early launch of anti malware just after windows booting so that all of these eminent problem that can cause widows to boot late or reboot automatically can stop at the first instance. You can use self-bootable free antimalware to scan computer from its boot level and then can delete the most possible causes of it so that it can be removed at the earliest booting times. I Windows shows problem but it can log into Windows then one can perform Windws to restore to earlier state.

If all of these do not perform adequate results then the final and most possible work is to reinstall Windows from the beginning and have the clean installation that is format other drives before installing Windows so that if any trace of malware hidden inside other drives apart from system drive then you can delete these state of presence of malwares all together.

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How to remove Unwanted DLLs

This article is about how to remove unwanted DLLs. This article is about Windows XP days where DLLs are smaller files with some specific information inbuilt into it and stays inside computer to work in specific way. This is intended at first by the developers of Windows XP to work in a faster manner so as to find the faster ways of loading of website and other folders and files.

It is like modern cookies of websites which stores little bit of information on the user’s computer and web browser to load websites in faster manner as the intended files loads websites faster and it becomes faster in loading times. Similarly, the DLL functions, in accordance with certain small softwares that in intended to run and execute faster with high end of that time graphical user interface of computers.

With due course of time during those days some ad serving through websites in web browser used to install software without user’s intervention, and install the software and that makes installation of DLLs and unwanted DLLs perhaps for some specific purposes even for some malicious purposes makes the website or even malwares crippling into computer faster during those times.

The unwanted DLLS hide inside operating system files and launch with the unwanted softwares and makes it faster and then slowly takes huge control of entire computer and that makes computer infected with malware. Windows XP operating system does not have that stronger capacity to find such unwanted DLLS hiding inside computer and that makes this problem more difficult during those times.

Slowly, major antivirus vendors comes into limelight and they provide some sort of solutions to these as they introduce on access scanning such as scanning of each and every files and checking their checksum in order to differentiate between bad DLLs and good DLLs.

They employ heuristic protection but as that comes from third party software vendors for this take huge time of review as during those times the speed of internet is on very slower side as that is about dial up connections and that makes running of these processes in the cloud slower and this makes Windows XP computer absolutely slower to use.

During that time one good antimalware software known as Threat Fire which has good detection rate and it was free as and when user allows for cloud connect and in this way it removes most of unwanted DLLS and speeds up computer for faster working inside operating system environment.

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