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Comodo Internet Security 2010 Brushed up

Create rules programs you trust, a password to automatically block all alerts (so children and inexperienced users do not make poor decisions on popup alerts). System scan consists of various simple function like a scan of critical areas of PC or entire scan or deep scan, schedule scan with preset or custom option. Comodo is […]

How to Create a Strong Password and Beat the Hackers

Computers are omnipresent in this modern era and with strong and 24 hours internet connectivity at yours perusal, evidently yours vital and own data need to be kept secret, and for this cannot be broken. One should always be aware that there are many persons in the world those are waiting to break your password […]

How Google Drive Enterprise Secures Your Files Online?

As an influential blogger, I want to introduce you to a new app that will change the way people keep their personal records and any other confidential information secure. I know you are aware how vulnerable many mobile devices are to be hacked. Many of these devices can be hacked quite easily, because a large […]

Surf Anonymously with VPN Services

Internet is fast becoming the compulsory habits for many individuals who are utilizing this to its fullest intent for their proper fascination of ideas and other related matters. Many a times you can be at some region where there can be blockages of some of internet essential service which you might think that it may […]

How to remove viruses in an infected Android mobile phone?

Last updated on October 28th, 2019 at 02:06 pmThere were times when Windows computers prime targets of hackers due to its popularity of large number of users. Slowly Android mobile operating system becomes the darling of the masses due to his easier usability comfort with the handling of devices and due to its open source […]

Best free Anti-Malware for Android

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 02:44 pmAs an android user, time to time there is genuine after thought of installing anti-malware inside mobile operating system. As in most cases, we have seen, the software installs it has been similar to Windows and due to ever increasing performance and acceptability among all many, there […]

What you will pay for traffic violations now

With development more and more vehicles are there on the roads. It becomes extremely difficult for pedestrians and bicycles as in most of smaller towns like coastal town of Puri which consists of large number of people and travellers and for this more and more people from nearby townships reached ere and makes the town […]

Command line Options with Usbdeview

Earlier this article was originally written in the month of May 2010 and during those time viruses emancipating from USB drives which are predominant during those days due to ease of sharing articles and ease with which we can share everything from one computer to that of other. During those times concept of bluetooth and […]

Why you should join Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 is one of the major release which impact computer world with an efficient and most prolific operating system most probably after Windows XP and Windows 7.Before it releases Microsoft provides its different versions to users to use it and provide loopholes to understand what can be done to improve this operating system. It […]

Data Dictionary of Oracle Database

Importance of Oracle Database in this age of core-computing is the presence of both logical which is read only and the real databases which is empowered to save working and management of database to work in absolutely perfect manner. Data dictionary is the major part of Oracle database which aims to provide read only access […]

Symantec Threat Monitor Screensaver (2009)

It was during the heydays of Windows XP when due to present of plenty of vulnerabilities and the absence of clear cut original Windows distribution we find plenty of pirated versions of Windows during these days and that indirectly increases the use of Windows operating system as the number uno operating system.  Due to allow […]

What causes the Critical Process Died Error in Windows 10

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is the most difficult times for computer users, where computer restarts and reboots but never ever enters into Windows. It stops all of yours works and might in loger tims corrupt the computer and its hard drive and then it makes it almost inaccessible. Windows are a vast accumulation of […]

How to remove Unwanted DLLs

This article is about how to remove unwanted DLLs. This article is about Windows XP days where DLLs are smaller files with some specific information inbuilt into it and stays inside computer to work in specific way. This is intended at first by the developers of Windows XP to work in a faster manner so […]

What is the best Printer for Home use?

For homes or for self office and home office choosing a best printer means affordability as well as the imminent cost factor involved with it. For scope within small hemisphere the determinant of determining a good printer means a printer must be for all times and it should have reliable functionality as well as does […]

What can you do with the Norton Password Manager?

Why a good password manager such as Google Password Manager or Norton Password Manager is a necessity for all devices including Personal Computer, Android and other mobile operating system. In the era of faster internet and cloud computing, we need to access information about data from everywhere. It might be at some public hotspot or […]

How to Stay Safe Walking on the sidewalk, path, or Road?

Is there a solution to unrestricted access of traffic and movements of vehicles on their own in order to find out the shortest possible routes and time and again breaking the laws of the land in order to reach their destination on time? Still am not been able to find out these solutions and to […]

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