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How to remove viruses in an infected Android mobile phone?

Last updated on October 28th, 2019 at 02:06 pm

There were times when Windows computers prime targets of hackers due to its popularity of large number of users. Slowly Android mobile operating system becomes the darling of the masses due to his easier usability comfort with the handling of devices and due to its open source in nature modern hardware manufacturers Android as there principal operating system. Due to its sheer popularity slowly more and more hackers are getting into Android devices.

Android operating system works on the basis of independent application management system which can only be downloaded through Google Play Store which is well guided and secured by Google through its sandboxing security environment but what happens Android the most is that due to different hardware manufacturers the uniform and security updates from Google is simply not possible inconsistencies in hardware manufacturers makes security updates almost impossible.

Of late we witness advantage of large number of Malwares in many popular Android apps and games which are downloaded for so many times. Why it is happening and how it is happening after Google’s strongest ever security mechanism to stop viruses from entering into its on mobile operating system. Everyday we heard of more and more popular apps so many of adverts that phone becomes slow with the screenshots of adverbs downloaded not knowingly and that make your phone to run slowly. It shows how can a popular app send so many of advertisements the device memory and make to phone to run slowly. Due to Androids free and paid version of apps in which free apps comes up with advertisements and most serious part of it is that the screenshots advertisements are downloaded automatically to system drive without knowledge of the user.

Google files suggest to delete this adverbs and other craps from the phone. Its suggests from time to time about this and you should download this app and delete all this craps in order to make their phone faster and work like a charm. Main users do not have any idea about Google’s file app as it works nicely in combinational Google photos removing craps and thus creates extra storage space for Android users.

Simultaneously it removes all traces of adverts as well as images from WhatsApp and create more space for system drive. So far default storage space for WhatsApp is system drive and it cannot be altered. If you have large number of friends in WhatsApp and you joined large number of groups in WhatsApp then the number of downloaded photos into the system drive increases with large speed and that can choke the system drive and main functions of system drive remains defunct.

That is why it is important to use Google files as it search all those WhatsApp craps in separate segments. It removes downloads which are mostly not necessary and then delete it as for user’s convenience. The most principal difficulties for users is when the downloaded popular games and play with their devices. Those games which requires internet connectivity sends huge number of advertisements to the device atmost of these advertisements are big files thus takes over maximum storage spaces. From this segment the problem with the advent of viruses within advertising files makes your phone infected.

Since the advent of Android tremendous growth of Android games and slowly it is becoming silent killer of gaming zones. Its popularity increases due large number of people playing Android games and that also attracts hackers to send viruses and other pop ups into Android mobile phones. That is why first you stop playing games with Android at first considering the sudden increase malwares and also read the security blog such as this one so as to convey your self about recent development of which app to use and which app not to use so that your device stays secure and runs with ease as and when it requires yo to do so.

Android is open source, important to understand that there are many settings of Android which can be enabled by the user in order to make your Android device most secure . Do not install Android apps from other sources. Only instal Android from Google Play Store. Update Android apps whenever Google releases. It is important to understand thatGoogle control Android device through Google Play Store and Google Play protect and it is a good idea to install Google apps and Google Chrome with its updated version so that it will help you make your Android device secure.

Only allow recognised application to have device administrator capacity. Google device administrator is automatically enabled in order to to locate your device whenever it is lost or stolen. There are some other apps which can be downloaded from Google Play store which also at the capacity for device administrator but do not provide this with other as as it can expose your device completely to the viruses are other Malwares.

Do install application lock apps in order to lock your phone in the case it is at the unlock situation. Use application lock with Facebook WhatsApp Gmail and other important apps and provide difficult password and if your device suffers application face lock then use it so as to speed up the process of securing Android apps. It is important to have a difficult screen lock password so that no trespassing could if possible with your devices when it is left alone at some point of time. Use application password that cannot be anticipated by trespasser easily it is better not to use common password denomination with your’s phone password.

The good the bad side of Android is that it is designed to be open. Original equipment manufacturers can use hardware and softwares according to their budget and privileges. The only part of constant is that all of this should protect privacy of users and do not divulge details of users to scammers and hackers. Android is configured to run with multi level security without any difficulties unlike Windows operating system where is path and facet of system is designed to perform with one on accessanti-virus program.

Android is configured and designed to perform excellently and it is for the developers and that is why Google has overtaken it security parameters so that developers should not be worry about security instances while developing and configurating Android operating system. That is why we do find more and more modified Android mobile devices each hardware manufacturers are original equipment manufacturers get their own setup development and design with Google security soch to present a different version of Android operating system with each hardware developers. Developers do not knowledge about security can also easily develop application for Android mobile operating system without worrying about it security performance appraisals and other important parameters. That is your Android has become darling of message as well as darling of developers.

Android controls security of any device through its Google Play services automatically updates its openssl critical software library in order to provide encrypted and secure communication between device and internet. Android security hustle sold to love security for Android application developers to check the application for commands through secure protocol search SSL add increase the security with its before releasing apps into Google Play Store.

It also works like a social range in reading tool so that each and every different performances of the Android can be seen in detail and it’s development in terms of performance increase can be done with the help of Android security tools and this way it has become one of the most securities way to test your application in terms of each and every security parameters so that in the future your app should not face a ban from Google due to security breaches.

Google update its core application from time to time to make them secure plug any inconsistencies in terms of security. Most of Android app runs with application sandbox which is the restricted area and entirrly controlled by Google and check each and every application performances in order to secure Android operating system. When we talk about Android apps it is related with alarm browser calculator calendar block contacts dialler email home instant messaging media player photo album SMS MMS and voice dialling.

Android Framework consists of content providers manager such as activity location package notification resource telephone window and last not the least is view system. Next is native library. Native libraries consist of audio manager free type LIBC media framework open GL SQL SQL lite SSL surface manager and web kit. Android runtime includes core libraries and dalvik virtual manager. HAL includes audio bluetooth camera digital rights management external storage graphics input media sensors and television. Linux kernel includes drivers of audio binder IPC Bluetooth camera display keypad. Shared memory USB Wi-Fi and power management. The enter security architecture Android consists of Android framework which includes above mentioned applications Android favourite native libraries android runtime HAL and Linux kernel.

Device hardware of Android includes smartphone laptops tablets watches smart TV gaming consoles which uses Android operating system as there in graphic processing units. Android operating system includes the core operating system which is built of one Linux kernel and the basic hardware functions such as GPS Wi-Fi Bluetooth telephone functions network connectivity are all goes through Linux kernel of Android operating system. It is built in such a way that all of this function remains inside the security consoles that makes the security of hardware management extremely useful and properly secure.

Android is used by over 2.5 billion and counting active users and it is the security of user’s mobile is paramount. Android is from Google and that is why each and every day Google is trying hard to improve Android mobile operating system security. As we have discussed above Android is constituted of different elements and all of these elements worked in a set manner so as to provide effective and smooth security system that can build up on the concept of strong defence where entire Android ecosystem can work in a coherent manner entirely guarding privacy and security of each and every Android users.

Android is open source it is completely transfarant provides detailed documented information to users so that they can implement all of these security steps in a most convenient way. Android through various communication medium keep you just informed about various security measures and build a strong community based networking so that is and every difficulties can be dealt with precision and team power. The paramount importance of using Android is that it is from Google and Google has created various export team in order to dealt with privacy and security of Android devices. Android implement layered security mechanism which includes hardware software in order to defeat all acts of hackers and thus prevent any intrusions from any side make your device safer and stronger.

Android has built in application layer defence system which blocks all Malwares before the enter with applications. It provides on access security mechanism strict it scans all of the apps including installed as well as apps from Play Store to keep your device secure and smart. Google Play protect and find my device are built in security mechanism to keep secure device even if it was lost or stolen. In the later version of Android these two security mechanism are built in full settings of Android to make your device safe and secure.

It is important to download all the used from a source that Google recognise as Play Store. Install Google Play store all the apps are constantly scanned. All the apps have to go on the sandbox in security environment and any infection found then automatically those apps are deleted. As the application environment runs with sandboxing environment even if the infection is there Google automatically erase those infections without affecting your devices. Put a strong screen lock password on your Android device so that when it was stolen the person who steals the device cannot open it and with Google’s own security system the device can be tracked and recovered. With find my device you can erase each and every data from your device from the distance with the help of Google’s this security system. In this way your device is now clean and all of your privacy information is now completely erased and can never be recovered.

The hardware in which Android runs is well protected with a secure lock screen very well verified and authenticated boor mechanism make your device safe and secure. From Android9 onwards Google introduces the system of certified and temperature resistant hardware in order to device more secure. The hardware based lock screen verification provides full proof security to Android devices. From time to time Google provides Android security rewards and Google Play security rewards to individual Android developers who discovers breach of security e in Android device in Google Play stores.

Google is king of internet and devices as well as the software it builds also come up with well designed and built security system from beginning to the end of each and every devices. Google is King off data and it knows how to secure and manage all of your data in a safe place so as to provide ultimate level of security of all personal information that are inside user”s mobile. Since the days of Mozilla Firefox sharing openly all of security improvements and suggesting closing of security holes in order to make each and every device beginning from Windows to Apple to Android. Google runs on the basis of open source and collaboration and this makes the power of detection of security very helpful and in this way Google makes Android completely secure.

Application developers make their android app with the help of so many of android libraries in order to stream line entire process and make entire development process faster. Android developers have to update these libraries update from time to time, as these developments comes in the wake of security enhancements of devices in order to make android devices speeding up. It also make android app secure and for this one need to understand in term of developers that these entire processing of app through these developments of libraries make entire process secure and hack proof.

In order to make android developments faster, there are full proof libraries for user interfaces, testing, music, weather and so on and all of these libraries and set up of codes and all of these essential elements that are must for development of these gadgets that are included inside development of any app. Google from time to time update these libraries and it is important for app developers to update these periodically and frequently so that whenever they get it they should use the latest version of updated libraries version so that app always be safe and secures from hacker’s attack.

It is similar to that of updating the php version of self-hosted wordpress website as one need to update it from time to time whenever there is the option to do it for that so. Most of dedicated and predefined security attacks comes in the wake of presence of most of outdated libraries that are inside application environment system and that makes each and every time the running of apps insecure in the case timely update of these apps does not come that so.

Most of apps depends largely upon the pulling and pushing of data in the case the app is connected to internet and that makes the entire process to work in a coherent and secure manner. It is important to use the secure gateway such as https protocol for sending and receiving of data within app environment. It is just like a website running as the website prefixed with http is not secure as the sending and receiving of data to and fro server is open and can be accessible by hackers at any point of time and for this it is important for website to have secure protocol as well as for apps which is one sort of a website and it should connect in and out from server in terms of https protocol.

If your app is like PayTm or that Google Pay then it is important to understand that one should use https protocol as in app payment system need to be authenticated and well managed with encrypted and secure connectivity and this can only be done with the use of secure gateway in terms of HTTPS or in terms of TLS. The other name of HTTPS is SSL and the full form of SSL is secure socket layer as well as full form of TLS is transport layer security.

With the implementation of HTTPS protocol either with that of SSL or with that of TLS the entire transactions from within your server and back to it comes in the term of secure and encrypted connectivity and hacker find it really hard to decrypt and thus yours app becomes one of most securest way to function. Do remember that when you use your app it is like one complete self hosted website and for this as the developer while dealing with it one need to remember it for the sake of use and then one need to secure it so that at no point of time your app will not be banned by Google from its Play Store.

As application developer you are fine but one cannot say from where you can find the fault or no and in these situation it is important for you and for the sake of yours app perspective a regular professional check ups by security professional to find out any faults within yours code so that no faults will be there at any point of time. They see the all of the technical functionalities that can go within apps and for this it is important for them to check the app in the perspective of the user and that can provide the real intuition to find the faults that can exist within app.

They will go through in detail about application authentication and authorization vulnerabilities in order to wipe out security holes that might have been there in these gateways. Database security of apps is of extremely important consideration as for this one needs to see that it should not be hacked and the privacy of users who are storing data on the online databases should not be at any point of time feel the left out and their privacy should not be breached as it is their right and if that is not well secured then ultimately this can spell the doom for yours apps as it can be some of major hurdles you will face with due course of time.

You can take the help of third party developers of security experts and they can scan entire parts of website in detail and provide you with clear cut assessment of your website so that you can take a deep breath that your website has become secure. There are many strategic hackers who go through the software reverse engineering process and in this way they understand the process to see through these apps which are created in the entire strategic manner and in this way those hackers are are very dangerous as they go through entire app development process.

Most of app accepts user data at various nodes of development of apps and it is important to go through each and every phase of inputs of what kind of data is incoming into server other wise your app might have been subjected to code-injection and that can harm your app as well as corrupt entire data bases of users and in this manner it is extremely important to go for the severe inspection of the nature of incoming of data so that no untoward bad data in the form of code injection comes to the database. If your application have different forms of receive of applications such as regular user, free user, paid user then it is important to understand the nature of data coming and filter it in good manner other wise the form of SQL injection in your database can infect entire app in its totality and it is important to remove such vulnerabilities.

There are many ways one can register into an app and this can be through in the form of social media or through Google and it is important to segregate each and every form of data into separate entities and for this one should go for independent development of each and every data that comes into your app and it is important to recognize the potential of data that contents into it and secures those data in real time to make it the most outstanding data management. It is important to ensure each user who are using the app should use a secure protocol so that processing of each and every information comes to the picture in terms of separate entities and that make the running of app secure and hackers could not intrude into system at any cost and at any point of time.

Application developers must endure the possibilities of creation of a standard sandboxing environment so as to provide a secure malware free app that will make running of application development process secure and each data should be move into it and must provide the real time scanning so that after each and every user session data managers finds the data cleaner and faster to use. As application developer one need to find out what kind of application development process one should be interested with that can provide one of most outstanding process to make you understand what are the security measurement you have been taking and how well all of these are happenings and a regular check ins of these developments as apps of android where the user base can go up to millions and in this way you can fully secure your apps to its best.

Android 9 Media Restrictions:

With the introduction of Android 9 the media playback of local files downloaded from sources other than original source slowly making inroads as most of these audios never ever able to run with audio players as most of them now officially termed as pirated copies of the songs. Now, you can run only, original audio files from YouTube music or from Wynk or Jio Music, or Amazon Music or from Spoitfy or so. Now, downloaded songs from pirated websites can never ever be able to run with android 9 and above.

Considering eruptions of large number of viruses into android devices Google is taking stricter actions to each and every security measures so that there will not be any chance left at any point of nodes of android security so that during each and every android performances no security breach will be there at any point of time. Sometimes we do find that while playing audio video downloaded from pirated websites and those failed to run in Android 9 and above and this means, that, you can ever run pirated downloaded songs and now you can run them with ease by downloading from trusted sources.

What is trusted source downloads:

Due to advent of high-speed internet and the internet packs are slowly moving into cheaper sides now we find that most of these can run on cloud based internet services and most of these run with good and high-definition quality. You can subscribe or can run these without subscription by streaming directly on to yours mobile devices, and then can run it and if you buy subscription then you can download these for offline playing and play at your will whether you have internet connectivity or not but still you can run them. Most of these run with offline music players such as, Wynk, Jio, Spotify, Amazon Music or YouTube music and so on.

Most of modern app does have such logical memory, fractions and this makes all the songs which are chosen by users are well downloaded, secured and sand boxed so that there will be no sign of presence of viruses at any point of time inside yours android devices. For this development of android 9 and up gradation to this device provide significance to users as android is slowly moving into the stage of absolute security just like the same as that of apple devices where beginning from app to all multimedia elements works like charm and goes with secured entities just like we just witness inside android devices. With restrictions on multimedia components now slowly we are moving into absolute stages of android where everything will be well-scanned and measured before these comes into the stage of android entities.

What is new in Android 9 Pie security:

Android 9 comes up with adaptive battery which observes actions of yours day to day activities and prepare those apps to perform better and stop those apps which are not used so much so that there is larger room for your device RAM to play yours other apps which are of yours most favorite ones so that it comes up with greater power to perform. Android 9 comes up with secure back ups which comes up with encrypted connectivity to android or google server. It comes up with greater bio metric security enhancements and now it becomes more prominent and works nicely with it and provides the most prominent working with flawless providers to make and run android device to work with nicely.

Android can now run with secure hardware those are well authenticated by Google from original equipment manufacturers (OEM). In this way strong box hardware comes into light, which secures android hardware so that from the side of android hardware security it provides well-defined and completely secure android hardware. It is just like hardware authentication from original equipment manufacturers so that hardware security comes into upfront to provide the most significant security. Now, most of auxiliaries applications such as microphone or any phone device will not work when the system is in the state of idle or at any other point of times when applications are running in the back ground those apps such as micro phone or camera will not work with microphone or camera and in this way RAM and security side of android becomes secure.

Digital Well being and Winds Down:

All of web serving activities, runs in the secure side and it runs in the privacy mode so that these will not be at any point of time yours data security can be breached by any other android devices or hackers. It has always on display so that important announcements such as calendar or clock and its notifications comes into the front and it shows it on the lock screen. Without moving into dashboard of android you can find it on the side on the lock screen. It has new app notifications which can be shared directly into social media notifications and you can share directly from the social networking sites. It comes up with digital well being pre-installed app which has new features to let you know how much of time you have been spending with internet with android devices.

It also have do not disturb as well as winds down feature. Winds down feature moves all colors of android device and makes it completely black and white and in this way provide another way to save your battery as well as it makes android device to run in low battery mode as most of its color profile goes out and it becomes black and white, App timer is there which lets you settle some time for any android app so that after specific period of time it will ask you whether you want to stop that app from running from specific period of time.

Android 9 comes up with built in next generation of high definition audio performance and makes watching of videos that runs with next generation high definition audio quality to watch multimedia experience to perform better. Similar is for the better performance of audio and video devices and multimedia performances. Android 9 comes up with new photo compression tool which reduces the sizes of images and keeping its compression format intact so that it provides one of the better performances issues and storage spaces of android also becomes on higher side. App actions perform security provisions such that all of these provides extreme security enhancements and thus yours android stays more secure.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free Review

Windows 7 is coming to an end. This means Microsoft Security Essentials the Windows version of Windows 7 also coming to an end. This means I have to find out another alternative to it so that my Windows 7 computer remains intact with security. As I have no plan to update to Windows 8 for the coming year. So, my search for a new free antivirus that is going to supplement the works of Microsoft security Essentials begins.

Before searching for alternative free antivirus there are some precondition to it as that must be full flow antivirus and should be not so intrusive like Microsoft Security essentials. I found the Kaspersky security cloud is one of the best option to start. It comes up with almost full security versions like that of paid antivirus and it has also cloud on access protection and from my experience it does not slows down connection speed at all.

A separate download is needed in order to keep your password safe. It cleans up all the other add ons of internet explorer and for this computer restart is required. It updates automatically when computer connects to internet. It has also VPN service to send and receive data securely but the amount of VPN is very low amount you can browse for some safe work. I found this antivirus is lighter than windows security Essentials.

It does not bother you at all though from time to time some updated news comes but that stays in one app and if you want you can open it as per your wish. It updates automatically whenever new virus definition arrives and this means your device is protected against all invasions. In its dashboard it comes up with scan, database update, password manager requires another download, mobile protection and secure connection.

If you want to hide your network activities and want to become less visible online then use free VPN in order to speed up web browsing process. After downloading free cloud antivirus you need to register it for free and then you can run scan as there are full scan, quick scan, selective scan and external device scan option is there as it scans computer for viruses and other malicious software and it is recommended to run the scan after first installation and first update of antivirus software. You can schedule scan by going to scan schedule so that schedule scan at specific time.

It protects you from file antivirus such as it scans all files that are opened, saved and run during normal computing environment. It scans web antivirus as it scans incoming web traffic and prevents dangerous malicious scripts from running into your computer. It protects computer against dangerous network attack and network activity and attacks to kernel of operating system.

It watches system files and protect them from ransomware and crypto blockers and if that attack happens then it rolls back system to good state to remove those completely. It scans default mail systems and scans incoming and outgoing messages from mail client and stops them. It scans for instant messaging client and stops malicious and phishing attacks.

If your laptop is in battery state then it disable scheduled scanning task to preserve battery. It also go to gaming mode when you play game with computer and in this way, notifications are suppressed to provide a decent gaming environment for you. The core security functions of this antivirus is released early during computer start up of operating system so that it provides a balanced and sound performance without any delay and abruptions.

In this way, it prevents infections during starting of operating system. When RAM and CPU usages are on high then it stops computer scans in order to run computer in decent speed. It stops rootkits from installing into system by searching for traces of malicious programs in the operating system files.

It scans for weak settings of operating system and then it strengthens it in order to run operating system securely and with fast connectivity. It provides option to run on-screen keyboard in order to stop keyloggers from stealing yours personal and privacy data.
It has a self-defense functionality so that no other malware can disable this protection and can stop attempts to modify or delete kaspersky Security Cloud files, memory processes and its system registry settings. In its network monitoring it safeguard internet traffic processing and stops malicious scripts from injecting scripts into web traffic to interact with website pages.
It monitor ports so that no other network ports remain vulnerable for hackers.

It monitors all network ports so that no port remain vulnerable to hackers. It scans for some encrypted connections so that whether any false network certificate is there or not. By default it block connections over SSL 2.0 protocol as it can defect data transfer security and make your computer vulnerable to data security. It add add on to chrome to scan for search traffic and which website is good then it shows the green icon so that genuine links can be found easily. It secures traffic of Mozila Firefox and its Thunderbird mail program by securing it through its settings.

In the notification settings you can disable notifications such as on-screen notifications, audio notifications, news notifications, promotional materials so that you will not be disturbed by notification. Over all Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is a full potential security suit to provide absolute level of security to your computer. It can be used as an alternative to Windows Security Essential when the support of Windows 7 ends.

Best free Anti-Malware for Android

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 02:44 pm

As an android user, time to time there is genuine after thought of installing anti-malware inside mobile operating system. As in most cases, we have seen, the software installs it has been similar to Windows and due to ever increasing performance and acceptability among all many, there are many viruses as we know it is directly proportional to the popularity of operating system. You need a must have anti malware for your mobile OS, so that, in case any vulnerability in terms of securing your system, it will work as a complete defender. When using it on a mobile device, I would like to prefer an anti malware, which has relatively low impact on the phone, friendly to RAM and should have a strong protection in terms of stopping of malwares.

One such free anti-malware for your mobile phone is TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security, which works seamlessly with your mobile device. After installation it will ask to create a TrustGo account, it is not compulsory but it is very well recommended, as it will back up your contact, sms and call logs into its online account, and you do not have to worry about your contact list when you change your device. There are three dots at the upper right hand side, known as action bar menu point and tap those points, from there you can restrict and control all security scanners easily. For system manager, you have the option to restrict mobile data usage limit, though it is not mandatory, as Android Jelly Bean setting, in built control of data maintenance is already there.

Enable secure web browsing on the dash board by sliding the button and it will stop some adds that are being shown on the games after the game finished, its secure web browsing is stopping all ads except from Google, and if you want to stop Google, there is one setting inside Android Jelly bean there, is one setting inside Google, where you can disable advertisement suggestions from Google. The data backup function is for contacts, calls and messages, all there are backed up within seconds to a secure trusted cloud server, the user can access these while surfing on a browser by logging into website with the same user name and password and with it the user can install the contact into some other Android device in order to have a seamless integration of contacts.

Though if you have Samsung smart phone along with Android, then while creating contact, you will be asked to open a Samsung account which will make it always on cloud service and when you want to transfer yours contact to some other Samsung android mobile, then you simply have to configure that phone with your Samsung account and automatically, all the contacts transferred to your new phone.

So far two conveniences with TrustGo mobile are already installed with Android Jelly Bean, but here you can control the mobile operation and all the personal configuration can be configured easily. This app can identify, eliminate and protect your device from unspecified security vulnerabilities that can impact on your system. The system manager, cloud protection and device manager helps you track your system when it is lost or stolen. From a distance, you can identify the location of your mobile device.

The principal user interface of application has two tabs one is for: security and app manager. It will scan your device of all the apps installed and then if it finds anything, it will as for clean up, it is a completely seamless integration and the anti-malware works in the background and consistently protecting your device from alien threats. From system manager, you can monitor your device, measure data connection and can limit it and RAM clean up for faster system.

Here, RAM tidy up is available in Android Jelly Bean, so it is not a new function. The second tab on the dashboard is application manager, it has two sub segment namely: My apps, and Hot apps, and in My apps, you will have the listings of all the application installed on your system, in Hot apps, there are links to third party applications suggested by TrustGo. Perhaps it is the revenue generation mode of this free anti malware application. From My apps, you can uninstall anything if you feel that some apps are interfering with your privacy or sending anonymous usage stats outside.

The device protection feature can block anonymous user, or if your mobile is stolen the to disable or uninstall it easily, as it will ask the user for a password, of yours TrustGo mobile in order to have a clean uninstall from it. The lock, alarm and wipe command works flawlessly, but you can completely disable your device from web interface, but it appears after it finds the true location of phone, as we know it will take time to find the location of phone due to GPS and other forms of location methodology. If your device has the front camera, then it will take the snap shot of the thief and send it to an online account, and with this, the tracking of your phone, and catching of thieves, becomes easier.

Its security apps finder engine suggests and shows which apps are safe and this delightful white list apps lists the entire application protection becomes easier. It’s constantly updated cloud service is very fast to catch up all the threats that are lurking in and around the web. This anti-malware is light on resources and does not hug RAM, as while idle it will take approximately 4MB RAM while, on us it will take maximum 12 MB of RAM. It is brilliant for the users who have lesser RAM on their device and also if you have high end smart phone then also a lower RAM conducive anti-malware is always preferable.

TrustGo mobile security runs as a standalone program in the mobile operating system, in Android Jelly Bean it stays at the notification bar all the time, signifying that it is always running in the background. It is a totally free device protection. Its candid camera feature take screen shot of thieves who happen to steal your device, it takes a screen shot of the thief and sends it to your email and by utilizing this investigating officer can trace the person and your mobile. Earlier, location tracking of Android devices took time, but now with the introduction of Google’s own location tracking. Now it is easier and finer to track the location easy as it is now inbuilt within yours android device.

On the whole, anti malware inside smart phone and mobile operating system is a recent phenomena due to advent of modern smart phones, with the operations almost similar to that of computers, and for this there are every chances of malwares crippling into yours phone and making it sluggish in performance and increase waiting time. Google Play is the source of further application installation and Google has disabled by default of application installation from other sources like that of Samsung apps if you have a Samsung mobile.

Though one can reactivate this by going to: setting and the security but it is not always working due to security implemented from Google from Android, as we can see that Google has restricted applications in its application store and now it is controlling the installation and if any malware infected application there inside the Google Play store then it can ban the publisher and immediately clean all the vulnerabilities.

With due course of time Google is going towards the way of Microsoft of creating its own anti malwares like Windows Defender in Windows 8, though Google has not done that but it is controlling malwares through applications and I would suggest you should not root the device as Google will protect it all it can through its security manner and who else know better about internet than the giant of internet Google. You can download TrustGo anti-malware from Google Play store for free!

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What you will pay for traffic violations now

With development more and more vehicles are there on the roads. It becomes extremely difficult for pedestrians and bicycles as in most of smaller towns like coastal town of Puri which consists of large number of people and travellers and for this more and more people from nearby townships reached ere and makes the town extremely difficult to roam around.

In foreign countries people know the rules as they find the fines of walking around roads and violation of road traffics is extremely higher.

Recently, government of India introduces heavier traffics violation rules and now it becomes extremely serious violation and fines becomes on higher side. Now, it is extremely higher punishable option and this is important o cut down accidents and high-speed driving to and fro in the routes.

There is higher number of traffic violation and in most of town people think traffic violation is their right and they with high-speed violation of traffics and now this will curb such high-speed driving. Now, the speed in which driving violation becomes on higher side, and now these traffic violators will be punishable offence and that is why be aware of such traffic violators as now they can be easily booked and fined.

In Puri town which is the travelling destination for most of people all around the world and here there are numerous three wheeler autos which goes with high-speed and sometimes move with high-speed and that makes walking or riding of bicycle is very difficult. Now with the introduction of this rule traffic violators will find extremely difficult to find the way out to escape from punishable offences.

This article aims to let all people know about difficulties of pedestrians and bicycle riders so that people will find solace in understanding that rule of law is there and when some speeding vehicle aimed to escape from such traffic offences then they will find themselves in the wrong turn now.

If you are driving vehicle at high speed then the amount of fine begins from 400 rupees to 2000 rupees. If any passenger vehicles go into high-speed then the fine amount is 10,000 rupees. If any vehicle, goes with the high amount speed in dangerous speed then the fine amount is 10,000 rupees.

If any vehicle violates traffic rules and signals then fine is about 10000 rupees. Now, if you are using mobile while driving then be aware of such gestures while driving then you will have to fine it about 10000 rupees. There are many no overtaking zones and in these zones if you overtake then, you will have to face fine for traffic violation, of about 10000 rupees.

If you are not wearing seat belt inside car then you will violate traffic rules, then you will fine for about 1000 rupees. If inside car child under the age of 14 does not have seat belt attached then the fine is about 1000 rupees. Be aware bike riders who have more than two persons then liable for penalties. The fine is about one thousand rupees in the case more than two persons.
When you drive vehicles and heard the sirens sounds of ambulance or fire vehicle, then stop and provide side to them and maximum space to them, otherwise you will liable for penalties such as 10000 rupees.

There are many restricted zones such as hospital zones or any other restricted zones then make sound of horn in these areas are of highly punishable offences and of you sound horn in these no sound zones then it is a punishable offence and fine is about to be 2000 rupees.
This article is about to let people educate about what are the changes to traffic rules and it is important to check out what are the fine amount and it is a disclaimer that it is important to check punishable amount and confirm from official websites.

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Command line Options with Usbdeview

Earlier this article was originally written in the month of May 2010 and during those time viruses emancipating from USB drives which are predominant during those days due to ease of sharing articles and ease with which we can share everything from one computer to that of other. During those times concept of bluetooth and tethering are not so popular and can only found on expensive computers.

During those times sharing of files from one computer to that of the other are possible with the help from floppy drives, flash drives, compact discs and DVD drives. Then comes viruses of USB drives or flash drives  it becomes immensely popular, as it becomes easier to carry from one computer to that of the other and that too becomes darling for hackers as they can put some sort of hidden malwares or trojans that can easily with the help from auto opening becomes easily installable on computers.

Then comes the USBDeview which first scans computer and its connected USB drives and become one of firewall between computer and USB drive nodes. In this way computer becomes extremely safer as the result of it. After that many popular antivirus companies started their security protection against this malaise but as far I remember USB De view is one of the first of its kind to initiate and start such scanning and safeguarding of computers.

During my management days and during the times of group discussion, part of the project distributed within group members and they construct and then joint all of these parts into one before attending presentation in front of professor. All of these becomes important when we consider the aspect of importance attached with USB drivers and in those days these are higher costs and now the cost factor of USB drive is far lower but still we do find that during those times, everyone takes their parts of projects with USB drives as sharing through internet is not so faster as we were more than happy with 2G internet during those times.

In any case when any one of computer becomes infected then each and every study materials is going to be infected and ours presentation is not going to happen at any cost. So, we discuss everything about it amongours groups and during those times I found one famous website was offering free of cost of USB security software and so we download it and during those time over 11 MB of download takes some time.

During those time everywhere is 2G and ours institution is perhaps offering more speed but that seems faster at some point of time especially during early morning times. During those times I learn about this and learn about importance of security and especially how to secure ours computer at the correct time so that it can run at every cost and every time irrespective of hard works it had to face due to the presence of hard task of management days.

When we think of anything that is related with computer and that is related with good amount of tasks we receive from classes, and the importance of a good computer is extremely important and for this the performance attached with management of computer and its security performance lead us to install USB security, as during those times the full antivirus protection takes huge task of limited RAM used inside computer.

Especially, when we use USB security, it is important for all of us to understand during the times of 2010 the most of famous antiviruses does provide protection but still that slows down computer to a greater extent and that is why during those time the importance attached with USB security is prime importance.

Why you should join Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 is one of the major release which impact computer world with an efficient and most prolific operating system most probably after Windows XP and Windows 7.Before it releases Microsoft provides its different versions to users to use it and provide loopholes to understand what can be done to improve this operating system. It was a work in progress and Microsoft takes back the feedback and then update it with these features.

Microsoft takes the opinion seriously and see what can be improved upon the suggestions and then it moves on. With the regular updates with continuous feedback ultimately Windows 10 becomes as it is now. It is important one should join Windows 10 technical preview and if Microsoft approves you then you will get a full version of windows 10 technical preview free of cost and then you have to install on one of computer and then log into it with the help of Microsoft email account and register it.

It is important for you to create a microsoft outlook account with your full name and address so that you will provide authentic address so that Microsoft will authenticate your address and assign you the process of yours authenticate windows 10 technical preview. With this comes, you can use Windows for free and most probably Microsoft perhaps am not sure but heard of it provides full versions to software testers who participated its technical preview process, and with it also you are recognised by Microsoft.

With this  installation you only have to run Windows and though some features might be still not there, but still you can use it for regular activities, and see what is good and bad and what are additional augmentation in general processes. With this you can find, feedback option where you can contact directly to Microsoft and provide your valuable feedback. Keep providing feedback and valuable suggestions so that ultimately Microsoft learns from it and then improve and add these features in the final release of Windows.

As we know technical preview the feature provided for technical experts,  and it is not the full system and it is meant for software testers and with their valuable feedback it is intended that the final version that is to be released for general people based on these improvements.

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