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Review of CactusVPN service

I am always fan of virtual private networking softwares for the prime reason the speed of connection, reliability, and with it if you have chitka or other earn money scripts on yours blog then you can get more valid North America and Canadian clicks. I am currently using the free fasttun vpn and also satisfied with its results. Later I have heard about the CactusVPN and currently writing about it , I have had very positive experience with this network.

VPN is a technology which gives the user more logical links based on certain conditions over a logical net work. This enables the user to connect to the existing server of CactusVPN America and Europe and then browse with a speed certifiable to the user’s perceptions. With this you will get the IP addresses of the the above mentioned countries in yours computer through sophistication virtual private network of CactusVPN.All yours internet traffic is encrypted and channelized through a tunnel and then by resolving the DNS server it then goes through the process of decryption and then reach at the desired location and in this case to yours computer.

The encryption and the decryption process guarantees that there is no data loss and also yours privacy is fully secured. In this way you can smart through yours ISP confinement. Yours data is sent through a 128 bit encryption tunnel and for this no privacy leaking of yours valuable information and you must be rest assured with it. The encryption process is very light on resources and it has very little CPU effect even on older computers and Smartphone. That is why CactusVPN can be considered as the smartest of all VPNs.

free vpn account:

CactusVPN has a good money back guarantee policy as for a duration of one month if yours computer cannot be connected to their server then you can ask for refund from them. You can avail free trial account of CactusVPN for twenty four hours to test the speed and the reliability.In this way you can evaluate the free trial vpn account for twenty four hours. CactusVPN is a new company having server locations in three countries, US, UK VPN and Netherlands. It provides complete anonymous while you browse the web sites and thus providing a secure browsing environment and yours identity thus being secured. What I like most about CactusVPN is their proxy services. The easy to use is with Firefox on my favorite browser.

This is what it differentiates from Comodo VPN , as with Comodo VPN only client software to be installed and many a times I have been facing problems with Comodo VPN. The availability of proxy configurability is a welcome addition. It can bypass the limited download speed and thus if you are living in an area where the data download speed and upload speed is capped then you can completely get over this by using Cactus VPN service. The subscriptions costs of CactusVPN is not so high as their individual servers US,UK and Netherlands costs about $4.99 monthly with further discount on their long term subscriptions . If you want US VPN,UK and Netherlands subscriptions at a go then it is $9.99 monthly and further discount on annual subscriptions. With every package you will get Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP/IP Sec protocols and Proxy.

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